Unique Futuristic Tech Gadgets For Your Future Generations Unique Futuristic Tech Gadgets For Your Future Generations

5 Unique Futuristic Tech Gadgets For Your Future Generations

Harmony Button Projector Mini, Kivi Pet Camera, The Ciao Piggy Bank, and ASP Helmets For Shared Scooters are Futuristic Tech Gadgets.

Technology has become an important part of our life. Gadgets are making things easier for us in all walks of life.

You must read this post to know about the futuristic tech gadgets likely to change everything.

Your grandchildren will use these gadgets as a part of their life. It will be just like you are using smartphones and smartwatches and more.

They will love these gadgets because of their mesmerizing design and unique features.

Highlighted and explained below is the list of such gadgets for you:

Button Projector Mini:

Travelers’ army worldwide is climbing the growth ladder like never before. Most travelers post their journeys online for the purpose of earning money. The credit goes to the quality of gadgets they use for this purpose.

Button Projector Mini is also one of those futuristic tech gadgets for you. Eli Lan advises you to buy it for a number of reasons. For instance:

  • All angles display a sense of quality sense in your videos. 
  • First, it allows you to enjoy your favorite travel memories, movies, and music with everyone. 
  • Second, the projector is lightweight and portable.
  • Third, its sound quality is exceptional. 
  • Mood board is also one of its amazing features for you. 
  • 4K HDR display as well as Bluetooth connection.
  • Furthermore, 300 Lumen and 100-degree display also make it amazing. 
  • Button Projector Mini can be fixed and carried anywhere. 
  • It rolls 360 degrees and fits even in a small packet.

Have you also joined the travelers’ army? Do you want to record your travel experiences and memories for the purpose of making money? Why exceed their expectations then?

Kivi Pet Camera:

 How about relaxing in a new way after a long day at work? What is your thought on innovating your evening life at home? Many jobbers worldwide are taking steps in this direction.

Most jobbers are nowadays spending time with their pets after returning home from the office. Many are even doing it full-time. We suggest you try this new way of enjoyment.

Just follow the steps given below:

  • Just record the everyday activities of your pet.
  • Do some editing.
  • Post the video online.

It will be a great gadget for you for the following reasons:

  • First, Eli Lan has designed this pet action camera for you. 
  • Secondly, pugging this GoPro-inspired camera on your dogs will be an easy task for you. 
  • The camera helps you understand life from your pet’s perspective. 
  • Animal lovers like you will get a built-in flashlight in this collar-compatible pet action pet camera.
  • Even documentation of your four-legged friend’s activities and movements is also easy with it. 
  • Long battery life and a stabilization system are also key features of it. 

The list of its features does not end here only. You will get to know its capability only once you get it for your pet. 

The Ciao Piggy Bank:

Digital banking is no longer a new concept. However, Ciao Piggy Bank has added value to it with a twist. In other words, actual money is not required to make use of it. Instead, you will need an SD card.

How Does It Work?

Just follow the steps given below:

  • Insert your SD Card first. 
  • Now you must press the Ciao as well as the content of the card.
  • All content is transferred to the Ciao Piggy Bank once the card is inserted.
  • The card is employed even without turning the computer system on.
  • 60GB, 120GB, and even 500GB variants are available for you.

60Gb version is a basic variant for everyone. Users do not have to switch their computer system on in order to use it. 

120 GB version is a standard model. For this reason, it is not a high-end model. Plastic and products of the highest quality possible in order to enhance its colors and curves of it.

A hand flap is enough for facilitating the opening of the box it is wrapped in.

500 GB version is available with numerous specialties. The list includes but is not limited to premium packaging, curves, geometrical shapes, high-quality minimalism,  and polished as well as rough surfaces. 

Who Is It For?

Riccardo Cambo deserves credit for developing such a futuristic tech gadget for the following:

  • Mac users searching for clean and tidy users.
  • Those are constantly in search of high-quality products only. 
  • Wireless product lovers also fall into this category. 
  • Users that love updated products. 
  • People who have a computer or laptop with a small HD or SD slot. 
  • People who frequently use cameras for work as well as passion.

Who are you? Think about it!

ASP Helmets For Shared Scooters:

Go for it if you are looking for another futuristic gadget. It is a concept designed for the purpose of key issues related to the shared motorcycle. These are issues related to hygiene as well as the cleanliness of shared motorcycle helmets.

What is more important is the way Yu-An-Chen’s ASP helmets solve the issue. A more comfortable mobility experience is created with it for users. Much of the credit goes to the change of lining materials of shared scooter helmets.

How can you forget about the value ventilation of the helmet body offers? As a result, heat does not accumulate inside it. ASP helmets for shared scooters fall in the category of the best futuristic tech gadgets for many more reasons. For example:

  • Soft as well as waterproof TPU material. 
  • TPU fabric reduces the absorption of moisture. 
  • Air circulation improves to reduce sweat discharge people usually face because of head stuffiness. 
  • Factors responsible for making your helmet unclean also vanish. 
  • Double D-ring and 100 TPU fabric also make it one of the best products you must buy soon.

All materials used for covering the foam reduce the chances of hiding dirt as well as steam in the lining. Cleaning the lining becomes easy for this reason. 


Everyone in this world deserves safe transportation for commuting from one place to another. Electric scooters can solve this issue easily. MJ Park is dedicating skills and time to the development of this concept of smart transportation.

Full credit must be given to MJ Park because of its amazing features. For instance:

  • Unique structure for solving current safety and usability issues. 
  • Guiding light on the road for hassle-free navigation experience and prevention of accidents. 
  • Guiding lights installed on it are inspired by headlight technology in order to enhance the safety of users. 
  • Accurate detection of objects with camera and projection.  
  • Users can fold it and park it easily on its two legs. 
  • Easy porting and charging.
  • Sleek, elegant, and futuristic design in order to portray “Form follows Functions”. 
  • Users need not down their eyes in order to get information about anything. 
  • Storage does not consume much space. 
  • Automatic folding for less space-consuming storage. 
  • Wall-munted wireless charging.
  • Interactive handles.

Smart turn signal lights in addition to app-based control are also key specialties of harmony smart guiding scooters of MJ Park.

More importantly, the list of its features does not end here only.

Such smart things are possibly the best futuristic tech gadgets or vehicles you will need for making things easier in all walks of life. Think about it for this reason.

Do not forget to let us know your thoughts below in the comment box.

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