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The Success Story Of Like-minded Entrepreneurs – Anek Bedi

What does it take to turn a startup into success? Motivation, focus, passion. Read the inspiring story of Anek Bedi to make your business happen.
The world is full of aspiring entrepreneurs; They are the people who know what it takes to launch a startup and turn it into a profitable business.

Well! Getting started from NOTHING isn’t that easy when it’s all about entrepreneurship. Considering the metric – every year over 90% of startups fail and get out of the race to become successful entrepreneurs. But nothing can stop you from becoming a winner if you have the right inspiration, focus, and skills. The example of a successful entrepreneur named Anek Bedi is enough to clear this statement. You can see there are many ordinary people worldwide who are now successful entrepreneurs and making big profits..

This week, we had the opportunity to speak with Anek Bedi, a young and successful entrepreneur ruling the IT Mohali. We had a quality time with him and were fortunate enough to have words. We discussed with him his beginnings, how the company developed, their experiences, and of course – what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. I hope this post brings another level of motivation to those who are also on the route to reaching entrepreneur goals.


Introducing Anek Bedi

Anek Bedi is a young, inspiring, and successful entrepreneur who started from nothing and took his company Virtual Oplossing to its highest peak in very less time. His company is leading in Mohali, Punjab with its best IT, Healthcare, and Logistics solutions. He started his startup at a very young age and now he earned an identity that inspires many young generations.

What inspires him a lot is his dedication to work that took him towards height at such a young age. I think he’d inspire younger generations today. While talking to him, I got to know a lot about him, his interests, his experiences, and his growth mindset. His approach to life is absolutely inspirational.


From Just Little To Big – The Story Behind The VIRTUAL OPLOSSING

Since its inception in 2014, Virtual Oplossing founded by Anek Bedi is just a team of a few members and now they are big in number i.e. over 200+. They together worked hard and successfully served 3000+ clients from wide industry verticals with the most exceptional IT solutions.

As per Anek Bedi’s mindset, risks are inherent to entrepreneurship. An entrepreneurial spirit and a willingness to take calculated risks are essential for growing your business successfully. In contrast, growth-minded entrepreneurs know that risks are inevitable in business, but they also know how to overcome them using best of their ability.


What Sparked The Idea & How Has It Evolved So Far?

Anek Bedi felt free to discuss his interest, experience, and mindset with us. He said his company originated with an idea to help startups, mid-sized, and enterprise-level businesses looking for incredible transformation and massive growth in the online space.

Not just this, he has also executed a separate platform for healthcare and logistics businesses. One is VO Healthcare & another one is VO Logistics. He has a hold of top-notch logistics services like brokerage, tracking & dispatching, billing & accounting, and financial dispute management.

With the specific healthcare business needs in mind, he also introduced Healthcare services like medical billing & coding, RCM services, DME/HME billing services, physician billing, and hospital billing.

The motive is to end the billing complexities of the healthcare businesses and streamline the operations of Logistics businesses. In a very less time, Anek Bedi has got good recognition with its stronghold in IT, healthcare, logistics, and B2B Lead generation services globally.


What Motivated Him To Reach Where He Is Today?

In short, Growth, a Positive attitude, and Freedom are a few things that motivated Anek Bedi to reach his goals. He told us that he is good at self-motivation which played an important part in his success. He has enough passion and determination to succeed in the business world. During his whole journey, He was never afraid of facing failures and took risks confidentially to reach his goals, which is important for an entrepreneur.

One Advice To Aspiring Entrepreneurs ~ Anek Bedi

Just Kick-start & Don’t Waste Another Minute!

The most important piece of advice Anek Bedi gave to aspiring entrepreneurs is to stay committed to goals, keep going, beat challenges, and don’t look back. He said the only way to know what works for business is to experiment. Focus more on providing value and less on making money. I am sure his advice will surely inspire many beginners to establish entrepreneurs.


Final Note!

Being a successful entrepreneur is the best feeling in the world. However, it lasts only if there is enough motivation, focus, and passion to succeed. We hope that from reading about Anek Bedi’s successful journey, many growing entrepreneurs feel inspired to continue working towards their goals. It’s refreshing to read success stories like his, especially during these uncertain times.

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