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Top 5 Indian Rice Brands For Special Occasions – A Buying Guide

Eat more rice than wheat! Eating one of the 5 best rice in India could benefit your health significantly.

Eat more rice than wheat! Eating one of the 5 best rice in India could benefit your health significantly. Almost every rice type found in our country is loaded with a unique wealth of health benefits.

Rice is usually prebiotic, versatile, and easily digestible. This natural superfood stabilizes blood sugar. Its production is beneficial for the soil.

All dieticians and health experts loaded with a wealth of experience suggest its consumption. In other words, you must eat rice in order to improve the quality of your hair and skin.

Such an incredible feat could be feasible only when you know the following:

  • First, the types of rice grown in India. 
  • Second, the most favored Indian rice brands.

Rice Crops Grown In India:

Indian farmers grow more than 50 different types of rice. But we are going to talk to only a couple of them. In other words, we are just going to tell you their names. For instance:

  • Brown rice, Basmati rice, and Wild rice. 
  • Black rice, Red rice as well as Sona Masuri rice. 
  • Ponni Rice, Jasmine rice in addition to the Sona Masuri rice. 
  • Sreeraga Samba rice, White rice, and Bomba rice. 
  • Glutnious, Rosematta rice as well as Valencia rice. 
  • Arboria rice, Mogra rice in addition to Indrayani rice.

Again, Indian farmers grow more than 50 types of rice.

Rice Brands Indians Love The Most:

Are you a big foodie? Are you planning a visit to India soon? Do not forget to eat traditional Indian rice cuisine then.

Which rice brand you should trust the most in India? Is this million dollar-question spinning your head? Do not worry! We have got your back.

Top 5 Indian Rice Brands:

Finding the best brand of rice in India is a huge challenge. Tourists usually find it hard to crack this nut while exploring this part of the world.

Therefore, we have decided to list all of them here for you. Take a look at the list below:

India Gate – The Leader of Best Rice Brands In India:

All Indians love India Gate Basmati rice from the depth of their heart. The largest rice miller in the world sells the following rice packets:

  • Basmati Rice Dubar.
  • Tibar Aged Basmati Rice.
  • Brown Basmati Rice.

Try one of these India Gate rice products and you will love the experience. Everyone in your family will remember its distinctive aroma as well as fine texture for the rest of their life.

Daawat – Rice Brand For Every Party:

A treat for veggies! Got a party at home? People in India trust Daawat for this reason. Go ahead with the following Daawat Rice products:

  • Rozana Mini Mogra Rice (10 KG Pack).
  • Super Basmati Rice (10 KG Pack).
  • Daawat Rozana Brown Basmati Rice (5 KG Pack).

Why Do Indians Love Daawat?

Daawat falls in the category of the best rice in India because of the following reasons:

  • An unforgettable delicious taste in addition to an aromatic feeling. 
  • Basmati’s authenticity in it is another reason. 
  • Nourishment from snow-fed rivers of the great Himalayan region. 
  • Eaters’ immunity, digestive system, heart as well as veins are benefitted.

Hotels or restaurants in India also prefer Dawat rice for the purpose of satisfying their customers’ hunger pangs.

Indians love Dawat rice products for many more reasons.

Fortune – The Best Option For Biryani:

Fortune is another household rice brand in India. They can be considered one of the competitors of Dawat rice. Things mentioned below put them in such a position:

  • Packaging quality.
  • Quantity of packaging (5KG)
  • Health nutrients in their rice products.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • How can you forget the quality of taste, aroma, and texture?

 Listed below is their range of rice products in India:

  • Special Biryani Basmati Rice.
  • Everyday Basmati Rice.
  • Super Basmati Rice.

Which one do you want? Make your choice in order to enjoy your food party!

Kohinoor Rice- Rice For Royal Taste:

Kohinoor rice is another variety you are served at hotels, restaurants, parties, or banquets. Their product catalog varies from 500 grams to 5KG packages. For instance:

  • Flavourful Kohinoor Charminar Everyday Rice (5KG Pack).
  • Aromatic Kohinoor Charminar Rice (5KG Pack).
  • Superhealthy Kohinoor Charminar Long Grain Rice (5KG Pack).

Just buy one of these Kohinoor rice products to enjoy delicacies like Kheer, Pulao, Khichdi, biryani, risotto, and more.

24 Mantra Organic – The Best Option For Health:

Millions of Indians nowadays love 14 Mantra Organic rice products these days. It is because modern Indians nowadays are switching back to their organic dietary traditions. 24 Mantra Organic is helping them in this process with its rice products. Such as:

  • Sonamasuri Semi Brown Rice Hand Pounded (5KG Pack).
  • Organic Idli/Idli Rice (1KG Pack).
  • Organic Red Rice (1 KG Pack).

Their list does not end here only. Just visit their website or offline shops in order to know more about it. You will be amazed!

These are some brands selling the best 5 rice in India these days. Some of these brands have been around for hundreds of years. Which one is going to be your choice during your trip to India? Let us know your thoughts or experiences below in the comment box.


✅ Is there any other popular rice brand in India?

Yes! India is home to many more famous rice brands. Vedaka Rice and Shri Lal Mahal Rice are perfect examples of it.

✅ Which rice products of Vedaka Rice are famous in India?

Vedaka is an amazon based Indian rice brand with a diverse product catalog. Vedaka Ponni Rice, Boiled (1KG Pack), Vedaka Super Basmati Rice (5 KG Pack), and Vedaka Brown Rice (5 KG Product) are the marquee products.

✅ Which rice products of Shri Lal Mahal Rice are famous in India?

Shri Lal Mahal is famous for Diamond Basmati Rice (5KG Pack), Basmati Rice, Old Dubar 527 Special No.1 (5KG Pack), BAsmati RIce, Mogra 4, Broken Basmati Rice (10KG Pack), and Fitness Brown Basmati Rice (Weight Loss Special 1KG Jar Pack).

✅ How Many Types of Rice Are Grown in India?

India has 6,000 rice varieties grown, from 110,000 in 1970 to 6,000 today.

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