Lawrence Bishnoi And Rupinder Gandhi: Two Most Feared Indian Gangsters

Life Story of Lawrence Bishnoi And Rupinder Gandhi

Divine and evil are two different sides of the same coin. Both chips of the same block exist in this world.

Most people prefer to direct their focus on the positive side of things instead of the negative.

Most people prefer to direct their focus on the positive side of things instead of the negative.

The brutal daylight murder of Shubhdeep Singh Sidhu (Sidhu Moosewala) on May 29th, 2022 has confirmed it.

The post is likely to introduce you to some versions of the devil.

You are going to learn about the most dreaded gangsters in India. The mere thought of these Indian gangsters makes people from all parts of the world pee in their pants.

Two respectable and dreaded gangsters of India.

These two are respected because of the good things they did for the poor people of their area. Ministers feared them for making the lives of poor people a living hell.

These two never harmed poor, needy, or good people. They harmed only evil minds notorious for making the life of incapable people a living hell.

Lawrence Bishnoi

Lawrence Bishnoi-Lawrence Bishnoi And Rupinder Gandhi: Two Most Feared Indian GangstersMany must have heard this name for the first time in their life.

His name has recently popped up in the daylight murder of Sidhu Moosewala, a singer turned politician, on May 29th, 2022.

But he is the table-topper in the league of the most fearsome Indian gangsters worldwide.

He was born in 1992 in Ferozepur, Punjab.

He is 31 years old and belongs to the Bishnoi community.

Lavinder Singh, a retired Punjab Police constable, is his father.

His mother is a homemaker. He loves wrestling from the bottom of his heart.

This 5 feet and 10 inches tall gangster graduated from the DAV College of Chandigarh.

His criminal journey started while he was completing his LLB degree.

He entered the world of crime to avenge the murder of his girlfriend.

He contested the student elections during his college days. He scored a thumping victory against his opponent.

The quality of his victory angered the opposition party, and they killed his girlfriend.

The murder of his girlfriend changed the entire course of his life. He decided to be the crime kingpin he is today.

He is currently serving his jail term in Tihar jail, the most feared jail in India.

He is in Tihar Jail for more than 50 murders, robberies, smuggling, death threats, and illegal land acquisition cases. He was one of the important members of the Sukha Kahlon group.

He has openly challenged to kill Salman Khan, a Bollywood actor, for hunting a rare black deer.

Salman Khan hurt the feelings of the Bishnoi Community towards animals.

The Bishnoi community loves and respects animals deeply.

Lawrence Bishnoi also belongs to the same Bishnoi Community.

The gangster operates and directs his multinational criminal network straight from the Tihar Jail.

His network is in many countries, like Italy, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Thailand.

His gang has recently collaborated with Kala Bishnoi. This collaboration has multiplied his power. At least 700 or more criminals are said to be part of this alliance.

The alliance operates throughout the country.

Aman Multani, a Mexican drug dealer, is also one of his close contacts. His UK-based accomplice was Monty. Monty had solid relations with the Italian Mafia.

Goldy Brar, his Canadian accomplice, has taken responsibility for Sidhu Moosewala’s murder.

He openly killed Ranjeet Rana in 2020.

Ranjeet was the former leader of the NSUI (National Students Union of India).

NSUI is the wing of the INC (Indian National Congress), the largest political party in India. He was also a supporter of the Bambiha Gang.

The Bambiha Gang is the biggest rival gang of the Lawrence Bishnoi gang.

The count of his criminal activities is beyond anyone’s imagination.

Why Is His Name Involved In Sidhu Moosewala Murder Case?

It is proving to be a complex puzzle for die-hard fans of Sidhu Moosewala. Multiple theories are surfacing in this case.

The Congress party gave him a ticket to contest state elections. The seat he got belonged to some other congress candidate. The candidate had decided to challenge Sidhu Moosewala’s candidature.

Sidhu Moosewala never gave any amount of protection money to any gangster.

He openly refused to pay the same to Lawrence Bishnoi as well. A heated call recording of it between the two is also doing the rounds on YouTube.

Shagunpreet (manager of Sidhu Moosewala) was already wanted in police records. He was involved in the murder of Vicky Middukhera.

Vicky Middukhera was a Lawrence Bishnoi gang member. He was contesting the Student Organisation Punjab University elections as a student leader.

