A Universal Guide To Increase Battery Life Of Your Android Phone: Battery Life In Smart Phone

Increase Battery Life Of Your Android Phone

Android rules the world of smartphones as 70% of all smartphones run on Android. It is easily the most popular OS on mobile phones. However, battery life is one of the most common issues with Android smartphones. Even though smartphones have batteries up to 5000mAh and 6000mAh, however, users always look for more power.

Android indeed is one of the most battery-hungry operating systems, but there are some tweaks available that can significantly increase your android battery life on a smartphone.

One word of caution before you continue reading. If you use any of the options mentioned in this blog, you should be aware of various Android settings options and how they work. You might encounter some difficulties with your Android phone’s functionality otherwise. Although these settings won’t break your phone if you don’t know how Android’s settings work you might experience some hassles. Let’s explore these options:

Keep Your Location Setting Off: Battery Life In Smart Phone

Leaving the ‘Location’ setting in the On state constantly drains your battery. Location services are indeed needed by some apps, such as Google maps, but when you are not using any of those applications, it is always better to turn them off.

Method to switch off Location Services: Battery Life In Smart Phone

  • Swipe down from your home screen to make your notification shade panel appear.
  • Touch on the ‘Location service’ option in the notification panel and put it on-off state.
  • Alternatively, you can put the location service on Off by going to the settings menu. You’ll find the location service option if you type “Location” into the search option in the Setting option.

Keep Your Phone On Wifi

It is always advisable to use wifi instead of mobile data if you have the option. WiFi data settings put your battery under less stress than mobile/cellular data. Turning on Wifi can be done by pulling down your notification shade and turning on / off the WiFi toggle as needed. The same goes for mobile/cellular data

Switch Off Unnecessary Settings:

Many times, people forget to switch off non-essential settings like Bluetooth. This drains the battery. Bluetooth is just one of the settings, and there are other settings as well. For example, if you keep screen orientation mode on but accidentally change your phone state to horizontal, the screen rotation will be changed accordingly and it will increase your battery utilization.

Activate The Power-Saving Mode: Battery Life In Smart Phone

Have you ever found yourself in a situation in which your phone needed to last longer than it usually does? Simply put it in a power-saving mode that will enable your device to cut back on functions that may eat battery life. Usually, you will find the power saving mode by going into -Settings > Battery and device care, then tap the Battery saver /Power saving option. In several mobile phones models, the battery saver shortcut option can be found in the drop-down notification bar as well.

Use Airplane Mode When In Need:

Whenever you are not using your wireless connection, turn on Airplane mode to save your phone’s battery. You can use the Airplane mode button on the pull-down shade. It will keep your Wi-Fi off, disable Bluetooth, and turn off mobile data. Restore your phone’s normal state after turning off Airplane mode.

Switch Of Notifications: Battery Life In Smart Phone

How many times have you experienced unwanted notifications on your mobile phones? turning them off not only decreases irritation but also makes your phone battery last longer. You can go into the apps menu in settings and select the apps that are sending you an unwanted notification.

Turn the notification off by going to the setting-Apps- select the app- Notification. You can put notification on or off by selecting /deselecting the notification option here for individual apps.

Use The Dark Mode To Your Advantage:

Android’s dark mode is also a great way to save your eyes and improve battery life, especially if you have a smartphone with an OLED screen. The majority of high-end phones from the majority of mobile phone brands, as well as most Samsung mid-range phones, have OLED screens. When you utilize dark mode, the pixels on the screen get illuminated only when they are required to emit light and do not emit light when the screen is black. This is how OLED screen produces deep blacks. Android phones running Android 10 or later come with a dark mode in the settings menu.

Even if your phone runs Android 9 or earlier, you can still use apps that enable dark mode settings, regardless of whether you have Android 10 or not.

Search for Dark Mode, Dark Theme, or Night Mode in the Settings app. Usually, you should always use dark mode, but if you aren’t sure, you can set it to ‘switch automatically’ setting based on a schedule, for instance from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. every day. Furthermore, you can allow it to switch automatically at sunrise or sunset depending on your location.

Decrease Screen Time Out:

You can increase your phone’s battery life by decreasing screen time out. Mostly your phone battery comes with 1 minute screen time out. If you reduce the screen timeout to 30 seconds or less, you are looking at substantial gains in terms of battery life. To reduce the screen timeout- go to Setting- Display – screen timeout. Here you can find the option to reduce the screen brightness to less than 30 seconds or less.

Don’t Rely On Battery Saver Apps:

Google play store is flooded with several apps which claim to save your phone battery. However, these apps do more harm than good. Additionally, you are always at risk of exposing your phone settings to unreliable apps if you download these bogus apps. Using any of these bogus applications is always a bad idea.

Put Your Phone Vibration Off:

The vibration motor eats into the phone battery. In most cases, when we interact with our phones with touch or when we type, the vibration uses a significant amount of motor power that uses a considerable amount of battery. It is true that a good vibration motor like the one in the iPhone enhances the user experience, but by turning the vibration off you can save a lot of battery as well.


The battery life in smartphones has always been an issue, but there are ways to improve their battery life. Users can extend the battery life of their smartphones by using the simple but effective solutions mentioned above.

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