Proposed Tableau Designs of Ministries/ Departments for Republic Day 2024 Proposed Tableau Designs of Ministries/ Departments for Republic Day 2024

Proposed Tableau Designs of Ministries/Departments for Republic Day 2024

India’s Republic Day commemorates the day in 1950 when the constitution came into force. As India celebrates 75 momentous years of independence in 2024, this occasion truly stands out. On 26th January, vibrant tableaus will line Rajpath during the Republic Day celebrations. These exhibits creatively encapsulate integral aspects of India’s cultural dynamism. They also showcase the growth story and aspirations of an emerging superpower.

The Ministry of Culture’s tableau promises to be a spectacular vision celebrating India’s cherished dance and music heritage. Exquisite dance arts like Kathakali with eminent facial expressions and Bharatanatyam with intricate footwork. Moreover, the mesmerizing Manipuri Ras Leela will represent the diverse spectrum of India’s classical dance traditions.

Additionally, the arranged ensemble of musical instruments such as:

  • The Hindustani classical sitar
  • Percussion tabla
  • And droning santoor

These all will signify India’s captivating ragas that have charmed music aficionados globally. Overall, this cultural mosaic will convey the endurance of India’s timeless performing arts. This will continue to thrive even today through dedicated patronage.

Added a technological edge, the Department of Higher Education has envisioned a creatively futuristic tableau design. Scaled down models depict India’s recent scientific innovations and breakthroughs across fields. This includes Quantum Computing, Nanotechnology, Clean Energy and Artificial Intelligence among many. And that will highlight India’s global supremacy in research. It is intended to evoke a sense of national pride and optimism. And this is from the Indian Institutes of Technology, Indian Institutes of Science and central universities, showcasing advanced innovations.

On similar lines, the Railways Ministry seeks to encapsulate the verve of ‘New India’ through Ministry tableau concepts. This represents the nation’s accelerated connectivity ambitions. Project exhibits demonstrate semi-high-speed trains. It also showcases rapidly expanding metro rails and state-of-the-art multimodal transport hubs. And that stands to signify that upgraded domestic infrastructure is now reaching Tier-2 towns as well. Besides ease of living, this also boosts the indigenous manufacturing ethos behind the ‘Make in India’ vision.

The Health Ministry’s proposed tableau also merits special mention for recognizing India’s expanding healthcare apparatus. This assumes added significance having catered to an unprecedented vaccination drive amidst the pandemic. Truly, the tableaus slated across ministries capture:

  • The cultural kaleidoscope
  • Socio-economic transformations
  • As well as youth icons steering India into a technology-driven future.

Republic Day parade will reflect the new India in the making! Let’s dive in and know the proposed tableau designs of Ministries/Departments on this Republic Day 2024!

Symbolizing New India’s Transformation: Ministry Departments’ Republic Day Patriotic Themes 2024

Proposed Designs of Tableau for Republic Day 2024 for Ministries/Departments

India has proposed 23 creative tableau proposals to be showcased on Rajpath on Republic Day 2024. This comes under Government celebrations. In these creative displays, various ministries and departments capture the essence of New India’s growth.

1. Border Road Organization

Tableau Designs- Border Road OrganizationThe Border Road Organization’s tableau highlights its key role in building connectivity infrastructure along India’s borders. The exhibit will showcase models of significant roads, bridges and tunnels. And that are constructed using modern techniques and equipment. These tunnels, modular bridges and portable roads facilitate socio-economic growth in remote areas through all-weather access.

This honors the Organization’s contributions to national development through enabling strategic access and mobility. This visual representation is what they are going to showcase at this national event.

2. Department of Drinking Water & Sanitation

Tableau Designs- Department of Drinking Water & SanitationThe tableau aims to demonstrate accessible drinking water solutions now serving millions. This is aligned with the Jal Jeevan Mission. This creative visualization includes models of water tanks, pipelines, taps and tankers. They optimize water availability across rural India post-independence.

3. Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR)

Tableau Designs- Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR)The CSIR tableau creatively depicts India’s global scientific excellence over 75 years of independence. With a purple color theme, models of recent innovations in medicines, communications, genomics and devices will be backdropped by visually appealing graphics. The tableau promises to showcase women scientists in purple attire. That highlights CSIR’s research breakthroughs across domains through aesthetic sci-fi appeal.

4. Directorate of Income Tax (CBDT)

Tableau Designs- Directorate of Income Tax (CBDT)Symbolizing transparent and citizen-friendly tax reforms, these CBDT Departmental presentations comprise creative visualizations of simplified taxation mechanisms like online filing and grievance redressal adopted recently. The exhibit conveys convenient tax compliance underscoring India’s robust economy.

