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7 Best Free Traffic Sources To Market Your Website In 2023

Grow your business faster with these 7 best free traffic sources in 2023 like TikTok, Reddit, Quora, social media and direct marketing.

Nothing comes free of cost. Is that what you believe in? Most of you are probably right. 

Organic traffic on the website is something you must claim without spending even a penny. The internet is home to tons of the best free traffic sources to help your website become the cash cow your business needs for growth. 

Preparing a community of audience is a huge marketing challenge for businesses to accomplish. Accomplishing this task takes time. Time is money for a business owner. Most businesses focus on grabbing free traffic through paid sources for this reason. 

We advise you to be picky while choosing the most suitable tool to accomplish the task. It is easy for big corporate houses to buy traffic for their website. On the other hand, most small businesses do not have that big budget to accomplish the task.

Therefore, small business owners try to utilize free online mediums. These mediums help them attract traffic without spending a dime.

You should read this post till the end. As a result, you will be able to explore the 7 best free traffic sources to increase traffic on your website.

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The Right Choice!

We want you to remember one thing. You will need to devise a strategy for moving in the right direction to make the right choice. Take a piece of paper and prepare a list of your business needs and goals first. Second, search for the tools that offer features required to help your business achieve its goals. Finally, make your choice once you are done choosing the tool required.

Do you still want us to help you make the right choice? Alright! The pleasure is ours! This is what we are here for. Let us make life easier for you.

Consider some more things in addition to the two steps mentioned above. For example:

  • Your niche.
  • In like manner, the list of its cons. 
  • Is the user culture supportive of your business model?
  • How will the algorithm of your chosen tool impact your business?

We have worked hard to compile a list of mediums that offer free traffic. The purpose is to help your business reach its marketing goals.

7 Best Free Traffic Sources To Market Your Website In 2023

The purpose of an online traffic source is to help your business prepare its digital community. In like manner, the multiplication of opportunities for lead generation, profit, and ROI (Return on Investment) is also the purpose of these digital mediums.

Names Of These Digital Mediums:

Your brain must have become a production house of many such questions. For instance, how do these digital mediums offer value to your business? The answer to all those million-dollar questions depends on the following:

  • The list and quality of their features.
  • Their pros and cons. 
  • Your digital marketing strategy. 
  • Your business goals. 

Free High Converting Traffic Sources In 2023:

We want you to know about it to help your business climb the growth ladder without hassles. Therefore, we have decided to share the list of sources of traffic for free. Most of the traffic generated from these sources converts.

Use Social Media:

Search engines play an important role in converting a business into a brand. In the same fashion, social media platforms help businesses reach the target market worldwide.

The internet is home to tons of social media platforms.  Global leaders in this domain are offering value to businesses via web and mobile traffic. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, Quora, and Pinterest dominate the league.

In the same fashion, mobile app-based social media platforms are also changing the game called marketing. The list includes popular brands like TikTok, Likee, Dubsmash, Byte, Triller, and Snapchat.

The revolution is allowing businesses to develop an online global community. All businesses are finding it easy to attract traffic to their website. The feat is being fiercely achieved through the use of effective content in the form of text, images, long & short, stories, and reels. These features allow businesses to place a link in their content.

These platforms have billions of daily, weekly, and monthly active users. For this reason. Businesses prefer marketing through these social media platforms.  You can also think about it.

Search Engines: The Best Free Traffic Sources

The concept is called Search Engine Marketing and is executed using the best relevant optimization practices.

Focus on it as much as possible for organic traffic. It is because you will not have to spend even a single penny on it. Getting a website positioned on the first page and among the toppers of SERPs helps gain businesses more traffic. 

But the thorns are where the roses are. This is something you need to remember. Meaning, that SEO gives you free organic traffic after you work hard for it. This happens through unique, lengthy, meaningful, and informational content production for readers. 

Therefore, make sure your content is in line with Google’s SEO guidelines, not to mention readers’ expectations, for it. All in all, a search engine is a free high converting traffic source like social media platforms for your business. 

Post On Reddit Regularly:

This could also be a useful medium by the same token. Millions of websites and blogs are leveraging the traffic generation potential of Reddit.

It appears as if you also want to leverage its potential. It sounds like a great decision. Provided,  your strategy is ready. Once your plan is in place, you are also ready to attract unlimited organic traffic to your website.

It is because Reddit is home to millions of users seeking meaningful information. Moreover, It is an automatic choice of users for genuine information. More importantly, the platform can help you develop a community for business growth. Many affiliate marketers also use it for business growth.

Post On Quora Regularly:

There is no doubt about the way Reddit increases the traffic to your website. In the like manner, Quora is an equally important high-converting traffic source for businesses.

Quora is one of the most important Q&A platforms in the world today. Millions of people ask questions on this platform every day. Tons of topics are posted in various Quora forums. 

Should you answer those questions? Is it good to write your long-form and short-form articles on the most searched concepts on Quora? Will commenting on Quora help?

Of course! Go ahead! Get your account ready and verified. Your website will gain traffic over time. You are advised to start posting answers, comments as well as articles on Quora. Additionally, the ranking of your website will improve on Quora. 

Direct Traffic Is Another Option: 

Undoubtedly, social media and Q&A platforms are like staple diets businesses need for growth. They are a great source of organic traffic without a doubt. Direct traffic is also second to none when it comes to absolutely genuine organic traffic that converts.

It is because users know the URL to your website. They do not have to search for it in the Google Search Engine Result Pages. More importantly, your target audience straightaway lands on your website despite its high or low ranking in Google SERPs.

In addition to this, the conversion rate of your website multiplies. The profit, customer base, and ROI of your business increase too. The credit goes to the quality of value visitors get from your website.

Short Video Apps: 

Tik and Mx TakaTak are two new platforms on this list. Both platforms are giving cutthroat competition to bigwigs like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The presence of social influencers and celebrities on both platforms speaks volumes about it.

Even youngsters are getting popular on these platforms. They are being approached by big brands for business marketing. Much of its credit goes to their huge fanbase. This fanbase matters for many businesses. You too can get in touch with one of them to get some traffic from their videos. What do you think?

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Use Social Bookmarking:

Have you ever given a thought to this option even for a minute? It is used for various purposes. However, it is seldom used for generating free traffic. Most businesses ignore it because they do not understand the way to leverage its potential.  

Secondly, it is not easy to find reputed social bookmarking websites to share content. In case you are ready to hire an eagle-eyed specialist, traffic generation through backlink building becomes a cakewalk.

It can help your business climb the growth and success ladder despite all sorts of troubles. For this reason, every time you think about getting some organic traffic without spending a dime, give social bookmarking a thought.

Final Thoughts:

All businesses need to look for a high converting traffic source for business for various reasons. More importantly, you will need a strategy to spend money on the best possible option. We want you to relax for a minute and prepare a list of your business goals and needs. Finally, you will be able to make the best possible choice for your business after that.


✅ Are these the only best options?

Not at all! Writing an eBook, Referral websites, email marketing, blog commenting and use of  SEO tools are also good options.

✅ Are these paid traffic sources paid?

Well, these are absolutely free. However, if you are willing to pay them, the choice is yours.

✅ Do these platforms have their policies about it?

Yes! All of these platforms have their own policies about it. You must read and understand these policies to perfection.  Reading their policies will help you leverage the potential of these digital sources of traffic generation free of cost.

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