Breaking News: A Subscription Feature May Be Coming to Instagram

Instagram subscription

 You’ll get exclusive live videos, subscriber badges, and subscriber-only Stories when you subscribe to Instagram

The Highlights

Instagram is working on ways for creators to link their subscribers with apps and websites created by others.

  • Instagram’s Head of Product, Adam Mosseri, announced last week that Instagram will test its subscription model for select content creators in the US. This news has been well received by creators around the world.
  • In order to learn more about its implications for creators and what’s in it for the audience, we had a word with a few experts and creators.

The Update 

In a video posted on Twitter, Instagram’s head Adam Mosseri says the company has finally begun testing its subscription model that will give creators a predictable income.

“With Instagram Subscriptions, creators can grow their recurring monthly income by providing their followers with exclusive content and benefits, right on the platform where they already interact,” explained the platform in an announcement.

There are a handful of Instagram creators in the US who are testing subscriptions. They will be able to set their own prices and unlock a “subscribe” button on their profile. Subscribers will receive the following benefits:

Subscriber Lives In Instagram

Subscribers can watch exclusive Lives broadcast by creators, enhancing their engagement.

Subscriber Stories

It is possible for creators to create stories specifically for their subscribers, allowing them to share exclusive content with their most engaged followers.

Subscriber Badges In Instagram

The creator will be able to identify their subscribers’ comments and messages via a subscriber badge next to them.

Instagram may eventually add more subscription features because we think it’s important for subscriptions to integrate into the platform. Additionally, we believe creators should own their relationship with subscribers. Hence, we are exploring ways creators can move their subscriber list from Instagram to other apps and websites built by other companies,” Mosseri said.

Check out the links to see the announcement:

The Pricing Plan for Instagram

According to users in India, the subscription feature has been recently discovered there as well. The US was previously testing it. Despite the social media platform not revealing the subscription cost for India yet, a user, Salman Memon (@salman_memon_7), has revealed the expected pricing. Users will see three different prices in India according to a screenshot shared by the user on Twitter: Rs 85, Rs 440, and Rs 890. Also, there have been reports of these options appearing on some creators’ accounts in India. Android and iOS users should be able to use this option.


According to the tweet, the monthly subscription plans will include subscriber badges, exclusive video content, and subscription-only Story. There will be a purple crown-like subscriber badge icon next to the user’s username. This is similar to a blue tick next to verified accounts.

Let’s see what is gonna happen.

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