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Google Has Integrated Perspectives Update In SERPs

The search giant has released and implemented this innovation in SERPs for users worldwide.

Google SERP Update Perspectives is now live. The search giant has released and implemented this innovation in SERPs for users worldwide.

Results to searched queries in Google SERPs are now significantly different today for this reason.


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What Is The Difference?

You can see that for yourself. Searchers usually saw the following in SERPs:

  1. Website URL first.
  2. Article or blog titles used to be the second thing. 
  3. Meta description usually appears below articles or blogs.
  4. The logo of websites or companies never appeared in SERPs.

New Look Of SERPs

But Google SERPs are different after the implementation of Google Perspectives in SERPs. Highlighted below is the new way you will see results to searched queries in Google SERPs:

  • Logos of companies or websites appear at the top of the results. 
  • Website URLs are now placed second in every result. 
  • All links to blogs or articles or their titles are still placed as usual. 
  • The placement of the meta description has still not changed.

Global search leader has finally tested and implemented these featured snippets variations. These are From The Web and Various Card Based Featured Snippets.

The Purpose

Their purpose is to step up the search game with an entirely innovative and better display of search results in SERPs.

What is more important is the way team Google has offered new user interfaces and experiences for featured snippet sections of the search results to users.

Try it once! Let us know your experience below in the comment box. Your thoughts will encourage us to serve you with the latest technology updates in the best possible way.

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