GTA 6 vs GTA 5 story mode character comparison GTA 6 vs GTA 5 story mode character comparison

GTA 6 vs GTA 5 Story Mode Character Comparison

Highlights/ Snapshot

  • The initial trailer for GTA 6 teases a love story reminiscent of Bonnie and Clyde, involving characters Lucia and Jason. This implies that the storyline will focus on their criminal partnership.
  • GTA 5 features a deviation from its predecessors by introducing three primary playable characters—Franklin, Michael, and Trevor—deviating from the single protagonist formula used in earlier games.
  • The trailer implies that GTA 6 will track Lucia and Jason’s progression from minor to major criminals, mirroring Franklin’s narrative in GTA 5.

We just can’t wait any longer can we? The anticipation is palpable as we eagerly await 2025 after the release of GTA 6 trailer. The impending release has ignited a flurry of questions among eager fans. Today, let’s delve into a popular query which is the intricate details of comparing story mode characters between GTA 5 and GTA 6.

While GTA games are known for vibrant characters and storytelling, the initial four instalments focused on a single protagonist. GTA 5 however changed this with three unique characters – Franklin, Michael, and Trevor. GTA 6 continues this trend but with two characters, Jason and Lucia. Notably, Lucia’s inclusion breaks from the series’ tradition, offering a rare chance to play as a female protagonist, a feature unseen since the 2D Universe.

In this article we will throw more light on the story mode characters on individual games and identify the thin line between them. Allow us to give you a piece of the highly anticipated GTA 6 with more details that will interest you.

Who are the main story mode characters in GTA 5?

GTA 5’s creators infused each playable character with distinct personalities and redeeming traits, aiming to captivate players. The intention is to spark curiosity, allowing players to delve into the lives of these three criminals at their own pace. While the story begins with Michael, introducing characters like Trevor provides additional insights. This allows players to choose a favourite based on their personality and life narrative as they progress through the game.

There are various unplayable characters which include the De Santa family, the likes of Lester Crest, Lamar Davies and a few others. The main playable characters include the following:

Michael De Santa

Michael is a disillusioned family man in his 40s disenchanted by the materialism and corruption he sees in Los Santos. Though initially attempting to improve his dysfunctional home life through therapy and introspection, he eventually returns to crime. As a playable character, Michael possesses heightened senses and focus during shootouts.

Franklin Clinton

Franklin was raised in a petty street gang, but he’s grown weary of the small-time crime and dim prospects. Confident he possesses talents exceeding his peers, he wonders how sophisticated criminal syndicates like the mafia profit wildly while following ethical codes within their organisations. Franklin is especially fascinated by their brand of professional criminality.

When he’s fatefully introduced to Michael, an experienced thief planning ambitious heists, Franklin recognizes him as the perfect mentor and partner-in-crime. Beyond his uncanny driving skills that make him an ideal getaway man, Franklin offers raw talent and enthusiasm, completing a duo destined for big scores.

Trevor Philips

Trevor is an unhinged psychopath and addict with possible military or law enforcement training. Though seemingly loyal, his repulsive violence and volatility leave no apparent redemptive qualities. However, his reckless abandon grants him almost supernatural resilience to survive perilous situations. This makes his wild temperament an asset in navigating danger. The dichotomy of destruction-survival emanating from Trevor’s chaotically extreme nature defines his enigmatic character.

The unplayable characters who contribute massively in the storyline include the following: Lester Crest (the mastermind), Amanda De Santa (the wife of Michael), Lamar Davies (Franklin’s best friend), and Ron Jakowski (Trevor’s companion).

Who are the main story mode characters in GTA 6?

GTA 6 will feature playable duo Jason and Lucia, continuing the multi-protagonist format of past games like GTA 4’s DLC and GTA 5’s trio. Though their exact dynamic is still unclear, leaked alpha footage showcases Jason and Lucia in action. However it remains to be seen if GTA 6 will reimplement GTA 5’s signature mechanic of freely switching between leads, or if their roles will be handled differently this time around. Either way, the revealed inclusion of Jason and Lucia carries on GTA’s trajectory of multiple playable perspectives shaping the story.

While the debut trailer focuses closely on this criminal pair, a few other supporting characters briefly appear but remain shrouded in mystery for now. Learn about Lucia and Jason:


Lucia is the first female protagonist in the GTA series since the 1990s 2D games. She is also the second Latin American protagonist after GTA IV Luis Lopez. Little is known about her background except that she starts GTA VI newly incarcerated, blaming “bad luck”, and wearing an ankle monitor, indicating parole limitations.

At some point Lucia partners with Jason, the presumed male protagonist, in what resembles a modern Bonnie and Clyde romance. Lucia sees them only getting through challenges together – “as a team.” Their professed trust may prove tenuous; it remains to be seen if players are forced to turn against one protagonist as they could with Trevor in GTA V. For now Lucia represents an intriguing new dimension as one half of VI’s central criminal pair.


Since there’s no official breakdown of Jason’s character, there’s not much information on the character. Many speculations surrounding the character gives the assumption that Jason will be a fairly young man, supposedly being played by actor Bryan Zampella. This is because he has been leaving a lot of hints on social media at his involvement in Grand Theft Auto 6.