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5. The Election Commission of India

Tableau Designs- The Election Commission of IndiaThematically demonstrating the vibrant democracy powering the aspirations of New India’s 1.4 billion citizens. This tableau will include model voting machines, ballots, posters and symbols over the years since independence. The display highlights the magnitude of transparent, fair and peaceful electoral processes.

6. Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)

Tableau Designs- Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)Depicting the country’s expeditions into space including keystone programs. This includes Chandrayaan and Mangalyaan. ISRO’s concept emphasizes breakthrough space explorations and indigenously developed launching systems. That is helmed by Indian space centres. Scientifically accurate scaled models promise an educative and fascinating display of India’s global space leadership.

7. Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare (ICAR)

Tableau Designs- Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers' Welfare (ICAR)Conceptualizing self-sufficiency and food security pillars borne of the Green Revolution and White Revolution post-independence. This ICAR tableau integrates models highlighting

  • Improved irrigation
  • Sustainable farm practices
  • And increased yields for staple crops like wheat and rice over decades.

Moreover, farmer resilience is aptly conveyed through arresting visual depictions.

8. Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology

Tableau Designs- Ministry of Electronics & Information TechnologyVisioning of a ‘Digitally Empowered India’, this tableau demonstrates indigenous solutions to bridge the digital divide. This tableau showcases BharOS, 5G and semiconductor chip models. It conveys affordable access to technology to ease lives via financial inclusion.

The exhibit also creatively features equipment driving digital health transformation. Such as MRI and CT scanning machines. This highlights the critical role of electronics and IT in advancing healthcare through Made in India innovations.

9. Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change

Tableau Designs- Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate ChangeThis aesthetically appealing tableau spotlights India’s policies for safeguarding rich biodiversity. Creative motifs symbolize conservation of forests, rivers, glaciers and marine ecosystems. Scaled models of key endangered species amid the climate crisis represent preserving vital flora and fauna. The display features vivid depictions of forests, birds and animals with the slogan “जंगल हैं तो हम हैं”. This slogan underscoring the critical connections between wildlife and human survival.

10. Ministry of External Affairs (G20 Secretariat)

Tableau Designs- Ministry of External Affairs (G20 Secretariat)This tableau creatively features elements like the G20 logo and priority areas backdropped against iconic Indian landmarks hosting events. Models with cultural & patriotic symbolism convey India’s leadership vision “One Earth | One Family | One Future”. Helming G20 2023 displayed attractively amid the flags of member countries.

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11. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

Tableau Designs- Ministry of Health and Family WelfareSaluting the medical fraternity’s perseverance in enabling healthcare access for the masses. This exhibit recognizes its decade-long mission of advancing affordable treatments, vaccines and telemedicine across India. The main slogan they are using is “देश हो रहा है आयुष्मान”. Models depict doctor consultations, medicines for chronic diseases and premier research institutions driving progress.

12. Ministry of Home Affairs (for Vibrant Villages)

Tableau Designs- Ministry of Home Affairs (for Vibrant Villages)Encapsulating rural development, this tableau features model infrastructure from ‘Vibrant Villages’ electrified and digitally connected through flagship schemes. Visuals of villages with full amenities reflect 70 years of sustained efforts to uplift once-deprived remote areas. The display also creatively incorporates adventure sports like river rafting, snow skiing and paragliding to signify holistic progress reaching the last mile.

13. Ministry of Home Affairs (SSB)

Tableau Designs- Ministry of Home Affairs (SSB)They represent the guardians securing India’s borders day and night in their tableau design. This artistic concept depicts SSB jawans’ valor via impressions of the mountain terrain and water bodies they monitor. The brave sentinels instill a greater sense of national security underscoring the tableau’s tribute to the forces.

14. Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs (CPWD)

Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs (CPWD)The CPWD tableau showcases models of modern infrastructure projects transforming urban landscapes. Depictions of iconic government buildings, IT parks and institutes creatively exhibit upgraded civic facilities improving citizens’ living standards.

15. Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (KVIC)

Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (KVIC)Small businesses are reflected in the tableau design by their entrepreneurial optimism. The KVIC display features intricate handicrafts to organic produce scaling new heights on global markets. ‘Vocal for Local’ motifs promote India’s grassroots economy creating sustainable livelihoods for artisans and weavers at scale.

16. Ministry of Ports, Shipping & Waterways

Ministry of Ports, Shipping & WaterwaysThis tableau depicts India’s rise as a blue economy leader via models of key inland waterways, ports and vessels built indigenously over 70 years – transforming maritime connectivity and global trade. Oil tankers and cargo depictions signify enhanced naval commerce capacity and strategic infrastructure upgrades.

