Future Of Work: 10 Skills And Job Roles Likely To Be In Trend by 2030


Job roles are constantly changing these days. Technological innovations and innovations deserve full credit for it.

People usually do not accept technology and relevant changes easily. It is because of the fear of losing their job. Nobody wants to lose his or her job.

Instead, jobs are going to change. In other words, the nature of jobs will change significantly. All job seekers will have to learn or update their skillset.

Innovation of skills will be mandatory for people to land a job or earn their bonus, increments, or promotions.

What Will Be The New Job Roles Like In 10 years?

What is going to be the future of work? This is something all need to understand. You can get the hang of it only when you know about the following:

  • Key trends in addition to the megatrends 
  • Skills in demand.
  • Impact of automation. 
  • Less reliance on job interviews.

Finally, you will get to know job roles after 10 years. It is because you have understood the points mentioned above.

 Let us throw some light on all these points for you.

Key trends in addition to the megatrends:

  • Elimination of assigned seating is the first on this list. 
  • Small-scale individual organizations with more opportunities will be the second trend. 
  • Focus on less hierarchy will be the third most important trend. 
  • Emphasis on the wellness of employees will be another thing companies will focus on. 
  • The Chief of Work Role will also be important. 
  • Most companies may say goodbye to desks.
  • Robotic assistance for smarter brainstorming and more will be a common thing. 
  • The virtual water cooler will be one more trend. 
  • Agriculture, and trade, in addition to the construction industry, may offer many opportunities. 
  • Professionals loaded with complex problem-solving, originality, fluency of ideas, and active learning skills will be preferred more.

Skills In Demand:

Technology innovations and advancements are likely to change the future of work in many ways. As a result, the quality and nature of skills will change significantly.

In other words, higher cognitive, technological,  social, and emotional skills will be high demand.

Such a list of skills includes but is not limited to the following only:

  • First, advanced IT skills.
  • Second, data analysis.
  • Third, engineering.
  • Business development, programming, and Counseling skills.
  • Literacy and writing, critical thinking, as well as research.

Impact of Automation:

Automation is going to change the future of work considerably. Artificial intelligence and machine learning will be important for this reason.

To put it differently, human-based jobs will get displaced. However, technological skill-based jobs will be in existence for job seekers.

At least 5% of jobs will get displaced whereas more than 30% of jobs could get automated.

Less Reliance On Job Interviews.

This is another key thing likely to change the future of work significantly. Therefore, companies may reduce their reliance on traditional job interviews for hiring the best possible talent.

Companies will use the following measures while hiring you:

  • AI-based personality profiling.
  • A credit score for skill testing. 
  • Virtual job performance testing.
  • Wearable health technology in order to find the right brain.

Which Jobs Roles Will Be Available In The Next 10 Years?

You are asking the million-dollar question at the right time. Many new jobs will be available for those who are ready to innovate and learn new skills. For instance:

  • Blockchain, DApp as well as Cryptocurrency developers. 
  • Blockchain as well as cryptocurrency-based smartphone makers. 
  • Personal data broker and personal memory data curator.
  • AR/VR professionals and AI/ML professionals.

Again, the list does not end here only. Many more new jobs will be available because of technological advancements and innovations. Therefore, keep updating your skill set regularly in order to protect your future of work in every possible way.


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