iPhone-14 Leaks- A Sim-Less iPhone Is On The Card



   – iPhone may come in 120-hertz refresh capable Pro-motion OLED screens supplied from LG and Samsung
   – Screens might have a smaller notch or punch-hole display.
   – iPhone 14 might be a first ever sim-less iPhone

Apple Is Racing Towards Building First Ever  Sim-Less iPhone

iPhone 14 launch in 2022 is still 9 months away, but the buzz about the upcoming device is already building. Various leaks are emerging on the internet across various channels, giving credence to the rumor that the upcoming iPhone will be a revelation since it won’t have a physical sim card, but will work with E-sims. Apple has already asked carriers to be ready with the infrastructure to support e-sim. Currently, not all carriers in the US support e-sims. However, Apple is one company that is capable of revolutionizing and revamping the telecom industry. Don’t be surprised if several of these carriers build infrastructure to support e-sims in the next few months.

Even last year it was speculated that Apple might do away with physical sims by 2023 in the iPhone, and introduce the first ever sim-less iPhone. However, according to the current leak, the iPhone 14 may do away with a physical sim in 2022 itself.

Not the First Time Apple Is Doing It:

Apple has a history of stripping the iPhone of ports and physical components. iPhone 7 was the first phone to have no 3.5 mm jack. With iPhone X, it removed the fingerprint sensor, and 1.5 years back, iPhone 12 started to come without a charger. It has been speculated that the vision for the iPhone is to make it portless. Removing the physical Sim tray means one more port gets removed from the iPhone.

This has been speculated that in the future iPhone might come without the charging port as well. The introduction of Magsafe has been seen as a step in this direction.

What Apple Aiming For by Removing ports:


Apple fanboys see it as the flag bearer of innovation. You might disagree with it but the truth is that Apple sets the industry trends and others follow them. We have already seen it with the removal of the headphone jack and charger(From packaging). However, Apple is also under constant pressure to innovate itself and introduce something new with each release. It is a difficult task. With moving towards a notch-less future, Apple seems to be aiming to get itself ahead of others in terms of innovation.

Reduce Costs

Sim tray is a moving part and with the manufacturing of each tray, the cost goes up. If you add the cost of moving the part to the manufacturing cost, you are talking about a big chunk of money that a brand like Apple spends each year. A mobile phone without  sim card can prove to be a new tagline and revolutionary idea for Apples that will bring down the cost as well.

Make Device Better Looking And Improve Functionality

With the introduction of sim-less design, the iPhone device is likely to look more splendid. And with the sim tray not in place, the device will be more solid and durable. There will be a lesser joint or part where the dust or water can enter. Moreover, with the e-sim in place the Sim-less iPhone is expected to be more durable than ever.

Apple takes time to introduce new technologies to its user base as we saw it with high refresh rate screens. It introduced the high refresh rate screens only with iPhone 13 release and gave it the name pro-motion. Although the technology has been available with android phones for several years now,

Now something from the user perspective. What do users want? Better display, bigger battery, decrease in pricing, and of course when it comes to the iPhone how can one forget “Notch.’ Yes everyone hates it except Apple. It seems that it is determined that the technology of Face ID remains an integral part of the iPhone ecosystem for a long time. Nevertheless, iPhone -14 might come in a dot notch or smaller notch along with the side-mounted fingerprint sensor. The speculation that Apple has asked LG and Samsung for the dot notch panels for 2022 has given a push to this rumor.

Another piece of speculation that will make iPhone fans very happy is that iPhone 14 is likely to have stronger camera hardware in terms of megapixels. Android phones already have cameras with 108 megapixels, whereas the iPhone has been stuck with 12 megapixels for a long time. However, the iPhone cameras do outperform several of these camera phones, but that is a story for another day. But still, stronger optics is like more horsepower as more pixels can take in more light, produce crisper shots and help with zoom photographs. It has been suspected that the iPhone 14 pro max will have a 48-megapixel camera, as well as an even larger battery.

These leaks are very encouraging but remember these are just iPhone14 leaks and we will get to know the reality only in September 2022, when Apple will unveil new iPhones-14
to the world. Till then all Apple fan boys keep your fingers crossed and keep dreaming about a day when they will use iphone -14, a phone without sim card.

Source: IndiaToday

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