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Google Is launching A New Content Algorithm

Google is launching Google Helpful Content Update this week to promote meaningful content. It will be a search engine ranking algorithm.

Google is about to introduce a new Search Ranking Algorithm Update this week. The company had been receiving complaints about unmeaningful content for a long period. The company is rolling out this new algorithm in order to deal with such content. 

The purpose is to offer value to readers. This is possible only through the following types of content:

  • Original.
  • Informational.
  • Educational.
  • Meaningful.
  • High quality.

In other words, the content of the following types will not rank high in Google SERPs:

  • Low-quality as well as duplicate content
  • Content created only for the purpose of high ranking. 
  • Content that does not offer any meaningful information or learning to readers.
  • If you are producing content for traffic through digital visibility in SERPs.

Digital marketers worldwide will have to update their SEO strategies accordingly.

Is It Similar To Google Panda?

Some digital marketers may find some similarities between the two. Panda is already baked into the core algorithm. 

As a result, the update is in addition to the Panda. The update is still going to be different in many ways.

Therefore, rethinking the SEO strategy for all digital marketers is the only best option left.

Key Points A Content Marketeer Must Know

Is your content not getting ranked in Google SERPs? Do you see your content being devalued? You then need to know the following about it:

Is It A Sitewide Algorithm?

Yes is the answer to the question. This machine learning-based classifier will possess the ability to affect your entire site under the following conditions:

  • If the content of your website is unsatisfactory. 
  • For posting unhelpful content on your website. 
  • The website has a high amount of unhelpful content.

In simple words, the update is likely to affect the entire website instead of the individual pages only.

The Recovery Process Consumes Time

Has Google Police arrested your website for unhelpful content? The bail-out process will then consume months of your time. It is because of the following reasons:

  •  It is because the update is added to Panda.                                       
  • Search Ranking Algorithm Update is automated. 
  • The algorithm will continue the evaluation of your content. 
  • Moreover, your content will be assigned a score. 
  • Furthermore, the search engine wants to be sure that you are committed to updating content regularly.

What is more important to realize is the way Google will restore the ranking of your content.

The search engine plans on refining the classifier regularly in order to detect unhelpful content. The websites producing people-first content will be rewarded with a better ranking.

It must be remembered that the classifier will continue content monitoring for months. The websites affected will receive signals over months.

All signals will be removed only after Google is sure that the unhelpful content removed from your website is not returning.

The production of less but original, informative, educational, meaningful as well as high-quality content is strongly advised.

Helpful Content Update Signals

The signals have already been validated with the help of quality raters. All in all, this system adds value to the search quality. It is similar to the system Google uses in order to improve search engine validates improvement in ranking before launch.

Meaningful Impact – English

The update will frequently affect the content of websites related to the following domains initially:

  • Education.
  • Entertainment.
  • Online Shopping.
  • Technology.

It is because all websites related to these domains usually post a high amount of content every day.

At first, content written using the English language worldwide will be targeted. This content update will also target content produced using the rest of the languages in the future.

Do You Need An Advice To Avoid Strike?

You can avoid the strike only for people instead of the search engines. The content must be produced by a human instead of the AI-based writing algorithms available online. Make sure your content exceeds the educational as well as informational needs of readers.

More importantly, Google does not value content written to a particular word count. Instead, the search engine is completely focused on promoting educational and informative content of high quality.

Your content must answer the query of searchers. A purposeful website is also mandatory for this. You are not allowed to skip or forget guidelines for core updates as well as product reviews at the time of content production.

In the like manner, the content produced must be for a specific group of the audience instead of anybody. It must be produced in a systematic manner.


✅ What is the actual name of this new algorithm?

Google helpful content update.

✅ When is rolling out completely?

The complete launch of this new algorithm will take about two weeks.

✅ What is the target?

The update is likely to penalize websites producing content for search engines instead of humans.

✅ Is it for search only?

Currently, it is for search only. However, it can be expanded to Google Discover and the rest of the surfaces.

✅ Is it a core update?

It is not a core update.

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