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The Top Style to Carry Your Dapper Look with Brown Blazer Combination

Do let us know which style you liked and want to try out. Is there any favorite combination you have tried with your brown blazer?

Everyone wants to look their best. No matter the situation someone is walking into, the first thing observed is appearance. And as the saying goes, “ First impression is the last impression”.

When it comes to fashion, nowadays, men are not far behind. With multiple options, getting the dapper look is easy. Everything is an experiment in fashion. It all depends on how you carry yourself. With multiple fashion options available for men in 2022, fashion in 2023 is something to look forward to.

Blazers are the most commonly available item in men’s wardrobes. This is a versatile option and is suitable for any occasion or season. A brown blazer is a style statement. This article describes ways to get a dapper look with brown blazer combination.

Instead of just listing out the endless options, let us just take a look at the top 5 best style options using the brown blazer.

Brown Blazer with Blue Pants


This works as a great combination when you pair your brown blazer with pants. A simple pattern of blue pants will never let you down. Solid colors look best, however, experimenting with simple patterns is also possible. The choice of fabric may depend on the seasons and occasions.

Brown Blazer With Brown Pants


If you are not in the mood to take risks, you could just match the blazer with the pant. No doubt this looks trendy. This makes you stand out as a brave heart. When the world is running for contrast combinations, matching color choices is a bold decision. You will not regret this decision, once you start getting a few compliments.

Brown Blazer with Blue Jeans


Blue denim is timeless. Blue jeans work perfectly well with brown shirts. Experiment this look with a brown blazer. The looks are outstanding. Denim works well for all seasons. Team up with a light color shirt and a brown blazer to get the perfect dapper look for any occasion.

Brown Blazer with Black Jeans


Black jeans never go out of fashion. They are one of the best to pair up with any blazers. Complete the brown blazer look with black denim. No doubt this combination would make you look out in a crowd. You will have heads turning over to see this combination. 



If deciding between pants or jeans looks complicated, how about a turtleneck to increase your confidence? Perfect for the fall as well as the winter session, the turtleneck ups your statement. This works equally well with both jeans as well as pants. Carry this statement to any occasion and stand out from the crowd.

Jeans or pants depend mostly on the occasion. Choose this wisely before going for the colour option. After all, you do not want to show up in a fabric that does not match the scenario.

The above options are just to get you started with a brown blazer. There are numerous options to show off your brown blazer. So as 2023 dawns on you, start looking dapper with a brown blazer combination.

Do let us know which style you liked and want to try out. Is there any favorite combination you have tried with your brown blazer?


✅ Is the term ‘dapper’ used only for men?

Yes, the term is typically used for men. This means to look trim and neat in appearance.

✅ What is the main difference between a coat and a blazer?

Coats have specific suit shoulders whereas blazers have natural shoulders and casual cuts. Coats have to be matched with their specific matching trouser, whereas blazers have no such requirement.

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