New 5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your New Camera

Switch off The On-Camera Flash, shoot raw, print images of large size, and some more amazing things with your new DSLR camera.

We all live in two different worlds. The first is the real world. The digital world is the second world we exist in.

Thanks to the cameras we carry with us to capture our bitter-sweet moments.

You will learn 5 Ways to make the most of your new camera to keep your memories alive like never before.

Keeping memories alive for years can still be a challenge for you. It is because you do not know what to do about it. Your outdated camera tricks can also be a reason.

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Yup! You are reading absolutely right! Camera tricks also change over time. The credit goes to the following:

  • First, advancement and innovation of technology used to manufacture your camera.
  • Second, the quality of software uploaded to your camera. 
  • Third, the technology of software uploaded to your camera.

This is definitely important for the following to know::

  • Travellers
  • Vloggers
  • Professional photographers/videographers.

But what is more important is what you will learn in this post.

You must have read many blogs telling you to do the following to get the maximum out of your new camera:

  • Go through the manual. 
  • Understand the composition of the camera.
  • Improve your knowledge about the exposure triangle. 
  • Educate yourself about light. 
  • Experiment with new photography and video ideas. 
  • Get used to travelling with it. 
  • Buy an affordable Prime Lens.
  • Go ahead with shooting in raw format. 
  • Edit your photos and videos.

New 5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your New Camera

We are not going to tell you about anything listed above. It is because you have already read all these things.

Instead, you are going to learn something you may not be familiar with. Read the post till the end for this reason.

Switch off The On-Camera Flash

You must give it a shot for a number of reasons. 

  • On-camera flash is usually unflattering. 
  • On-camera flash tends to be very unflattering.
  • Hard flashlights on the face are another reason. 
  • Third, ambiance can be ruined completely. 
  •  Moreover, the quality of cameras coming to the market is improving constantly. 
  • Modern cameras are equipped with advanced technology to shoot in low-light situations. 
  • You will get amazing results in all conditions, especially while shooting without a flash and increased ISO.

Shoot Raw

People nowadays want to see reality instead of the editing magic. In other words, people love raw things. This is one of the best new things you can try with your new DSLR camera to capture amazing photos and videos. 

It is because your camera has the capability to capture everything. Furthermore, processing of raw files in your computer becomes easy for better results.

What is more important is the leeway you get to correct your flaws. What does it mean? You can correct mistakes even after you have clicked the image using dedicated computer software.

Print Images of Large Size

Even a low-quality DSLR camera is capable of printing images of size. You still get high-quality experiences and results. All in all, the quality of a large image printed will be exceptional beyond your imagination. You can do a number of things as a result. For example:

  • First, you can gift it to someone.
  • Second, you hang it on some wall of your home-sweet-home. 
  • It can even be used for custom printing a book.

The list of ways to bring them into the world does not end here only.

you can make some as presents, hang them up in your home, get a book custom printed. There are lots of ways to bring them into the real world.

Do Not Overclean

Limited cleaning is another awesome thing you can do with your new DSLR camera for high-quality videos and photos.

You should be more worried about scratches on your camera instead of the dirt. It is because a scratch can affect the quality of your video or photo. But dirt does not affect the final output at all.

However, it does not clean your camera or its lens. Instead, learn to clean it the right way.

Flash-On Outside And Flash-Off Inside

Why don’t you experiment? Flash-on lights were introduced for the purpose of improving the quality of videos or photos being shot inside.

Why don’t you turn the flash lights on outside and off inside? The quality of results will mesmerise you.

Do you want to capture your bitter-sweet memories in a whole new way? Do you want to try something new with your new DSLR camera? What about trying these 5 tricks for amazing photos or videos? Try once and you will love the experience. Let us know your thoughts.

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