Vikramjit Middukhera was shot dead on August 7th, 2021. It is believed that Sidhu Moosewala directed Shagunpreet Singh to kill Middukhera and helped him escape India..

Sidhu Moosewala was believed to be a supporter of the Bambiha Group. The is the biggest rival of the Lawrence Bishnoi group. Moosewala launched a song titled “Bambiha Bole”.

The Lawrence group did not take this lightly. Lawrence Bishnoi assumed that Moosewala is now praising his biggest rival group through his song.

This severely angered Lawrence Bishnoi. He decided to kill Moosewala to avenge the death of Middukhera.

According to reports, the gangster had been hatching a conspiracy to kill the singer for about six months.

The law and order agencies had already informed the previous and current Punjab governments about the possibility of Sidhu Moosewala’s murder.

Not everything is evil about this undisputed crime king of India.

Something Good About Him?

We have a long list for you.

Lawrence Bishnoi is a follower of Shaheed-E-Azam Bhagat Singh, the freedom fighter of India.

He worships Lord Hanuman. His net worth is more than 10 crore INR. He uses every pesa (Cent) of his money to help poor people in need.

All in all, he is very much like a don of old Hindi movies who commits crimes and donates all his income to help poor people.

He has now expressed the fear of his fake encounter by the Punjab police. He has moved to the Delhi Highcourt with a request to get his custody to Punjab Police blocked.

Rupinder Gandhi

The real name of this angel was Rupinder Singh Aujla. His father Mr. Hardev Singh Aujla gave him Gandhi as his surname because he was born on 2nd October 1979. This is the date of birth of Mahatma Gandhi, the National Father of India. He was a resident of Village Rasoolra, Khanna, Punjab.

He was a national football player of very high quality. He always scored more than 90% marks in his studies. He was the youngest sarpanch in the history of our country. He achieved this incredible feat with the unanimous decision of everyone in the village at the tender age of 22 years.

He was always ready to support the needy people of his village and town. He did everything possible within his reach to elevate the lifestyle of the people of his village, town, and everywhere he went.

He helped many poor families marry their daughters and sons without taking even a single penny from them.

He restored the married lives of thousands of girls in his area and helped them earn the respect of their inlaws. He personally made sure they do not face any problems from inlaws.

He died nearly 20 years ago and all of those girls are still leading a happy married life with their husbands, and in-laws. They have their own kids too.

He respected the defense personnel committed to safeguarding people in need. But he was a living nightmare for those who were in the bad books of people for doing anything evil.

Once upon a time, he entered the house of a Punjab Police SHO and confronted his son for making life difficult for the daughter of a poor man. He taught him a lesson of his life in front of his father, the SHO.

All poor people respected him for arranging medicines for patients in their families. He started a group to help the needy. The group is successfully running with his name even after 19 years of his death.

Why Is He Still The Most Feared Indian Gangster?

He was an angel for millions. The divine and evil were constantly an inseparable part of his life and character.

He became an angel of God for those who were financially incapable.

But he was a living nightmare for the evil minds and die-hard advocates of the devil.

Those political, administrative, legal, and financial evil minds had filed police complaints against him. They left no stone unturned to change the entire course of his life.

He was involved in various cases related to attempts to murder, robberies, death threats, illegal weapon possession, illegal land acquisition, and many more.

He could not bear anything evil done to incapable and innocent people and females.

He developed solid connections with political bigwigs too.

These things collectively turned him into a living nightmare for evil minds.

This is how Rupinder Gandhi, a brilliant student, a social activist, a sarpanch, and a potential international footballer became a deadly gangster that people feared.

But he is still held in high esteem in the Khanna district of Punjab.

The people of Khanna are still running the Gandhi Group Student Union he formed.

The union helps people living below the line of poverty.

The group is also known for helping people facing many other life-related problems.

He is still the most feared Indian gangster. Are you facing a problem because of some finally legally and politically powerful person? Just come to Khanna and take his name once.

You will then realize why evil minds still fear him even after 20 years of his death. What is more important is that you will understand why Rupinder Gandhi is still held in high esteem by the people of Khanna. 


The political and administrative system of our country has successfully converted these two gems into demonic gangsters.

However, the element of humanity is still alive in their mind, heart, soul, and personality. They are constantly proving it with their deeds for the needy.

But they do not have kindness in their hearts for evil people. This is why these two top the list of most feared Indian gangsters.

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