Tom Cruise’s 5 Best Movie Scenes Ever


Tom Cruise, needs no introduction. He is famous, he is handsome, he is a Hollywood superstar and he has a huge fan following all over the world. This is all OK! But not many people take his name for being the best when it comes to acting. Generally, people take the name of actors like Tom Hanks, Marlon Brando, Al Pachino, Robert De Niro, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Robert Downey Jr, etc. I know I may be missing a few names. Quite a few names actually since Hollywood has had several great artists in the last 100 years. 

Generally, in any discussion, the name of Tom Cruise doesn’t crop in your mind purely from the acting perspective. You get the idea of what I am talking about. The superstar is more famous for his look, charming behavior, stunts, and brilliant action movies. But man, he has been around for 40 years. There has to be more than good looks and stunts to have him maintain his huge success for this long period.

Tom Cruise can act like the very best

Shall I say it? Ok, here is what I have to disclose. I am a Tom Cruise fan! But trust me if I say that purely from acting prowess, he is second to none. Mean, I know he gets respect as a good actor everywhere but several times he has proven that he is just a pure master. Why do I say this? I will rest my case by letting everyone about the 5 best scenes from his movies to prove that his acting is just magical and captivating.

Best movies scenes of Tom Cruise movies

1. You complete me (Jerry Maguire): Tom Cruise acting masterpiece

This is one of my favorite movies scene of Tom Cruise. It is not those masterpieces that keep you engaged with a unique storyline or out-of-the-box idea. However, some scenes are just incredible. In particular, two lines are very popular from this cult scene. The first is “You complete me ” and the second one is “You had me at hello.” Both of the lines are so famous that they get used in many other TV shows, satire pieces, and even in general talks. Whom should I thank? -Writers director, all the actors or just say it was a coincidence.

Moreover, there is something so magical about the look on Tom Cruise’s face in this scene. The expression of the character who had tasted success after a long time and who felt he could not share it with his wife is just special.


2. Courtroom scene (A Few Good Men)

Perhaps the best courtroom scene ever where two great actors came together for an unforgettable scene. I am talking about the Jack Nicholson and Tom cruise. The star of the show in this scene is, Jack Nicholson. His charisma in the character of Colonel Nathan R. Jessep makes the audience watch this classic again.

Lines like, “Did you order code red ” or “I don’t give a damn what you are entitled to” have become cult lines. The tension between Tom cruise’s character and Jack Nicholson’s character is so real in this scene. Tom Cruise’s character knows that he has no proof against Jack Nicholson’s character. He had to take by putting his career online by asking straight questions and making the colonel angry at the same time to move him towards a confession. And boy didn’t both deliver. This science sends a chill down to the spine whenever anyone watches it. Tom Cruise is just remarkable.


3. Intro – rock climbing scene (Mission Impossible 2)

Perhaps one of the best intro scenes of any movie made anywhere. This scene is not about Tom Cruise’s acting but how good Tom Cruise looked in this scene. In this scene, the director showed an individual climbing a rocky mountain without any protective gear. Tom Cruise acted in this scene with long hair look. The way he picked up the Google, background score, and special effects, everything is just mesmerizing. If you happen to be a 90’s kid or teenager, you cannot forget this scene. This is where Tom Cruise’s popularity shot up not only on the USA but on the world level. The rugged, and dashing look of tom Cruise in this scene is just remarkable. Full marks to the director for filming the intro scene in such a magnificent way.


4. Help Me Help You ( Jerry Maguire)

Another scene from the ‘Jerry Maguire’ where Tom Cruise shows his acting master class. He shows his frustration with his clients for not understanding his situation. The client is an athlete in this movie and Tom Cruise has to bear his tantrums. He kicks the wall in frustration and makes the client understand what he expects from him. The whole scene is comic and hilarious. However, Tom Cruise portrays the frustration of the character perfectly with his mannerism. A special note of appreciation for the other actor- Cuba Gooding Jr. He won the Oscar in the category of the best supporting actor for the same movie.


5. Burj Khalifa climbing scene(Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol)

If you talk about Tom Cruise, no talk can be complete without discussing his stunt scenes. In his almost 40 year career, he has made a name for himself for doing his stunts without a stuntman.

He sent his fans into a tizzy in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. In one of the scenes, he was climbing the highest building in the world Burj Khalifa. The scene was extremely dangerous. Yet, Mr. Cruise never let anyone stop him! Despite being in his fifties, he did this remarkable scene. This movie is scene is an example of his dedication and motivation towards his craft


Conclusion :

Tom Cruise has been an outstanding actor and has a huge fan following. The actor has portrayed some great roles over the years. We have discussed 5 of his iconic scenes in this blog. Ironically, he is still to win an Oscar. Tom Cruise has many projects lined up for 2022. These include  Mission Impossible-7, Top Gun- Maverick, and Luna. I’m sure his fans can’t wait to see these movies. Just hope this great artist keeps on entertaining us for the many upcoming years and may win an Oscar as well. 

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