5 Search Innovations Google Is Introducing For Mobile Users


Google announces several innovations in its Search for its users worldwide. The company has hinted at these changes during Search On Conference 2022.

Everyone’s search experience is about to change for this reason. You may not have to type in a traditional query as a result.

Team Google is working on incorporating some more features in the Mobile Search Bar. These features will be for the purpose of helping users find more relevant results.

As a result, Google Search Results on Mobile are expected to be more visual. More focus will be on images and videos in Google Search Results because of these innovations.

You must know about the features Google is about to introduce for you. Given below is their list:

Google Search Shortcuts

This is the first update Google is introducing for you. In other words, just tap the shortcut, and the answer to your query will be available on your mobile’s screen. See the screenshot below for an example:


Results In The Search Bar

Team Google is introducing another feature for mobile users. Mobile search is going to be even faster. It will happen with the display of links to results in the search bar.

Everybody will see a couple of results even before the submission of your query. Users will experience this while typing their queries.

We suggest you check the screenshot below in order to understand it:


All users will see a link to the location page in the search bar. Finally, this innovation is rolling out for users worldwide soon.

Enhanced Query Refinements

Search On Conference 2022 has become special for several reasons. This will happen through the display of an assortment of query refinements. Finding the most irrelevant results will be easier for users.

Users will get ideas in order to make their queries more specific. Everyone will access this feature while typing queries in the mobile search bar for specific results.

An example given below will help you understand the whole thing:enhanced-query-refinements

https://www.searchenginejournal.com/google-announces-changes-coming-to-mobile-search/As you can see that Google is suggesting several ways for expanding the query “best Mexico duty”:

Google Web Stories

Positive experience for mobile users is google’s preference these days. Search experience also falls in this category. Mobile searches will be more visual because of the deeper integration of Google Web Integration.

“So we’re also making it easier to explore a subject by highlighting the most relevant and helpful information, including content from creators on the open web. For topics like cities, you may see visual stories and short videos from people who have visited, tips on how to explore the city, things to do, how to get there, and other important aspects you might want to know about as you plan your travels.”

Take a look at the example given below:


Hopefully, you now understand what the way the new layout will be like. 

What is more important for you is the look of the content. Mobile users will notice the change. 

Mobile users will see content just like the content of iOS widgets. Just a finger tap will be enough for opening the story in full-screen mode. 

Combining Text, Images, & Video

It is another massive update Google is introducing for its user base. As has been noticed, users had to toggle between web images and video tabs.

Not even a single mobile user will have to waste time on it. Searchers will access the web as well as video-based results on the front page.


“Reimagining” is the label that has been used for describing it.

“We’re also reimagining the way we display results to better reflect the ways people explore topics. You’ll see the most relevant content, from a variety of sources, no matter what format the information comes in — whether that’s text, images, or video.”

Additionally, an option to scroll to explore more results will be available for you.

See an example below:

More Search Results option will allow access to more results for your queries. Only a finger tap will be enough for it. Scrolling vertically in order to explore the query further is also possible.

Hence, mobile users worldwide will see innovations in their search bar while typing queries. These updates are coming for you soon.


What are Google Shortcuts?

A feature Google is introducing for mobile users. Mobile users will not have to type their queries in the search bar most of the time and for many things.

What is the purpose of results in the search bar feature Google is introducing?

Google will be more predictive about the results you want. You may not have to type in your full query and enter and wait for the processing to complete for getting results in SERPs. Instead, you may see links relevant to your query directly in the search bar of your mobile browser.

What will the Enhanced Query Refinements feature do?

This feature will make searches easier for you. In other words, mobile users will be able to access relevant results in SERPs more easily.

What is the purpose of Google Web Stories?

First, the content will look exactly like the content of iOS widgets. Secondly, all mobile users will be able to access stories and videos in full-screen mode easily.

What will be the benefit of the Combining Text, Videos, and Images feature?

Google wants to turn SERPs into an endless feed of discovery. Mobile users will not have to toggle between web, videos, and image tabs in order to access relevant results to their query.

Is Google introducing more Changes?

Team Google is dedicating its wealth of resources, experience, time, and infrastructure to the development and introduction of more features like Multisearch expanding, Multisearch near me coming soon, Google Lens translated text now cleaner, Discussion and forums, Translated local and international news, About this result display personalization, Google iOS App shortcuts. You can read about these features here.

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