Top 4 Indian Wrestlers in WWE

Top 4 Indian wrestlers that have carried India’s flag in WWE with pride. Know about Mahabali Shera, Veer Mahan, Sanga, And Shanky Singh.

Indians’ penchant for professional wrestling dates back to the tenure of legends like The Great Gama Singh and Dara Singh. Professional wrestling is the only popular sport in India after cricket. But the list of famous Indian wrestlers in WWE was not reaching the next level.

Millions of Indians of all age groups have been following the sport for decades. Indian sports lovers’ passion for professional wrestling reached the next level during the 90s era. It was when Western professional wrestlers were a household name in India.

People loved in-ring action of legends like HHH, Shawn Micheals, The Undertaker, Kane, The Big Show, Brock Lesnar, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, John Cena, Rikishi Fatu, Rey Mysterio, Hardy Boyz, Chyna, Trish Stratus, and Lita.

Their intensity of wrestling moves and art storytelling have inspired many Indian youngsters to be professional wrestlers. Therefore, India also has a league of professional wrestling legends. Much of its credit goes to the quality of success The Great Khali (Dilip Singh Rana) achieved during his WWE career.

Many more Indian youngsters have held India’s flag in WWE today. 

New Indian Wrestlers In WWE Who Have Carried India’s Flag With Pride

Many Indian youngsters are making their career in professional wrestling. Most of them are making the country proud with their success in WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), the most prominent sports entertainment and wrestling company worldwide. You will know about them today.

Rinku SIngh Rajput (Veer Mahan)

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He is currently signed to WWE and fights under the ring name of Veer Mahaan. Born on 8th August 1988 (age 33 years), Rinku Singh Rajput belongs to Gopiganj, Uttar Pradesh, India. He is among the most feared superstars on the entire WWE roster today. He won the Million-Dollar Arm competition to earn his spot among potential WWE trainees to hit the Performance Centre in Orlando.

His wrestling style is exceptionally ferocious. Jumping Body Blocks, Side Slams, Jumping Elbow Drops, Hip Drops, Chop drops to the throat, and Repeated Body Avalanches are some of his ferocious and signature wrestling moves. He uses the deadly combo of Million Dollar Arm (Closeline) and Cervical Clutch as his finisher.

This new Indian WWE sensation has recently challenged Roman Reigns, the current WWE Undisputed & Unified World Heavyweight Champion, and Brock Lesnar, The Former World Heavyweight Champion.

He was one half of Indus Sher, Former NXT Tag Team Champions. He has defeated many WWE legends like Rey Mysterio (Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion), Robert Roode, Mustafa Ali, and R Truth. This is how he can join the league of famous Indian wrestlers in WWE, and things look bright for him.

WWE has been pushing him for significant things in the future for a long time. Much of its credit goes to the quality of his performance and in-ring aggression.

Sourav Gurjar (Sanga, WWE NXT Brand)

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He is the other half of Indus Sher. Indus Shers are The Former NXT Tag Team Champions. This means he was the tag team partner of Rinku Singh Rajput (Veer Mahaan). Indus Sher was one of the most ferocious tag teams in the NXT tag division. 

The 7-footer giant weighs around 300 pounds. The former kickboxer and TV Star signed with the WWE back in 2018. 

He has everything to join the league of famous Indian wrestlers in WWE. He and Adam Scherr (Braun Strowman, the former WWE Universal Champion) have many similarities. For example:

  • He stands more than 7 feet tall. 
  • Imposing physical stature. 
  • Ferocious strength. 
  • Intimidating looks.
  • Dominating wrestling style. 
  • He can move inside the ring super fast for a man his size.

He is likely to be called up for the WWE main roster soon. He is playing an essential role in an upcoming Bollywood movie named Brahmastra.

Gurvinder Singh Malhotra (Shanky Singh)

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Born on 19 June 1991, 31 years old, he is a former Bollywood actor and CWE (Continental Wrestling Entertainment) World Heavyweight Champion.

Continental Wrestling Entertainment (CWE) is the professional wrestling academy IN Jalandhar, Punjab.  

Mr. Dilip SIngh Rana, The Great Khali, Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, owns India’s first-ever professional wrestling academy.

Gurvinder is currently signed to WWE under the ring name Shanky Singh. He is also known as Dilsher Shanky

He plays second fiddle to Jinder Mahal, Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Destructive moves like Chokeslam, Big Boot, Chop, Powerslam, Elbow Drop, and Elbow to the side of the head are essential parts of his arsenal.

Amandeep Singh Randhawa (Mahabali Shera)

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Who does not know Mahabali Shera? The former WWE superstar won laurels for the country in Impact Wrestling. Impact Wrestling, formerly known as TNA (Total Nonstop Action), is one of the biggest rivals of WWE. 

Born on 17 October 1990 in Firozpur, Punjab,  this 31-year-old weighs around 110 kilograms. This imposing 6.1-inch tall giant announced his arrival throughout the professional wrestling circuit by winning the inaugural RKK (Ring Ka King) World Heavyweight Championship against James Storm, the leader of Revolution Stable.

He then won the inaugural Sony SIX Invitational Trophy, OVW National Heavyweight Championship, PWASD Heavyweight Championship, Slam Wrestling Heavyweight Championship, and Global Impact Tournament (2015).  All in all, Mahabali Shera has won multiple titles in Impact Wrestling.

He has defeated many ferocious wrestlers like James Storm, Jessie Godderz, Kong, KM, Sienna, Laurel Van Ness,  Caleb Konley, Van Ness TJ Perkins, and more.

Shera is famous for his fantastic entrance music and dance moves as well. Hardcore wrestling fans love his dance moves and wrestling style. Not many opponents have been able to kick out of it.

Double axe handle. Fireman’s carry takeover. Lariat. Powerslam, Thrust spinebuster, and Sitout spinebuster are essential moves in his arsenal. He uses Sitout spinebuster as his finisher.

He is no longer a part of WWE. However, he is the most decorated Indian Professional Wrestling Superstar after legends like The Great Gama, Dara Singh, and The Great Khali.

These young men are still carrying the nation of India in WWE with immense pride. They are doing their best to keep it high with their personality, character, and victories against their opponents in WWE. 

How has WWE benefited from Indian Wrestlers?

WWE has got many different benefits because of Indian wrestlers. The first and biggest benefit of this has been the increase in their viewership. Wrestling fans know well that professional wrestling has been followed in India since our forefathers.

By doing so, their second major benefit is promoting Indian culture. Lakhs of youngsters in India are going to learn professional wrestling. Which is a big deal for WWE.

Let us know if you want more about these next-generation WWE Indian superstars.


✅ Has any Indian Female Ever Joined WWE?

Kavita Dala, The Former Asian Games Kabaddi Gold Medalist, became the first Indian female to join the WWE. Kavita Devi first appeared on WWE TV to represent the female division of the WWE NXT brand. She was a student of The Great Khali and Sara Del Rey. This 35-year-old former WWE superstar is now an essential member of AAP (Aam Aadmi Party).

✅ Where is Mahabali Shera These Days?

Mahabali Shera is currently signed to Impact Wrestling. He is resting to recover from his severe injury during a match.

✅ Is There Any Indian Professional Wrestler in Other Companies like Impact Wrestling, AEW, and NJPW?

Yes is the answer. Nowadays, many Indians are on the professional wrestling circuit. The list includes but is not limited to Jinder Mahal, Jeet Rama, Giant Zanjeer, Akam, Satnam Singh, Rohit Raju, Guru Raj, The Singh Brothers (Sunil And Sameer), and Kishan Raftaar only.

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