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Swiggy Introduces Co-branded Credit And Moonlight Policy


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Do you feel like snacking? Open the Swiggy app! Running hunger pangs in your stomach? But don’t you feel like cooking after a long day at the workplace? No Problem! It is one of the trusted, reputed, and leading online food delivery apps in India for a reason.

The hyper-local digital initiative rules the food delivery roost for many more reasons. For instance:

The speedy delivery of groceries, fruits, veggies, and other essentials anytime is additional benefit users get. All in all, Swiggy is a reputed and trustworthy go-to option in India for many things.

What About The Manforce?

Swiggy is rated high in India for this reason too.

Even delivery executives are also satisfied with the company. The credit goes to the several initiatives this Indian Food Delivery Company takes for them. For instance:

They are allowed to seek some extra minutes for order delivery. Provided, they communicate the issue to customers along with the management.

The better commission rate for delivery executives as compared to the rival companies.
Under certain circumstances, the food not collected by the customer belongs to the delivery executive.

They get reasonably lucrative tips from some customers. The tip is given to them in addition to the amount of commission for delivering the order successfully.

Get ready for the addition of more value to your experience with Swiggy.

What is The Update?

The company has some major updates. It will be much easier for customers to pay for orders through the Swiggy app.

Furthermore, the company has introduced a major plan for its 24/7 on-road mobile manforce too. In other words, the second update is for the delivery executives.

Who are you then? A customer? A delivery executive? In either case, this post is for you. Read the post till the end for this reason.

Swiggy Co-branded Credit Card

The company has taken several initiatives on the fintech front for customers. The launch of ICICI Bank-powered Swiggy Money was the first initiative.

The submission of the application in order to obtain a Payment Aggregator License in 2021 also testifies it. Moreover, this Indian Food Delivery Company is in talks with multiple banks including ICICI Bank Limited.

The card is for payment across the Swiggy Platform including the following:

Coming to the point, all things considered, ICICI Bank seems to be leading the conversion. In other words, the chances of ICICI Bank winning the deal are very high.

All things considered, the company is on the verge of joining the league eCommerce bigwigs like Amazon, Flipkart, Ola, and Zomato.

Zomato, the competitor of Swiggy, has already taken this initiative for its userbase. It will be interesting to see which way the wind blows for the company.

Moonlight Policy For Delivery Executives

This is another way this online food delivery app is likely to offer a new experience. The experience is going to be for their delivery executives.

The policy has been introduced for the purpose of helping full-time employees increase their income. They will be able to discover their passion and convert it into a great source of income as a result.

The company is the first to take this initiative in the industry. Given this policy, employees can take up a second job during their employment with the company. However, the online food delivery app in India does not want to experience inefficiency from employees. The company has chalked out a strict set of guidelines by the same token. Most importantly, the project or job taken up by the employee should not pose threat to the business, financial as well as employment interests of Swiggy, Bundle Technologies (The Parent company), and all subsidiaries.

Even employees working for the parent company and subsidiaries are also eligible to leverage the potential of the Moonlight Policy.

With the Moonlighting Policy, our goal is to encourage employees to pursue their passion without any constraints due to their full-time employment with us. This is yet another step in our journey towards building a world-class’ people first’ organization, Head of Human Resources at Swiggy Girish Menon said according to the release.

This is why Swiggy leads the league of the best food delivery companies in India. These reasons are merely the tip of the entire iceberg.Keep coming back here to stay updated about exciting things.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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