17. Ministry of Power

Tableau Designs- Ministry of PowerThe Power Ministry tableau highlights increased clean energy capacities. And this is through models of solar parks and wind plants. These models represent the International Solar Alliance’s vision. It also promises electricity access to remote areas via depictions of expanding transmission infrastructure and household connectivity over decades.

18. Ministry of Railways

Ministry of Railways

Featuring models of modern Vande Bharat trains, Bullet Trains, rail over bridges and Wi-Fi stations, this Railway Ministry tableau captures the upgradation of affordable rail transit to reach Tier 2/3 cities. Depicting key infra interventions that propel socio-economic mobility, the exhibit highlights progress using the slogan “Virasat Bhi, Vikas Bhi”.

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19. Ministry of Road Transport and Highways

Ministry of Road Transport and HighwaysCreative visualizations of ambitious infrastructure projects will comprise this tableau. This includes the Delhi Mumbai Expressway, Dhola-Sadiya bridge and tunnel ways cutting through challenging terrains. Iconic route markers convey seamless highway connectivity between the farthest corners of India. This bolsters trade and tourism. They are trying to showcase that they are “Building The Nation Not Just Roads”.

20. Ministry of Textiles

Tableau Designs- Ministry of TextilesThrough intricate models of signature weaves, this tableau promises to highlight India’s globally-loved handicraft legacy spanning centuries. ‘India Handmade’ elements feature artisans keeping age-old textile practices thriving even today. They are also showcasing Bharat Textile events in 2023.

21. Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports

Tableau Designs- Ministry of Youth Affairs & SportsShowcasing sporting excellence, the tableau’s central element models the Khelo India University Games. That builds world-class sports ecosystems alongside grassroots encouragement of budding talent from remote areas. Surrounding visual motifs depict Kabaddi, hockey, shooting and other sports. These things signify the achievements of empowered Indian youth excelling nationally and globally across diverse fields.

22. NITI Aayog (Atal Innovation Mission)

Tableau Designs- NITI Aayog (Atal Innovation Mission)This is the concept of an India deep-rooted in innovation and future-tech from school to industry levels. This exhibit features Atal Tinkering Labs nurturing scientific mindsets among children. While Atal Incubation Centers enable start-up ventures across domains like AI, robotics and agritech that hold dynamic national potential.

23. Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade

Tableau Designs- Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal TradeCommitted to promoting startups and industries, this DPIIT tableau promises an artistic mix of:

  • Digitally empowered MSMEs
  • Incentives enrich production
  • And initiatives

Initiatives include an Open Network for Digital Commerce widening opportunities for seller integration on e-marketplaces. #Vocal4Local representations underline self-reliant nation making.

Envisioning a Progressive India through Republic Day 2024

A diverse Republic Day 2024 tableau concept represents India’s progress over 75 years of inclusive development and exponential progress. These Ministry representations aim to inspire citizens and project a vital vision of New India to the world through these upcoming Government festivities. With strategic all-women contingents, renowned Indian classical dances are also featured on Rajpath for the first time. A glorious celebration of 75 years of freedom is waiting to unfold. The 2024 Republic Day parade is bound to offer a memorable milestone this emerging nation will cherish in times to come.

Note – The final looks of the tableau are still being decided. The government is reviewing designs. They want to pick the best way to display India’s rich cultural heritage to the world. All the information is based on tableau designs which are sourced by Google and

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✅ What is the significance of the Republic Day tableaus presented by ministries and departments?

Republic Day tableaus showcase India’s cultural diversity, achievements, and aspirations. Ministries creatively depict their contributions to the nation’s growth, highlighting socio-economic transformations, technological advancements, and cultural richness.

✅ How are the proposed designs chosen for Republic Day tableaus, and what do they represent?

Ministries propose designs aligned with their key achievements and visions. The selected designs represent diverse facets of India’s progress, including advancements in science, technology, infrastructure, healthcare, and cultural heritage.

✅ Why are certain ministries, like the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, showcasing specific themes in their tableaus?

Ministries choose themes to symbolize their contributions and milestones. For instance, the Health Ministry’s tableau acknowledges the healthcare sector’s resilience during the pandemic, showcasing affordable treatments, vaccines, and telemedicine advancements.

✅ How does the Republic Day tableaus contribute to the celebration of India’s 75th year of independence?

The tableaus celebrate the 75th year of independence by visually narrating India’s journey, honoring achievements, and projecting a vision for the future. They reflect the country’s progress, resilience, and commitment to inclusive development on the global stage.

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