Meta Is Opening Its First-Ever Brick-and-Mortar Store Next Month: The Hot Update

Meta is soon going to open its store. At the company’s debut shop near its headquarters in California, customers will be able to see and experience products firsthand.


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The Meta Store, according to reports, will open on May 9. It will feature hands-on demos of Meta’s hardware. This hardware will include the Meta Quest, Portal video chatting device, and Ray-Ban smart glasses.

People should be able to try out Meta’s hardware through hands-on encounters. Facebook’s parent company has announced that it will establish its first retail store in May.

The Meta Store will be on the company’s Burlingame, California location, near the Reality Labs headquarters, where personnel is working on the metaverse’s development.

Customers may participate in intriguing new demos in the 1,550-square-foot room, such as making calls to store associates using Portal and exploring the immersion of VR with a first-of-its-kind immersive Quest 2 experience. Let’s explore everything about Meta’s new launch, the purpose, motive, etc.

All About Meta’s New Launch :


Customers engaging in a Quest 2 demo will view what they see in the headset on a curved LED wall-to-wall display in the Meta Store. Customers will receive a 30-second mixed reality clip of their demo experience after playing games like Beat Saber, GOLF+, Real VR Fishing, or Supernatural.

The Purpose

The Meta Store will give people a glimpse into how our products can serve as an entry point into the metaverse,” said Martin Gilliard, director of the Meta Store. “We’re not selling the metaverse at our store,” says the owner, “but we hope people will come in and leave knowing a little bit more about how our items may help them connect to it.”

The Challenges

The difficult aspect for Meta and its stockholders is that bringing this to fruition will cost time and money. VR usage is increasing, and all signs point to the metaverse, as Zuck views it, becoming a reality. However, in order to assure widespread acceptance, Meta will need to come up with increasingly inventive and costly ways to demonstrate its value.

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Meta’s IRL Store For The Metaverse That isn’t IRL

On May 9, Meta’s first shop opens on its Burlingame, California, campus. It’s named the Meta Store, which is about as obvious as Boilprawn Shack, the shack where a guy boils prawns in “Elden Ring.”

It’s small (1.5k square feet), yet it allows customers to try out things such as:

Meta’s AR glasses Portal,
Meta’s smart video calling device, and
The Meta Quest 2 VR headset Ray-Ban Stories

What’s the Point Of Having A Physical Store?

Meta-store-with Ray-Ban-Products
Credit: Techcrunch

When it comes to the real world, Zuck wants the metaverse to be massive, but that’s a tough sell.

According to one survey, 48% of teenagers are either unsure or uninterested in the metaverse, while only 16% of Americans can correctly explain it.

The Meta Store will use a hands-on, tailored experience to try to engage the meta-ambivalent.

That includes trying out VR games like “Beat Saber” and fitness apps like “Supernatural,” as well as trying on AR glasses in a variety of colors and designs and testing Portal calls.

Additionally, customers will receive a 30-second video of themselves testing virtual reality in front of an LED panel. It displays what they see in their headgear, which they can share on social media.

Final Thoughts

Though the first store will be small — roughly 1,500 square feet, Meta’s retail footprint might grow significantly in the future. According to a report in the New York Times last October, the corporation was exploring building locations all over the world. However, a large expansion of Meta’s physical stores would almost certainly require the company to sell a lot more devices than it does now. The metaverse segment of the company lost $10 billion in 2021. Also, if you have more such technology news to share, your science and technology guest blogs are welcome.

“Let’s see what new this brick-and-mortar store will bring”


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