Know Marlboro Man’s History In Detail


Marlboro is one of the most popular American cigarette brands. Much of the credit for its popularity goes to the Marlboro man. 

The brand tops the list of the most preferred cigarettes among American tobacco consumers. 

Many cigarette lovers do not know much about the brand and the oral history of the Marlboro Man

Let us tell you something about it. 

Marlboro’s History:

The brand began in 1846 in Bond Street, London, the United Kingdom. The brand was established by Mr. Phillip Morris, a British tobacconist. 

Mr. Leopold and Margret took charge of the business after his death because of cancer in 1873. This partnership succeeded in turning the business into a factory. 

Mr. Leopold was his brother. Margret was the wife of Mr. Phillip Morris. 

The factory was set up in Great Marlborough Street, London, UK. 

This is how the brand was named Marlboro. The brand chose New York to open its American subsidiary in 1902. 

The brand filed a trademark to register Marlboro in the year 1908. Marlboro started marketing cigarettes under this name in the year 1923. 

The company launched the Canadian subsidiary in 1932 under the Imperial Tobacco Canada name. 

History With Sporting Events:

The company is known for its association with multiple internationally renowned sporting events as well. The list includes Formula One, GP2, Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing, Superbike World Championship, CART/IndyCar, 24 Hours of Le Mans, Masters of Formula 3, World Rally Championship, Australian Touring Car Racing, IMSA Sports Car, and Badminton. 

Marlboro Man’s Oral History:

You must be getting impatient to know about this man. 

We sincerely thank you for your patience.

Let us tell you about it.

Introduction To Marlboro Man:

It is a figure. The figure has been an integral part of the most successful tobacco advertising campaigns launched to market Marlboro cigarettes.  

The campaign became the most successful and brilliant marketing campaign of all time. Much of its credit goes to the creativity of LEO Burnett Worldwide, INC. 

Mr. LEO Burnett became the first Marlboro man in 1954. 

Marlboro Campaign’s Duration:

The campaign proved to be a massive success worldwide from 1954 to 1999. 

Meet Marlboro Men:

Many men have portrayed this character throughout the Marlboro history of more than 50 years. For example:

  • Leo Burnett
  • Darrell Winfield
  • Darrell Winfield
  • Eric Lawson
  • Wayne McLaren

All added a different gimmick to make the character and the advertising campaign interesting and successful. 

Every Marlboro Man’s Gimmick:

Every Marlboro mascot played a completely different gimmick to add value to the campaign. For example: 

  • Leo Burnett – The Cowboy:

The first Marlboro Man played various roles in a rugged man’s cowboy look. The look was liked so much that the mascot became an immediate success worldwide. It is now the marquee moment of the entire Marlboro history

  • Darrell Winfield – Twentieth-Century David:

He played the gimmick of a Twentieth-Century David. He had a tattoo on his hand to showcase his association with the military. 

  • Robert Norris – Another Cowboy:

He copied Leo Burnett and played the cowboy gimmick to take the value of the campaign to the next level in his style. It is because the generation of his era was madly in love with the cowboy thing. 

  • Eric Lawson – A Popular Male Model

He brought powerful imagery to life with his gimmick. He played a beautiful-looking male model famous among many photographers and cinematographers with a Marlboro in his hand.   

  • Wayne McLaren –  A Ranch Broker:

The oral history of the Marlboro man is incomplete without a discussion of his contribution. He played a ranch broker to bring a breath of fresh air to the campaign.

Do you smoke in Marlboro? Are you a Marlboro mascot fan? Do you get nostalgic every time you see a relevant image?

Do you want us to tell you some more interesting facts about it? Let us know your thoughts below in the comment box.


Can you tell us the last words of Marlboro Man?

Take care of the children. Tobacco will kill you, and I am living proof of it.

Which Marlboro man died because of lung cancer?

David Maclean died because of lung cancer in 1992. He was 73 at the time of his death.

When did Marlboro stop advertising campaigns?

On April 1, 1970.

How Many Marlboro Men have died?

Many men played Marlboro man and four of them have died so far.


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