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The Ultimate Step by Step Travel Planning Guide


Your Journey Begins Here!

It is quite obvious that almost everyone is excited to step out of their homes after this COVID pandemic. So are you planning a trip overseas? It can be overwhelming to plan a trip overseas, no matter how long or how short it is. Don’t worry! The very first thing you might be lacking is planning. Planning- is the initial yet the most important part of a trip. Has the idea of planning a vacation ever seemed too, well… overwhelming? It can be downright stressful to plan a trip: from getting a visa to figuring out transportation to reserving hotels and getting local currency, there are many things to consider. Isn’t that contradictory? 

Taking a relaxing vacation while stressing about it. We’ve all been there. Many times, actually. But I have learned a few things along the way, and am here to help. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide that will help you make planning a trip easier, so you won’t forget anything. With this guide, you can stop stressing and start making your travel dreams come true!

Turn Your Travel Daydream Into Reality!

This itinerary will take you from the brainstorming phase to your destination, regardless of whether it’s a 2-week getaway or an extended journey with no clear end date. It may actually be fun planning your next vacation. I dare you. Okay, take a deep breath, because I am about to start digging right in!

Figure Out Your Travel Budget

You have to take a good look at your finances before you can start planning a vacation, and figure out how much money you can spend. This will determine where you can travel to and for how long in the future. You may be intimidated by this step, but I have broken it down for you so you can make your own travel budget.

Decide Your Travel Style/ Partners

Are you planning a short vacation, a 3-week trip overseas, or a long-term trip? 

…And who else is coming with you?

Do you plan on traveling solo or with a partner? Is it with friends or with your family and children? What you choose to do can greatly influence your trip.

Choose The Destination

The next step may seem obvious to some people, maybe you are already planning your trip because you know exactly where you want to go. You can skip right to research if you already know your destination, but there are still a few things you should consider.

You may already have your vacation time set up, but still aren’t sure where to go, so I suggest you look at the map. No joke! Let’s talk about it…

Start by circling all the cities, towns, and tourist attractions you want to see on a map. Take a look at Instagram for inspiration. Be open-minded. What would you like to do? Is there anything you would like to see or experience? A trusted blogger’s recommendation is usually the first thing I look at when planning a route.

Book Flights

Are you sure where you want to go? Double-check. Is your visa ready? Verify. 

Finally, our favorite part: you’re ready to book your flight!

To begin, answer these questions: What airport will you fly into? Would you like to make a round trip and depart from the same airport? If not, where will you depart from? 

Book Accommodation

It may be advantageous to book all your accommodation ahead of time or to book none at all depending on the length of your trip. However, if you’re traveling for a long period of time, you might just need to book a few days at a time. Alternatively, you may choose to walk into hotels when you arrive in a town once you’ve arrived.

Research things To Do

Here’s where the fun really begins…I LOVE to research new places and find out what kind of adventures I can have there. You can do the research via Pinterest, Bloggers, and a lot more. 


Now it’s starting to feel real, isn’t it? Your trip is fast approaching, so start packing!

It can be a challenge to pack for a trip. It’s important to be prepared and don’t forget anything, but you don’t want to feel overwhelmed by too much stuff.

I’m right there with you if you’re a self-proclaimed over-packer or someone who ends up using only half of what’s in your suitcase on every vacation! If you plan ahead of time, you won’t be rushing last-minute to stuff everything into your oversized suitcase. 

Last-Minute Prep

You’ve reached the final step! Just a few last-minute arrangements and a little research remain before your trip. Make sure you carry the following

  1. Passport/Identification
  2. Wallet/credit cards (and backups!)
  3. Chargers for all of your electronics
  4. Kindle or e-reader
  5. Necessary Medicines
  6. Travel pillow
  7. Insulated water bottle


That’s it, these are the simple steps you’ll need to follow when planning a trip anywhere in the world. 

Planning a trip with these tips can help relieve some of the stress, but it is important to realize that even the best-laid schemes sometimes go horribly wrong. Travel is especially problematic because too many factors are beyond your control.

It’s ok if you do that. In fact, that part is half the fun! The reason I keep coming back for more is that it’s exactly what makes travel such a rewarding experience.

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How Can You Calculate Your Travel Cost? 

You should calculate your travel cost by the cost of lodging, vehicle rentals, fuel cost, flight ticket price, food expenses, medical expenses, and other costs. Make sure you keep a track record of your spending with discipline. Get bills for everything and calculate them on a regular basis.

Why Should You Decide Your Travel Style/ Partners?

You should decide your travel style or partners for various reasons. You get a partner to share your memories with even after several years. You enjoy a sense of safety. What is more important is the amount of time, space, and other things you save everywhere you go. The list does not end here only.

How Can I Choose The Best Travel Destination?

We suggest you choose the best travel destination with a systematic approach. Making a list of your wants is a great way to start the process. This means you should determine what exactly you want from your trip. Decide your trip budget, do some research from the comfort of your home or office, consider experiences of your previous trips, and value suggestions from your contacts with an open mind. 

What Things Should I Consider Before Booking A Flight? 

The list of things you should consider before booking a flight includes but is not limited to travel dates, flight departure time, airport entry time, transit as well as layover time, location of layout and layover, flight performance, type of economy, the reputation of the airline you are going to fly with, and badge allowance only. 

What Mistakes Should I Avoid While Booking Accommodation For My Trip?

We suggest you avoid a couple of mistakes while booking accommodation for your trip. Giving more preferences to look over location is a big mistake. Even booking accommodation without checking the cancellation policy is also an expensive mistake. Not comparing prices with other accommodations is also a mistake. Not paying attention to check-in and check-out time, maximum occupancy of your room, and inclusions and exclusions are also a couple of blunders travellers usually commit. 

What Mistakes You Should Avoid While Packing For A Trip?

You should avoid a couple of mistakes while packing for a trip. Confusion, procrastinating things till the last minute, ignoring the destination weather, folding stuff inside your bag instead of rolling it, and ignoring your shoes, souvenirs, medicines, and toiletries are some of those mistakes. 

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