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Know Why VPS Will Be The Future And GPS Will Soon Become History

Know the way VPS technology can replace GPS technology.

GPS (Global Positioning System) will be a chapter of history. Google has thrown light on it in detail during Google I/O 2022. Most of us can consider it as confirmed.

The search giant wants to take navigation to the next level. Users will experience an innovative and advanced level of navigation like never before.

Learn about it now as you are about to experience its capability soon. Read about it further for this reason.

What Exactly Is VPS?

Google is working on its development as well as its introduction. VPS stands for (Visual Positioning System). Such an incredible innovative advancement will allow Google to use your smartphone’s camera.

As a result, Google will be able to capture and converse with your surroundings and directions in front of your eyes.

This new advancement in Google Maps will be able to identify and analyse your surroundings more accurately.

How Does It Work?

The only access to your smartphone’s camera is not enough for it to work. In other words, it will work accurately with the help of the following:

  • Intermodal Visual positioning system-VPS
  • Mapped locations.
  • Extensive back-end data to analyse your surroundings. 
  • Access to your smartphone’s camera.
  • New onboard sensors in order to improve tracking with sensing fusion -GPS(1).

Identification of your location will be possible with the help of Google Maps as well as position-tracking sensors.

But mapping will be possible with Map updates or sharing of maps. Even manual or computerised map overlay with or without a floor plan can also contribute to the accuracy of mapping.

Some Specialties This New Technology

This is another key thing you must know about it. Mentioned below will be some of its specialties:

  • First, Indoor Visual Positioning System.
  • Second, VPS App.
  • Third, Google Maps Visual Positioning System.
  • Localization.
  • Global Localisation.
  • Value (Benefits) for businesses.
  • Local marketing becomes more rewarding from the business perspective.

Benefits For Businesses

Some awesome benefits of this technology for your business are as mentioned below:

  • Ease of use is the first benefit. 
  • More accuracy as compared to the GPS (Global Positioning System) is another benefit for your business. 
  • VPS API for the purpose of determining accurate location. 
  • Hassle-free creation of large-scale 3D maps for ordinary video and images using Vision engine. 
  • Smart cameras can query the vision engine through its relevant services. 
  • Access to Augmented world. 
  • Augmented Robotics, and Augmented Marketing in addition to the Augmented Navigation of customers’ locations.

Your startup may reach the next level on the business front with it. Therefore, train yourself to leverage the potential of VPS technology the right way for your business.


✅ What Will Be VPS Future Trends?

The list includes but is not limited to imagery-based unit positioning, map generation using an image set, an easy-to-search database of visual features, picture comparison in the phone to the VPS index for finding a device, street view index data in 93 countries, and machine learning only.

✅ Is There Any Challenge Related To This Technology innovation?

There is no dearth of challenges related to this technological innovation. Its developers are currently working on solving some of those issues.

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