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3 Reasons NFTs Will Be A Craze Among Creators After 2025

Creators have enjoyed financial benefits in 2022 because of NFTs.

The future of NFTs seems to be exciting after 2025. The concept has crossed most growth barriers successfully. Most of the credit for NFTs’ popularity as well as growth goes to creators.

NFTs are becoming a solid pillar of the creators’ economy these days. Creators have enjoyed financial benefits in 2022 because of NFTs. For instances:

Maximization of Returns

Everyone in the creators’ economy loves it for this reason. Do you know what is more important? You can earn with NFTs in several ways. Take a look below:

  • You can rent or trade your NFT in order to earn returns. 
  • Royalties are another way to maximize returns through NFT. 
  • Gaming is one more reason.  
  • Non-Fungible Token powered yield farming is another reason.

All in all, creators or NFT owners get benefitted in multiple ways. This has happened throughout the year 2022.

Consistent Performance of NFT ETFs

Many NFT ETFs have given consistent returns to enthusiasts in 2022. These NFT ETFs can be brought, traded, and sold for profit on the exchange.

A massive number of NFT ETFs have been bought, sold, or traded digitally this year. Their count is likely to reach the next level or multiply in the future.

It is a good sign for NFT enthusiasts in other words.

Such stocks have proven to be good from an investment perspective in 2022. Their list includes but is not limited to the following only:

  • So-Fi Web 3 ETF is the first on this list. 
  • Second, Defiance Digital Revolution ETF.
  • Third, Principal MIllenials Index ETF. 
  • First Trust Small Cap Growth AlohaDEX Fund is also on this list.

Initiatives of Instagram, META, And Other Social Media Platforms

You have read right! Instagram as well as META have come out in open about their interest in NFTs.

All digital art makers will now be able to mint and sell their digital collectibles (NFTs) through Instagram. META, formerly known as FACEBOOK, has also decided to let you share your NFTs on your profile with friends.

Connecting your digital wallet will be mandatory for you. Therefore, make sure you connect your digital wallet before proceeding to the monetization phase.

Both platforms have taken this decision after Twitter introduced some NFT functionalities.

How can you forget Reddit’s NFT marketplace? Reddit NFT Marketplace already has a massive user base and is climbing the growth ladder.

To put it differently, creators are now likely to get some more ways to earn money.

What have you decided then? Have you also decided to join the NFT movement? Go ahead then and make some money for yourself. It is because the future of NFT seems to be exciting after 2025.

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