Reports suggest that Jason will be a member of a larger gang, having a recreational focus on things like fishing and ATV driving that will likely be reflected in what in-game activities are available in GTA 6. Most rumours paint Jason as a snobbish and unserious figure with no real qualms against committing crimes. This is really the extent of the dominant rumours surrounding Jason, but Lucia has been the subject of a lot more in-depth discussion in recent months.

There are other supporting characters in GTA 6 that include Billie, Kai, Stephanie, Danny, Sam, and others.

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Story Mode Character Comparison of GTA 5 and GTA 6 Playable Characters

Character Comparison Between Franklin and Lucia

Here are 3 significant differences between Franklin and Lucia:


Franklin grew up embedded in gang culture, while Lucia’s background is more of a mystery other than starting the game in jail. Their paths to crime seem to differ significantly.


Franklin is enamoured with the ethical codes and economic success of organised crime syndicates like the mafia. Lucia’s motivations are unclear so far – she may be more focused on personal relationships than professional criminality.


Franklin partners with an older mentor figure in Michael who grooms him for bigger heists. Lucia joins up with Jason in a romantic Bonnie & Clyde style relationship, suggesting they are lovers rather than mentor-mentee.

Character Comparison Between Franklin and Jason

Here are 2 significant character comparisons between Jason and Franklin

Age and experience

Franklin seems world-weary yet ambitious to move up in the criminal underworld. Jason sounds like a young, carefree gang member not taking crime too seriously yet.


Franklin is focused on professional criminality as a career. Rumours suggest Jason spends more recreational time on activities like fishing and ATVs that may feature in gameplay.

Character Comparison Between Michael and Lucia

Here are 3 significant Characteristics comparison between Michael and Lucia


Michael is a former criminal trying to reform for his family’s sake, while Lucia’s background is largely unknown other than starting off freshly incarcerated.


Michael returns to crime due to disenchantment with materialism and corruption in his world. Lucia’s motivations are unclear so far beyond sticking with Jason for survival.


Michael mentors young street gang member Franklin in heists. Lucia joins up with presumed romantic partner Jason in more of a Bonnie & Clyde dynamic between equals.

Notable Differences Between Characters In GTA 6 and GTA 5

Skin Texture is Better in GTA 6

Despite strong graphics, GTA 5 characters lacked realistic skin details and textures, appearing smoothed and blemish-free. In contrast, the GTA 6 trailer displays more life-like, diverse models with precision imperfections like tattoos, mud, and scars that parody real incidents. This promises unprecedented visual authenticity.

Hair Looks Better in GTA 6

Unlike GTA 5’s awkward, jagged hair physics, GTA 6 boasts vastly improved, flowing locks that move and drape naturally with character models. Hair no longer appears coarsely clipped, instead showcasing smooth, seamless interactions whether NPCs shift their heads or bodies. This overhaul finally brings realistic, organic hair motion to the series.

Light Interaction is Improved

GTA 5 failed to render proper light interaction on characters. Interior reflections often appear awkwardly disproportionate. Models lacked appropriate shadows and body reflections, seeming plastic and fake. By contrast, GTA 6 trailer characters showcase vastly improved lighting effects, with skin projecting natural illumination dependent on the environment. This nuanced light-surface interplay finally achieves heightened realism for the series.

Advancement In Character Movements

GTA 5 NPCs moved along scripted loops, actions repeating identically without situational awareness. Leaks suggest GTA 6 will feature more dynamic locomotion. Characters adjust movements according to weather, environment and context, promising appropriately varied reactions that finally break repetitive animation patterns.

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In A Nutshell

Rockstar has crafted a captivating formula in Grand Theft Auto. This is by allowing players to experience compelling storylines through vastly different protagonists, a trend continuing from GTA 5 to the hotly anticipated GTA 6. From Michael’s disillusioned family man to Trevor’s depraved psychopath to Franklin’s ambitious gangster, GTA 5’s multi-protagonist contrast electrified an already addictive series.

New footage teasing enigmatic duo Jason and Lucia shows Rockstar is doubling down on dynamic characters distinguishing its narrative approach. These kinds of wild yet relatable personalities have made investing in GTA’s criss-crossing crime sagas irresistible. As anticipation for 2025’s GTA 6 launch explodes, we can’t wait to see how this eclectic new cast further pushes the envelope of our favourite criminal soap opera.


✅ How many playable protagonists are there in GTA 6 versus GTA 5?

GTA 5 broke ground with three playable antiheroes – Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. GTA 6 scales back to two central characters, Jason and Lucia, shaking up the dynamic as a presumed romance.

✅ Will GTA 6 have a female protagonist for the first time?

Lucia represents the series’ first playable female lead since the 1990s top-down games. She brings an intriguing Bonnie & Clyde flavour.

✅ Do the characters in GTA 6 look more realistic?

Definitely, the trailer shows off amazing new graphics with ultra-detailed character models that finally achieve photorealism with accurate shadows, textures and reactions.

✅ Will I get to switch between the two characters freely like in GTA 5?

Unclear so far. The GTA 6 trailer left fans guessing if the signature multi-protag switching mechanic will return. We’ll have to wait and see!

✅ Which game’s protagonist trio has more over-the-top personalities?

It’s a tough call between the craziness of GTA 5’s Michael, Franklin and especially unhinged Trevor, versus the mystery still surrounding Jason and Lucia’s explosive chemistry. But GTA always delivers insane characters!

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