The Types of Fashion Photography: The Ultimate Tutorial


Getting into photography can be an extremely exciting experience, but there are a lot of things to learn. Here are four types of fashion photography to help you begin.

Photography skills are something that let you showcase your viewpoint to the audience. A popular type of photography is fashion photography. Still, it is so competitive that you need additional skills, such as photo editing tools, in addition to your photography skills. Additionally, you need to master the many types of fashion photography to give your work a competitive edge. But what exactly fashion photography is? Do I require specified photography skills for it? These questions might come to your mind. Well, the concept of photography is vast. So to help you out, I have tailored this blog to educate you about the types of fashion photography. Let’s begin.

All About Fashion Photography

Fashion photography depicts items and clothes from the fashion world. Most often, fashion magazines and advertisements use it. Photographers often use models to display the items.

The history of fashion photography is almost as old as the history of photography itself. This type of photography has always evolved with the times. To keep up with new trends and create new ones, you need to understand past ones and use them as inspiration.

Besides taking the correct picture, photographers pay attention to the clothing, hair, and make-up of their models. There are many magazines that spend millions of dollars to photograph in luxurious locations. This includes Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Marie Claire, and more. Therefore, this is all about fashion photography. Now let’s move on to see different types of fashion photography.

The Types of Fashion Photography

Catalog Photography

Catalog Photography

The simplest form of fashion photography is catalog photography. The name catalog infers browsing through a catalog to buy clothing, but it encompasses most commercial and e-commerce photography. Fashion photography is a great place to start if you wish to move on to other types of photography.

It’s more like “product photography.” Only the presence of a model distinguishes catalog photography from product photography. However, the focus remains on the clothing and labels.

The model is not the focus of this shot, but rather the brand she or he is wearing. This photography’s main objective is to get people to buy what is being worn. In catalog photography, the goal is to present apparel in a neutral setting. Most models stand straight to show off the apparel. Nevertheless, they may take different stances to emphasize elements such as pockets.

An image with a white or gray background usually highlights clothing details. There aren’t many props and accessories. Lookbooks may also feature real-life photos taken at real locations; this is an extension of catalog photography.

High Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography

Popular publications often feature high fashion on their covers. For a photographer, high fashion involves posing supermodels or glitterati celebrities in unrealistic clothing, with the backdrops looking exotic, and all the components, including the hairstyles and location, working together to make a flawless photograph.

Nevertheless, it’s difficult to achieve an immaculate appearance. Every day, you have to make tough decisions about lighting, models, clothes, hair, and more. You still have to put all of it together in a way that appears beautiful and enticing, even though you have determined most of it.

You should start by thinking about the vibe you would like to convey through the shoot. Though you don’t have to go into too much detail, picking the right mood is a must. Choosing the right model is also crucial. It’s important to find someone who has the experience and is willing to work with you to achieve your vision. A strong team is also essential.

Equipment is also a factor. You will need a good camera and lighting equipment. The ideal camera for low-light situations should be lightweight and have long battery life. To take different types of photos, you’ll need different lenses. Additionally, adding filters can also assist in achieving the vision you are trying to achieve when editing these photos.

Street Fashion Photography

Street Fashion Photography

Often, street fashion, also called urban fashion, is the opposite of Haute fashion. Grunge, hip-hop, and alternative fashion are subsets of street fashion. All these styles became popular as time passed. As the most relatable type of photography, it captures the essence of the “street”.

A Street Fashion aesthetic is more austere than a Luxury Fashion aesthetic, highlighting real-world trends. Items like jeans, shirts, and hoodies are commonly worn on a daily basis. This publication shows people’s everyday clothes, their perception of style, and how their everyday clothing can create a fashion statement. The publication also highlights comfortable but stylish clothes.

In this approach, photographers tend to photograph everyday people rather than models. While obtaining permission to photograph individuals in the street, you must be careful. Seeing people wearing the outfit in real life gives buyers the impression that it’s doable and they can follow the trend.

There is nothing fake about it: the people, the situations, the life. In using photo editing software, you should avoid adding filters and instead focus on adjusting brightness and contrast.

Editorial Fashion Photography

Editorial Photography

Credit: Alex Maloney

Storytelling drives editorial fashion. Other media such as magazines, newspapers, books, and posters feature it. Photography tells the story from the beginning to the end. Before release, various articles, publications, and concepts include visual material on a range of topics.

In editorial fashion shoots, models wear a wide array of outfits throughout the day. There is rarely a plain or white backdrop.

An essential element of the story is to set a certain tone. In addition to using a variety of photographic approaches, these photos can highlight a single brand or numerous brands. Later, when you edit these photographs in your photo editing software, you can add filters to them. However, editorial photography is one of the most rewarding fashion photography genres due to its ability to showcase creativity.


Therefore, when thinking about fashion photography as a career, you might find these four styles helpful. In order to play this genre, you will need some equipment, but after you have it, you can choose from a wide range of styles. Ultimately, it comes down to determining which style best fits your needs and interests. Remember to use a place like Pixpa or Pinterest to store your portfolio.


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