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Google, Apple, Meta Amazon as well Microsoft Collaborate For Speech Accessibility Project

Google, Apple, Meta Amazon as well Microsoft Collaborate to develop a technology to help people with non-standard speech patterns.

Your voice recognition experience is about to change forever. Technology giants such as Google, Apple, Meta Amazon as well Microsoft have collaborated for it.

In other words, all these companies are working on a Speech Accessibility Project. 

What is Speech Accessibility Used For?

It is used for the purpose of accessing the following:

  • Websites
  • Speech translation
  • Voice assistants

The technology is used in order to access operating devices as well. 

However, it could be hard for its voice-activated devices and services to function.

It may happen if users’ speech patterns are affected because of the following:

  • First, Lou Gehrig’s disease.
  • Second, Parkinson’s disease.
  • Third, Down Syndrome.

The list of such issues does not end here only.

The Aim of the Speech Accessibility Project:

Millions of people are facing issues related to speech patterns. Listed below are the purposes of this collaboration:

  • Serving people with impaired speech is the most important purpose. 
  • The development of Advanced Speech Recognition Systems.
  • Reducing the impact of issues related to speech patterns on users’ daily life.
  • Making voice recognition work more effectively for people facing issues related to speech patterns.

Speech Accessibility Project will initially work with the English language only. It will soon expand to other languages also.


They are working together for bringing voice recognition technology to everyone’s fingertips.

The Problem SAP will solve:

Take a look at the statement below in order to understand the problem SAP will solve.


The Solution To Voice Recognition Technology:

The project will first collect many samples of voice patterns. These samples will be then used for the purpose of creating an anonymous dataset.

Every dataset created will then be used in order to create machine-learning models. Moreover, these machine-learning models will understand all underserved voice patterns.

Project Euphonia will play an important role in it.

A couple of Words About Project Euphonia;

Google introduced Euphonia in 2019 in order to adopt voice recognition. It was introduced for the purpose of understanding non-spoken English.  More importantly, it will be easy for all participants contribute their speech samples to the SAP.


Advanced Voice Recognition:

What is more important is to realize the way this new project can be another big milestone. Furthermore, this technology will help people serve with non-standard speech patterns.

For this reason, these companies are working like a team instead of working separately. Additionally, all of these companies are working in collaboration with the University of Illinois also. 

Wrapping Up!

Just wait for the right time. World-class help for people with non-standard speech recognition is coming soon.

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