5 Unique Ways to Celebrate National Book Lovers Day 2022


All bibliophiles worldwide are waiting for the National Book Lovers Day 2022 to satisfy their reading pangs. Books have always been considered the best friend of humans. This is the reason our ancestors wrote books to pass on their invaluable experiences.

More importantly, books have traveled a long way to be a great source of entertainment and knowledge as well. Many things have changed including the following:

  • The quality of pages.
  • The writing style of writers.
  • Personality nature of books.

The only thing that has never changed is the purpose of the information available in books. All in all, books are the best friend of every human. This is another thing our ancestors and elders were right about.

Therefore, this unique festivity is celebrated worldwide with great enthusiasm. Millions of book lovers worldwide will hit local book shops in 2022 on 9th August to satisfy their reading pangs.

How about making it slightly special and memorable in a different way? We want to share some unique ways to celebrate National Book Lovers Day 2022 with innovative enthusiasm.

Are you ready?

Gear Up! We are ready! We have prepared a list of unique ideas for you. These ideas will innovate your book reading experiences.  For example:

Fall In Love With Reading Printed Books

Printed books have always been loved by millions of readers worldwide. The digital revolution almost replaced this form of books. The credit goes to the development of digital book reading websites and mobile apps.

However, printed books never went out of the craze completely. Million thanks to book lovers for their penchant for printed books. The trend of reading paper books is resurging. Do you want a reason even bigger than this?

Do you know what? We have a long list of scientific reasons for you. Even reputed scientists upvote the habit of reading printed books for many reasons. For example:

  • First, your brain absorbs extra details of the text you read.
  • Secondly, paper books are a great way to make kids a better readers.
  • Third, your eyes do not get stressed while reading paper books.
  • Moreover, you do not get distracted. 
  • The joy of reading reaches the next level.
  • You are considered highly educated and socially reputed.
  • Most importantly, you fall asleep quickly.
  • The quality of your sleep gets better.

All in all, we suggest you wish your family, friends, and colleagues a happy book lovers day 2022 with a beautifully printed book.

Read Books Online

What do you think about celebrating National Book Lovers Day 2022 online? Paper books are definitely a great thing for many reasons. But the count of online book lovers is also noteworthy. There are many reasons for this. For example:

  • Unline paper books, digital books do not have to be carried anywhere.
  • Online book reading is more cost-effective than buying a paper book.
  • On the other hand, digital books are easily accessible everywhere.
    The entire ebook becomes shareable.
  • Content consumption through ebooks is comparatively a less time-consuming task.
  • Digital books allow you to experience augmented reality along with interactive elements.
  • In like manner, reading books online improves our environment’s health.

What do you think about the idea after learning so many benefits of reading books online?

Go Mobile – One Of The Best 5 Ways to Celebrate National Book Lovers Day 2022

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Content consumption through smartphones is a new reading trend among book lovers worldwide. Most book readers nowadays want to read on the go.

Therefore, the trend is scaling new heights of popularity among book lovers worldwide. It is because paper books are heavy. Moreover, laptops and desktops cannot be carried everywhere to read books online.

Mobile app-based book reading is better for many more reasons. For example:

  • A great medium to access information for visually impaired people.
  • The quality of interaction makes it easier for people with learning disabilities to learn new things.
  • Go mobile to read books of your choice if you are an autistic, physically challenged, or physically disabled person.
  • Readers get a direct access link to all library services.
  • A variety of fonts and font sizes make reading comfortable. 
  • Adjustment of line and letter spacing is also possible.
    A customizable color screen is another benefit for readers.
  • Access new books without hassles after you signup and login.

All things considered, go mobile and read your favorite books anytime as well as anywhere.

Listen To Books

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This could be one of the top 5 ways to celebrate National Book Lovers Day 2022 for you and many? It is because of the engagement of users with the content.  You should incorporate audiobooks into your reading routine for some reasons. For example:

  • If you do not like to read paper books or ebooks.
  • Audiobooks allow your child to develop high-quality listening skills.
  • Someone wants to multitask.
  • listening to books is a great way to manage time.
  • Your eyes remain relaxed while you listen to books.
  • Furthermore, you wish to get rid of negative thoughts.
  • Moreover, you desire to improve your sleeping habits.

In addition to all of these benefits, effective development and improvement of literacy skills among book lovers of all age groups is another thing for the taking. By the time you realize anything, you will find yourself immersed in a different world.

Watch Video Books

What is your take on watching some amazing video books with your family, friends, and colleagues? You can wish them all Happy Book Lovers Day 2022 using this unique concept. It is absolutely okay to dislike reading or listening to books. You can now watch them.

  • Visualization can be easy for many people.
  • Video books involve voice features that can be of great help for visually impaired and physically challenged or disabled people.
  • You tend to seek more interest in content presented to you in the form of video books.
  • Watching video books makes your brain more receptive through more activity of the brain’s right hemisphere.

Do you know the best thing? You grab all types of meaningful information that you want. You do that most interactive and beautiful way possible. It is because you see the information or things produced right before your eyes.

Hence, think about watching video books of your choice while celebrating National books lovers day 2022 for more fun.

Do You Want To Read A Book For A Happy Book Lovers Day 2022?

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Are you searching for the best possible options? We would love to know your thoughts about reading one of the following books:

Pride And Prejudice

#Imagesrc Google

Jane Austen deserves full credit for producing such a great romantic novel. Read it once you will get to know why it is called the magnum opus of Jane Austen. 

7 Habits for Highly Effective People

#Imagesrc Google

A book is a great option for those who want to be an effective person. Stephen R. Covey is telling you about the things you should and should not do to accomplish the task.

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

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Do you love reading books that tell you real-life stories? How about reading this fantastic real-life story of the richest and unbeatable lawyer of the United States? Mr. Robin Sharma has depicted everything to perfection for you. You will get the motivation required to achieve something amazing in life.

Many Lives, Many Masters

many lives many masters
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You will be surprised! You have not come to the world for the first time, says Dr. Brian Weiss. More importantly, everyone connected to you knows you since many births. The book is a great reading option to find reasons for your problems.

Swami And Friends

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How about reading Swami And Friends by R.K Narayan? You will be nostalgic. You will get a good idea about the bittersweet memories of your elders’ childhood.

Are you still not done? Do you have some questions in mind? Do not worry! We have already answered some questions below for you.


✅ Where can you purchase paper books online?

You can get paper books on many online platforms or websites. But Amazon is the best possible option available to date. Alternatively, you can visit your local offline bookstores.

✅ Which is the best platform to read books online?

Your quest for the best ends at Wattpad, GoodReads, Bookbub, Google Books, Smashwords, Project Gutenberg, World Public Library, Riveted, ManyBooks, Open Library, BookGeeks, Google Books, and Smashwords only.

✅ Is there any platform to read books on a smartphone?

Absolutely! The list includes but is not limited to Google Books, Wattpad, Pratilipi, GoodReads, Google Play Books, Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, Oodles Books, Moon+ Reader, Comics by ComiXology, and Kobo only.

✅ How can you listen to audiobooks?

You can download mobile apps like KuKUFM, Pocket FM, Google Books, Google Play Books, Amazon Audible, Spotify, Audiobooks, Amazon Kindle With Audible, Librivox, Hoopla Digital, Serial Box, Loyal Books, eStories, Scribd, Kobo, The Libby App By Overdrive and many more for listening to your favorite audiobooks on your smartphones.

✅ Which is the best platform for watching video books?

You can turn to VideBooksApp, OnlineVideoBooks, Vooks, and DCLibrary for watching your favorite video books using your laptop, desktop, or smartphone.

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