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RRR Movie Review: Another Unbelievable Masterpiece by SS Rajamouli

RRR is a high-paced period drama, directed by SS Rajamouli. RRR is a masterpiece with action-packed scenes and great storytelling.

When the RRR (Rise, Roar, Revolt) came out, there was an expectation that the movie could prove to be a blockbuster. The major reason for this expectation was the presence of SS Rajamouli as its director, who had given Baahubali-The Beginning and Baahubali-2. These two masterpieces don’t need any introduction as both of them proved to be the biggest blockbusters of all time. Today we know that RRR has surpassed all expectations with a collection of over 500 crores in just 3 days and it is inching towards the INR 750 crores mark in its worldwide box office collection. The budget of RRR is INR 400 crore, and SS Rajamouli must be very happy with the box office result of the movie. In each RRR movie review, most critics are positive, and on IMDb, the RRR movie rating is 9.1/10, which is just phenomenal. Let us find out why RRR is proving to be such a huge success.

The Plot Of RRR:

The much-hyped film RRR took SS Rajamouli five years to write, conceptualize, and direct. The film takes place in Delhi in the 1920s, during the British Raj, in which Rama Raju (Ram Charan) is a police officer, and Bheem (Jr. NTR), a tribal from the Gonds, is revolutionary fighting against British Rule. In this epic portrayal, the director demonstrates how the two angry young men start as strangers and develop a bond that forms a deep connection of friendship and brotherhood. Furthermore, they embark on a rebellious journey together.

In this thrilling drama, Rajamouli marries fire and water with the characters of Rama and Bheem. While the story itself is not a new one to Indian cinema, the director’s magnificent treatment of the events, both big and small, shows how the ordinary can transform into the exceptional. The stories of Rama and Bheem are very different, but their struggles and goals are similar. The storytelling and narration in RRR are on another level, and there are no dull scenes in it.


RRR Review & The Brief Storyline Of RRR:


The story of RRR centres on the lives of legendary revolutionaries Alluri Sitarama Raju and Komaram Bheem. This is a fictional account of these revolutionaries who fought against British rule. As per the story, when Governor Scott Buxton’s wife notices Malli’s beautiful henna tattoos, she takes her away from her village. Bheem sets out to save Malli, promising his village he would only return with her. Ajay Devgn’s character, Venkatram Raju (Rama Raju’s father), died fighting the British Raj. Rama leaves his village with the promise to return with weapons that will help them fight their cause.

As a whole, RRR is a very audacious but at the same time entertaining movie where no moment seems extra. Because of this, the movie will continue to attract love from audiences and the RRR rating is likely to remain high for a long time. Also, it is perhaps Rajamouli’s most ambitious project to date. Despite being a period film, Baahubali constructed an entire universe based on mythology. However, this movie depicts a fictional story that is more relatable as it shows the time of the Indian freedom struggle. Moreover, RRR is full of over-the-top but jaw-dropping action sequences that audiences love to watch. The love Bahubali received has certainly helped this movie as well, as the audience was eagerly waiting for a movie from SS Rajamouli.

Why is RRR So Expensive?

As mentioned before, the budget of the movie is INR 400 crore, which is a humongous amount. The main reason this movie has such a huge budget is because of its special effects, huge sets, and expensive star cast. The movie has got released as a 3D movie as well, and its special effects could match any big-budget Hollywood flick. RR stars Ram Charan and Jr. NTR are in the lead roles, with Alia Bhatt and Ajay Devgn playing pivotal characters in the film. These stars do charge a huge sum of money. Moreover, there are pivotal roles played by Hollywood actors Olivia Morris, Ray Stevenson, and Alison Doody in the film, and, naturally, they must have charged a huge amount of money to appear in it as well. Moreover, knowing SS Rajamouli, he doesn’t like to keep anything in his project on a small level or compromise in any way. The movie budget is high, but after seeing how much love RRR is receiving, it seems justified. 


Why has RRR Gotten Such A Huge Response From North India And Worldwide:

RRR has totally annihilated the competition all over India. The movie experts knew it could be a big hit, but even the most enthusiastic believers did not expect it to be such a blockbuster. The question is, why is this movie getting so much love all over India and worldwide? There are reports that RRR is running to packed houses in Europe, Russia, and North America too. There are some definite reasons for it:

  • It is a common perception that Bollywood directors lack the vision and technical know-how to make movies that can match those of South Indian directors in terms of content, style, and size.
  • With the success of Bahubali, KGF, and Pushpa, South Indian actors have become more popular among North Indian audiences worldwide. 
  • With the availability of various South Indian movies, both old and new, on Youtube and other online platforms in many other Indian languages such as Hindi, Punjabi, and Gujarati, the audience all over India and globally has realized that South Indian movies have better content, and are better directed than Bollywood movies.
  • Several times, we get to hear that a particular South Indian movie will get a Hindi movie remake. When the audience hears this news, they understand that Bollywood movies get their inspiration from South Indian movies. It doesn’t help Bollywood’s reputation or popularity overall.
  • One cannot judge if it is true, but some incidents like the suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput, allegations of promoting nepotism against some particular Bollywood producers and directors, and drug use charges against actors and directors have certainly affected the reputation of Bollywood. It may have played a role in keeping some sections of the audience away from Bollywood movies. It is also a possibility that this part of the audience has chosen South Indian movies to entertain themselves.
  • The South Indian movies are definitely larger and the technical knowledge of the technicians is better in the South Indian movie industry than in Bollywood. One can compare them to the best in the world. This reputation has spread to all parts of the world, which has helped RRR immensely. 


If you love movies, then missing out on RRR is going to be a mistake. The movie brings back the joy of the experience of watching a big scale movie on the big screen. It is a complete family entertainer that has made the majority of the audience go gaga due to its action-packed scenes, brilliant acting of each character, and story narration. The RRR movie rating is bound to remain high, and the movie deserves every bit of it because of the brilliance that it showcases in every scene. If you haven’t watched RRR yet, then it’s time to go to a movie hall nearby and experience this masterpiece.


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