Top 5 Marketing Automation Software For Your Business in 2023

The reliance of businesses on the best marketing automation software for grabbing more leads. You need to get the hang of the following three things to achieve this feat for your business: 

  • The value these tools add to your business.
  • The pros and cons of all these tools. 
  • Your corporate needs and expectations. 
  • The industry landscape.

Introduction To Business Marketing Automation Process:

The term covers many things. For example: 

  • Prospecting
  • Engagement with leads generated. 
  • Understanding preferences of leads. 
  • Maintaining relationships that convert leads into paying customers.

The automation of marketing processes helps businesses save time and money that go into accomplishing menial tasks. Automating these menial tasks helps save time and money to focus on high-intent leads. 

You can leverage the potential of prospecting automation for the following:

  • For maintaining constant engagement through personalized emails.
  • Lead nurturing via valuable resources.

Take a look at the facts below to understand the value automation of marketing processes can offer. 

Benefits of These Tools For Your Business:

The tools designed to automate your marketing processes add multiple values to your business. Facts speak volumes about it. For example: 

More than 70% of businesses worldwide have recorded an increase in ROI within the first year of using marketing automation tools for their business.

  • Automation of marketing processes is taking the lead generation of more than 80% of businesses worldwide to the next level. 
  • More than 77% of marketers have been able to convert extra leads. 
  • The number of businesses reporting 15% to 20% extra sales conversion is increasing yearly. 
  • The level of productivity also goes up. 
  • More than 62% of businesses want to increase their budget for marketing. 
  • Nearly 80% of businesses credit automation of marketing processes for the quality of their success.

Benefits of Marketing Process Automation In 2023:

You will be able to understand the pros of marketing process automation only when you know the following: 

  • At least a 29% increase in the productivity of your marketing team and campaign.  
  • At least 28% improvement in the measurability of campaigns.
  • At least a 47% increase in annual sales revenue for your business.  
  • Customer engagement rate improves by 36% and more.
  • Your business records Up 61% improvement in lead conversion rate. 
  • Your business successfully nurtures 57% more leads.
  • Easy visitor tracking, campaign management, lead nurturing, organized workflow, and personalized engagement trigger responses. 

All these facts show only the tip of the entire iceberg!
We suggest you get to the tip to see the entire iceberg! 

Choose the best marketing automation tool to accomplish this feat for your business.

Process To Get Find Best For Your Business? 

You should do some thinking about multiple things. For example:

  • Pricing.
  • Integrations.
  • Usability.
  • Analytics & reporting.
  • Support features and quality.
  • Features.
  • Your corporate needs and goals.

List of Top 5 Best Marketing Automation Software:

We want to make decision-making easier for you. We have compiled a list of software to help save you time, money, and resources.

We suggest you read the post further. You will be able to make your choice easy for your business.

HubSpot – Tops The List:

#imagesrc Google

Talking about the best digital marketing automation software in the world? HubSpot dominates the league. Much of its credit goes to the following: 

  • It helps leverage the potential of a simple visual interface for creating powerful automated workflows. 
  • Automation of repetitive tasks. 
  • Helps your business climb the growth ladder with the following: 
  • Automated email drip campaigns.
  • Personalized workflows.
  • Lead scoring
  •  Analytics
  • Hubspot offers powerful marketing automation loaded with an all-inclusive plan. The plan offers two benefits listed below to all types of business: 
  • Businesses can increase their revenue. 
  • It eliminates dependency on manual tasks.
  • WYSIWYG email editor.
  • Dynamic content.
  • Ability to test dynamic content.
  • Landing pages.
  • A/B testing.
  • Mobile optimization.
  • Email deliverability reporting.
  • Triggered drip sequences.
  • List management.
  • Role-based workflow & approvals
  • Integration with, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, digital card, and SugarCRM.
  • Streamlined reporting and tracking processes.
  • Easy lead collection. 
  • Email Automation.
  • Personalized Email Sequences.
  • Email follow-up.  
  • Management of relationships with clients. 
  • Access to HubSpot Academy.

This is merely a trailer of the values HubSpot can add to your business as one of the best marketing automation tools in the world. 

But this one also has its set of shortcomings that you must know to make the right choice. 

