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How Poor Dental Care Results In Peridontitis And Erectile Dysfunction

Poor Oral or dental care is one of the leading causes of Periodontal disease and Erectile dysfunction among men today. Learn about them.

Health is Wealth! You must have heard this a thousand times from your family elders. Regular and effective dental care is the first healthcare lesson you learn in life.

Just take care of your teeth. Your teeth will then take care of your entire body’s health. This was one of the key reasons why our ancestors drank their life to the fullest.

We also need to make teeth care a hobby instead of a habit only. Practice regular dental care for this reason. Many problems will then stay away from you.

These diseases directly or indirectly result in Erectile Dysfunction. One of these diseases is Periodontal Disease.

What Is Peridontitis?

How Peridontitis is connected to ED? Seek an answer to this million-dollar question also.

It is an independent risk factor for Erectile Dysfunction. Moreover, people facing it are always at higher risk of developing Erectile Dysfunction.

Researchers like Bastien Lecaplain, Zahi Badran, Assem Soueidan, Tony Prud’homme, and Alexis Gaudin have confirmed it in their research report titled Periodontitis, erectile dysfunction, reproductive hormones, and semen quality: A systematic review.”

What Causes Periodontal Disease?

You must know this. Knowing the causes of Periodontitis can help you understand more causes of ED.

ED is an abbreviation for Erectile Dysfunction.

  • Swollen or puffy gums are the first reason for it. 
  • Sensitive gums are the second reason for it. 
  • Bad breath is the third cause of it. 
  • Loose teeth are another reason for it. 
  • The loss of teeth is another symptom. 
  • Receding gums. 
  • Bleeding in gums. 
  • The development of spaces between teeth is another symptom. 
  • How can you ignore pain while chewing your food? 
  • Never ignore gums at look bright red, dusky red, or even purplish.

There are some more causes of Periodontitis. A visit to a reputed dental clinic near me regularly is advised for this reason.

Ignoring Periodontitis can be a risky thing for men. It spoils your relationship with your life partner in all walks of life.

Therefore, make healthy oral/dental care your hobby instead of a habit only. But you first need to know the list of poor oral or dental healthcare habits to avoid.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction:

Bad oral/dental care habits are responsible for erectile dysfunction among men.  Listed below is their list for you:

  • Smoking weed or other tobacco products like cigarettes.
  • Consumption of overly sugary, carbonated, and alcoholic beverages.
  • Diabetes as well as side-effects of medication. 
  • Physically inactive lifestyle. 
  • Obesity in addition to high cholesterol. 
  • Heart problems in addition to high blood pressure. 
  • STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) as well as low levels of testosterone.  
  • Performance anxiety. 
  • Prostate-related diseases.
  • Psychological issues. 
  • Wrong brushing technique that results in dental issues.

Many men are facing this problem these days. Their count is reaching the next level every day. They are facing it because of the reasons listed above in addition to periodontitis disease. 

How Does ED Develop In Your Body?

Their count is multiplying mainly because they don’t know the correct brushing technique. Incorrect brushing technique damages teeth as well as gums. 

Some men don’t even brush their teeth every day. 

Unlimited harmful bacteria develop inside your mouth. Such harmful bacteria party inside your mouth. It just enters your blood streams in order to affect the performance and functionality of your penile organs as well as your heart.

How To Avoid Or Get Rid of ED For A Healthy Life?

Just change your oral/dental care practices. You will be able to avoid plaque, tartar, and more type of debris that clogs your vital veins. 

As a result, you will be able to avoid Erectile Dysfunction for lead a happy life with your life partner.

See an expert for this purpose regularly.  Finding one is really easy. Just type The Best Dental Clinic Near Me and you will get lots of suggestions on Google.

What are you waiting for? Talk to an expert nearby your location. Do not worry because it is fully curable. Some precautions and changes in lifestyle will do the magic for you.

Keep coming back here regularly in order to read such interesting topics.

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✅ How Many Men In The World Are Currently Facing Erectile Dysfunction?

The Urology Care Foundation has recently reported this problem among more than 30 million Americans. You can now imagine the global numbers.

✅ What Is The Right Brushing Technique?

Always brush for 120 seconds. Brush twice a day at least. Brush in the morning before your breakfast and after dinner in the evening. Don’t wrestle with your teeth. Be gentle. Try to brush the front, top, and back of your teeth. Remember to clean your gums as well as your tongues. Use an only expert-suggested brush.

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