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Food Blogging: Can You Make It A Profession?

Want to make money through food blogging? Check out the post to know about how do food bloggers make money with food blogging. Stay tuned!

Food blogging is something that is on a hype nowadays. Whether someone loves to capture food, eat food, or cook, everybody is a food blogger. But can it be a real profession? How do food bloggers make money? What are the different ways that food bloggers can use to monetize their blog and earn a regular income? Which income streams are available to food bloggers? These are the most common question that arises in everybody’s mind. Luckily, you are in the right place. Here, you will get to know everything about food blogging and how do food bloggers make money. So take out some time to read it thoroughly. Let’s start:

What is Food Blogging?

what is food blogging

The concept of food blogging involves the intersection of “foodie” or gourmet interests with those of blogging and photography. Most blogs use images taken by the author himself/herself, and some of them specialize in food photography.

There are various types of food blogging. It includes:

  • Recipes
  • Food/Restaurant Review
  • Food and Travel (Ethics and Culture)
  • Food Photography                           

As long as the blog is about food, it qualifies as a food blog. Food blogs tend to have some or all of these elements in common. Food blogs are personal journals, and there is no set way to write one. Therefore, this is what food blogging is all about. Now let’s answer the most common question- how do food bloggers make money? Let’s see:

How do Food Bloggers Make Money with Food Blogging?

If you are a budding food blogger, the following tips will surely help you make money from your food blog.

Social Media Collaborations

Collaborations with brands on social media generate the majority of revenue. It is possible to use their products to create content, which you can then share on my Instagram and your blog. Food bloggers earn a lot of money from social media promotions. Gradually, you can add content for tech brands (laptops, cameras, phones, etc) to your portfolio. While staying true to yourself, your work, and your readers, the possibilities are endless.

Here are a few tips on how to start a brand collaboration:

  • Your website should have an ‘advertise’ page.
  • On your website and social media pages, make sure your email/contact information is clearly visible.
  • Reach out to brands and propose ideas to them without fear. However, there is an appropriate way to approach them.
  • Be easy and enjoyable to work with. Give your brand partners maximum value by working hard.

Recipe Development for Food Blogging

Having a strong social media presence is a great way to get revenue from social media collaborations. However, if you are not able to do that, you can still work with brands by creating content for their website/social media channels. For example, you can design recipes and take photos for brands. This is their own content that they share on their website, so it should not be your responsibility to share it on your own channels. Generally, this type of brand association isn’t as fruitful as social media collaborations, but it’s always a good start.

Recipe Development for food blogging

Workshops- Personal, Corporate, and For Brands

Organizing workshops is a great way to generate income. Your blog has an audience that follows you and appreciates what you do, as well as a desire to learn from you. Furthermore, you can tie up with brands to conduct events in addition to self-organized workshops. In this case, you can collect a fee from the brand upfront. You can promote the workshop to your audience to boost attendance, audience, and brand awareness.

You can also do corporate workshops, where you conduct a session for the company’s employees. There are a lot of companies looking for people who are capable of coordinating fun events and activities for their employees. There might be a waiting period for corporate workshops, but you can always mention that in your services.

Food Styling and Photography Assignments

food photography

Food bloggers style and photograph their food for blogs. Shouldn’t restaurants and brands take advantage of these services? Numerous bloggers style and photograph products for food and beverage brands and restaurants. Since every single company and restaurant needs products and food styled and photographed for their websites and social media channels, this is an excellent source of revenue. Additionally, there are some food bloggers who have styled for TV commercials, TV series, and food books.

Place Advertisements on Your Blog

Among food bloggers, this method is very popular. By placing advertisements on your blog, many food bloggers earn a decent amount of money. You can monetize your blog once you have a substantial amount of traffic on it. In India, some food bloggers make 3-4 lakhs from their websites each month.

Write Books and E-Books

Writing and selling e-books and books can help you grow your food blogging brand and generate income. If you want to be a food blogger, you should write a book. You can start by making your own e-books and selling them on your website. Your e-books should offer some valuable content and recipes that your readers will appreciate. Additionally, you may want to sell your own merchandise.


However, starting a food blog does not require much effort. But starting a food blog that can help you make money requires effort. Therefore, following these food blogging tips will help you make money from your blog. Simply, all you need to do is try to be unique in your field, collaborate with brands, try to write a book, and advertise your blog.

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