Disadvantages of HubSpot:

  • It is sometimes complex to find images or media for workflows.
  • Scattered data from email workflows is not easy to find. 
  • Some users have called HubSpot Suppor poor and rude. 
  • The platform is not fast enough. 
  • Response time is slow like a snail. 
  • The forms are clunky. 
  • Limited design of landing page. 
  • Lacks enough clarity to help navigate pages. 
  • Pricing needs to be more flexible and affordable. 
  • The mobile app needs improvement.

You should do your research about it. Do not forget to consider your corporate goals, needs, and strategies while spending your money on buying HubSpot.

We want you to make the right choice for your business. It could not be possible unless you do your research as well. 

Marketo Engage – Another Great Choice:

#imagesrc Google

Marketo Engage Adobe has created this software. Salient features of this software have been mentioned below for you:

  • Mobile engagement.
  • Web re-targeting.
  • Content personalization.
  • Email marketing.
  • Lead nurturing and scoring.
  • Analytics.
  • Data quality management. 
  • Automated sales alerts and tasks. 
  • Calendaring.
  • Event webinars and marketing. 
  • Dashboard. 
  • Standard and custom reports. 
  • Integration with
  • Customer pricing plan according to the size of your database. 
  • Businesses of all sizes can implement it. 

The availability of the many platform & infrastructure features put it in the league of the best automation software in the world. 

More Values Marketo Engage Offers:

The tool offers a wide range of benefits to businesses. For example: 

  • Easy production, sending, and testing of emails. 
  • Creation of forms. 
  • Lead scoring. 
  • Integration with SFDC, On24, Openprise, and more. 
  • Easy and effective management of folders.
  • Clones campaign faster. 
  • It uses tokens for process simplifications. 
  • Development of intelligent lists/segments. 

Cons of Marketo Engage: 

Every coin has its flip side too. There are some shortcomings of this tool. You should know about these shortcomings for making the right decision.

  • UX is awkward. 
  • Has some bugs to fix. 
  • The analytics feature and dashboard need more work and development. 
  • Some users may find it hard to access the HTML of individual emails.
  • It slows many times. 
  • The quality of page and form builders is not up to the mark.
  • Editing done without CSS can be strange. 
  • The email editor is buggy.
  • Features to drill-down reports are absent. 
  • It needs better quality of intuitiveness. 

Your experience entirely depends on your corporate needs and goals.

Salesmate – Another Best Automation Software For Your Business

#Imagesrc Google

Do you need a list of reasons to believe it? We have compiled a list of solid reasons for you. You should look at the features to know why Salesmate is on our list.

Specifications of Salesmate

  • It is an all-inclusive CRM software used for business process automation to empower and help your team generate more revenue. 
  • It helps create multiple processes easily. 
  • Automation of emails.
  • Mobile access.
  • Automation based on the following: 
  • Triggers, contact.
  • Built-in calling, recording, and texting. 
  • Power dialer.
  • Team inbox.
  • Web forms.
  • Messenger.
  • Easy automation of sales and sales reports to help forecast revenue. 
  • The automation feature is compatible with all plans. 
  • It offers effective management of workflow, reporting, opportunity, contacts, and quotes & orders management.
  • Easy and flawless management of the case, call center, tasks, leads channel/partner relationships, and customers’ data.  
  • Tracking of interactions.
  • Automation of customers’ journey, live chat, 
  • It offers a power dialer, meeting scheduler, and advanced as well.

Some Disadvantages of Salesmate?

  • Chatbots can be more robust and responsive. 
  • Better quality templates for the sales pipeline are required. 
  • Assigning roles to individuals within your organization can be a challenge. 
  • Settings are sometimes not easy to find. 
  • Support takes ages to respond. 
  • It does not have WhatsApp chat integration in-built. 
  • Features to white-label the dashboard for the team are required. 
  • Calling cost is not affordable. 
  • Options for integrating different telephony systems are not in it. 
  • The quality and process of process automation need improvement. 
  • Everything needs assistance from the team. You cannot do anything without support.

You should do your homework and research before spending your money on it. We want you to make the right choice for your business.

Pardot – The Best Possible Choice:


#imagesrc google

Pardot is one of the best products of Salesforce. 

