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FedEx and UPS Will Soon Be Flying Pilotless Planes. How Safe Are They?

FedEx And UPS will fly pilotless planes in the future to deliver your online orders.


Pilotless planes will deliver your online orders in the future

The delivery of your online order through Pilotless planes is about to be a reality. Such planes will soon be flying from one location to another to deliver your stuff.

E-commerce companies try new things in order to better their customer’s shopping experience. But this experiment may take your online shopping experience to a whole new level.

A couple of companies have tested such flights for this purpose. This could be determined only by successful test flights of automatic cargo planes.

Safe and speedy delivery of online orders will be the biggest benefit for customers like you. Most online shopaholics in the world are sceptical about it.

Their concern is on the safety front. In a word, those who shop online are not sure about the safe delivery of their online orders.

Are Pilotless Planes Really Safe To Deliver Orders

This is the first thing we will discuss in this post. Another key thing we will discuss in this post is the efforts of FedEx and UPS in this direction.

Do you also have a thought in your mind about the safety of products in such planes? What is more important is the way it is going to be possible.

Let us clear the fog in your mind

A $134 million deal between Ameriflight and Natilus will make it possible. Natilus designs automatic aircrafts. On the other hand, Ameriflight provides planes to the following courier companies:

Almost 20 20 Natilus Kona feeder planes will be delivered to Ameriflight. These planes will develop an air cargo network for the time to come.

Everyone may consider this shift like a coin tossed in the air. It could fall either way.

It could be or could not be safe. But a couple of agencies and governments in the world have still decided to go ahead with the concept.

These government agencies, academic institutions, and aerospace companies have dedicated their wealth of resources and time to research on this front.

Effective development of autonomous flight technology and its safety of the highest quality possible is their purpose.

Will This Human-Free Initiative Offer Value?

Recent studies on this front have shown some benefits. For instance:

  • Flying pilotless planes reduces the chances of human error. 
  • Improved situational awareness is another benefit. 
  • Even the cost of operations of eCommerce or courier companies can be reduced by 60% easily. 
  • How can we forget the halving of carbon emissions? Carbon emissions can also be reduced by 50% with it easily. 
  • More efficient utilisation of labour is another benefit of it. Only a single pilot will be enough to handle multiple aircrafts. 
  • Effective dealing with the problem of dire pilot shortage will be one more benefit of it. 
  • One more benefit is hassle-free landing of these planes whereas larger planes cannot land. Full credit goes to their compact size.

Let Us Throw Some Light On Its Flipside Now

Some disadvantages of such a massive technology could also be possible. Several studies have investigated the disadvantages of flying pilotless planes for the delivery of products. Take a look at the list of possible disadvantages below:

  • Software failures and cyber security threats.
  • Easy hijacking as well as manipulation.
  • The intrusion of the airport and military zone-like areas. 
  • Third parties could misuse convenient surveillance features. 
  • Public and individual security is also a concern. Many reports of their collision with an electric power wire deserve credit for it. 
  • Extraction as well as corruption of private information is another concern to be addressed. 
  • Drone crash news in powerlines and properties in several parts of the world has become news in the past.

Such a situation could lead to various types of dangers to the life of people, animals, and birds.

All in all, there are some disadvantages of pilotless planes for everyone. All government agencies, academic institutions, and aerospace companies working on this innovation must consider these points.

They must value the life of people, animals, and birds while developing it.

Which Companies Are Working On The Concept?

Do you want to know their names? We have researched a couple of names of you. Given below is the list of companies designing and developing this concept so far:

  • Nautilus
  • Ameriflight
  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • Merlin Labs
  • NASA
  • X-Wing
  • DRDO

Their list does not end here only. Just wait for the right time. Many more companies will work on this concept in the future. You will see it with your own eyes.

Pilotless planes can significantly change many things on the employment, environmental and financial front. 

  • Less air pollution. 
  • Reduction in noise pollution is also on the list. 
  • No more pilots will be required to fly planes. 
  • It will not result in job loss for pilots. However, the nature of pilots’ jobs will change significantly. 
  • Millions of new types of jobs will come into existence.

Even e-commerce and courier or logistics companies will be able to save millions of bucks that go into the maintenance of current traditional courier and logistics infrastructure and the salaries of employees using them.

The Bottom Line

Pilotless planes are the future of the eCommerce industry. Constant efforts of government agencies, academic institutions, and aerospace companies on this front are compelling evidence of it.

Every online shopper must get ready to experience it.

Are you ready for it? Let us know below in the comment box. Don’t forget to tell us your thoughts about the incorporation of advancement in the domain of eCommerce.

Is It here to stay? Who will develop software for it?

E-commerce companies will need powerful software to make these planes work efficiently. Companies like Virtual Oplossing are capable of it. Mr. Anek Bedi deserves full credit for it.

He has taken the IT and logistics wings of his business network to a new level of growth with his futuristic vision, approach, and strategies.


✅ What will be the cost of delivery of products to customers through pilotless planes?

Nothing can be said about it right now.

✅ Will delivery through FedEx and UPS Flying Pilotless Planes be costly?

FedEx and UPS Flying Pilotless Planes can be costly initially for customers. However, it will all depend on the future technology.

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