Why Bangalore Continues To Be A Favorite Among Startups


Which is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “Bangalore”. It is not hard to guess, it should be IT. After all, it is the most famous city globally in India. It is because of its information technologies infrastructure and a vast number of IT companies. Moreover, Bangalore houses some of the biggest names from other industries as well. Apart from this, the Silicon Valley of India has been at the forefront of producing startups as well. It is already home to almost 8000 startups. A further indication that startup culture in Bangalore is wonderful is the fact that almost 1200 startup launches happen every year here. If you follow any kind of business or tech news, you will know that most of the news related to start-ups emerges from Bangalore only. In particular, it is true for start-ups related to information and technology. Why Bangalore has been a hub of startups for such a long time and why is it likely to continue on the same path in the coming years as well? Well, there are some solid reasons for it, and we will discuss them at length in this blog.

Why do startups love Bangalore?

The Vibe Of The City 

Bangalore has a long history in terms of supporting and boosting information technologies. Who can forget the contribution of Infosys to India’s IT field in the last 40 years? And it is not the only story. There are hundreds of success stories that have come out of this famous garden city. Positivity, energy, and the atmosphere associated with the work culture are all very motivating here. Furthermore, the city’s population is educated and welcoming. Individuals from all parts of the country feel comfortable, energetic, and positively motivated while working in Bangalore. The vibe of this city certainly gives startups the confidence to choose it as their home.

The Government’s Support

The government of Karnataka is pushing the start-up culture in Bangalore by providing financial help. In 2021, the Karnataka government funded 489 startups with a total combined funding of 116.73 crores. The government has shown a keen interest in the development of startup culture. Moreover, it has asserted on multiple platforms that supporting the growth of startups in Bangalore is one of its top priorities. Amidst this kind of atmosphere, you will certainly feel happier and more motivated.

Availability of Human Resources


Bangalore city receives an inflow of quality manpower from all over the country every year. Educated youth flock to the city each year in search of the best opportunities. It is common sense since the best of the IT companies and many other reputable companies have their offices in Bangalore. If you are a start-up and looking to hire the best possible manpower, then there is no better place than Bangalore, India.

Also, the south Indian states of Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamilnadu have been leading in education standards. Compared to other parts of India, the southern states produce more professionals. Bangalore’s location is ideal and it receives youth from these parts consistently.

Cost Part

Cost is another driving force that gives Bangalore an edge over other cities like Delhi and Mumbai. The cost of living is still more reasonable and affordable than in metro cities. Moreover, start-ups generally lack funds in the initial stages, so saving money by any means is important to them. Even here, Bangalore is certainly a better option since the cost of running, maintaining, leasing, or renting an office is cheaper here.

Presence Of Investors

Startups look up to big investment companies and angel investors. Bangalore is India’s IT hub, and it is already home to financial and investment companies. Therefore, finding investors to back a start-up is relatively easy here. If you have a sound idea, the investors will surely back you.

The Culture of Entrepreneurship


Bangalore is home to a large population of entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship culture is an important factor because if you have an idea for a start-up, you might need someone to guide you or become a partner with you. You are more likely to find such individuals in Bangalore than in any other city in India. You will find people willing to listen to your idea, support it, and even become part of your startup by becoming a partner. When someone lives and breathes in such an environment, the positivity definitely gets a boost.

Reputation Of The City


Bangalore has a reputation for being an energetic and technologically-driven city. It has more than 12,0000 IT businesses in India. If you are a startup and you have your base in Bangalore, your startup value is likely to be higher than in any other city. In particular, it is true for IT startups. Businessmen around the world believe that if you don’t have the resources to run a startup in Silicon Valley, Bangalore is the next best option. Because of this, if you are a startup looking for funding, guidance, or mentorship, being from Bangalore will give you an advantage.


The city of Bangalore, one of India’s most important cities when it comes to driving growth, has played a pivotal role in promoting start-up culture in India The city has a history of fostering entrepreneurship and has a good infrastructure to support and promote new businesses. Because of these factors, the startup culture in Bangalore is just amazing. Even the state government promotes and supports the start-up culture. Given all of these points, Bangalore is indeed the startup capital of India, which will remain the same in the future as well.


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