This B2B tool for the automation of marketing processes allows your Salesforce to accomplish multiple tasks. For example:

  • Collaboration. 
  • Engagement with buyers.
  • Closure of more deals.
  • Development of relationships with clients that last longer.

Take a look at more values Partdot can add to your business.

Specifications of Pardot: 

  • Easy and effective management of leads. 
  • Easy lead generation. 
  • Marketing through emails. 
  • Alignment of sales. 
  • Artificial Intelligence.
  • Insightful ROI reporting for the following:
  • Closing extra business.
  • Shortening the sales cycle.
  • Management of data quality. 
  • Lead scoring.
  • Social sharing as well as campaigns. 
  • Sales and tasks-related automated alerts. 
  • API.
  • Customization. 
  • It is easy to use.
  • It makes customer journey campaigns dynamic. 
  • Hassle-free development of landing pages. 
  • Easy integration with other platforms. 
  • It makes it easy to copy, modify and share resources globally. 
  • Simple interface. 
  • Easy creation of emails that appeal visually. 
  • Segmentation of lists. 
  • Easy launching of email campaigns. 
  • Amazing integration with SFDC.

The list of its features does not end here only.

Shortcomings of Pardot: 

Do not forget to know about its shortcomings in haste. The software lacks some things you must consider before you spend money on it. For example:

  • Versioning and support need improvement. 
  • It does not detail reports fully. 
  • It lacks enough customization features.
  • You may want to pull your hair in frustration due to the lack of tracking redirects.
  • Segmentation of lists needs more visualization. 
  • The creation of landing pages needs more improvement. 
  • Reporting capabilities are scarce and limited. 
  • Email builder and testing features are required. 
  • A limited number of automation rules for use. 
  • It lacks a global module email template. 

Eat the pudding for the actual taste.

This is the only way to get to know Pardot better for your business.


#imagesrc Google

What puts ActiveCampaign on this list of the best marketing automation tools for your business? 

The credit goes to its unique features.

  1. The tool offers simplified and advanced automation processes with the following: 
  • Automated follow-ups.
  • Powerful integrations.
  • Segmentation of contacts.
  1. Flexible marketing automation functionality.
  2. Marketing automation flows.
  3. Personalization of marketing flows with the following
  • More than 500+ pre-built automation templates.
  • An email template library.
  • Effective management of contacts. 
  1. Allows your business to contact thousands of customers at the same time.
  2. Automatic messaging. 
  3. Creation of sales funnels. 
  4. Visual automation.
  5. Robust segmentation.
  6. Tracking of site/events.   
  7. Robust native integration. 
  8. Integration of business-critical tools.
  9. The best email automation builder.
  10. High-quality customer service. 
  11. Automation, inbox delivery, and quick broadcasts are also some benefits. 

The list of its advantages does not end here only.

No Disadvantages of It?

This cannot be possible. We have compiled a list of some shortcomings to help you make the right choice. Given below is the list for you:

  • It supports fewer third-party integrations. 
  • Email marketing software is costly. 
  • Caching affects its overall platform significantly. 
  • It is not predictive. 
  • It is difficult for first-time users. 
  • Custom reporting is not so easy. 
  • Sales and email nurturing packages need simplification. 
  • The process of onboarding is complex. 
  • The quality of the email editor’s functionality needs improvement. 
  • More direct-response email templates can benefit businesses more. 
  • A buggy image editor.

Is it the best you need for your business? You can decide only after using it.

Have We Missed Something?

We would like to know about it below in the comment box. Do not forget to have your say about the list of the best marketing software we have tried to compile for you through this post.

Your feedback will help us do some great work for you in the future.


✅ Can I choose some more marketing automation tools for my business?

MailChimp, Omnisend, SharpSpring. Oracle Eloqua,, GetResponse, SendX, AutoPilot, Ontraport, Drip, Moosend, Rebrandly, ReferralCandy, Biteable, WebinarKit, Nifty, and Response are some alternatives for you.

✅ How to check the pricing of marketing automation tools?

Visit their official website to know everything about pricing and package deals.

✅ Do all these best digital marketing automation software offer more features?

Possibly, yes is the best answer to this question.

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