New Movies, TV, Original Series on Netflix in January 2024 New Movies, TV, Original Series on Netflix in January 2024

New Movies, TV, Original Series on Netflix in January 2024

As we ring in 2024, Netflix is gearing up to release another strong lineup. This is a mix of Netflix originals, drama series and buzzy new Netflix movies over the course of January. Netflix is releasing a torrent of bingeable new movies and television shows in January. Amidst this packed slate, several hotly anticipated titles especially stand out from the crowd. These new additions span sought-after originals to buzzy theatrical acquisitions. They have generated major hype ahead of their Netflix premiere.

Leading the charge on January 1st is season 6 of the acclaimed medical drama “The Good Doctor.” Starring Freddie Highmore doing the role of Dr. Shaun Murphy. The new season January picks up following the emotional season 5 finale.

The new season promises more poignant medical cases. Dr. Shaun Murphy and his skilled colleagues will tackle these complex diagnoses at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital. Audiences can expect them to draw upon their exceptional medical talents and abilities once again. The doctors’ private interpersonal relationships and personal dramas will also come into play.

The 10th sees the release of one of Netflix’s crown jewels — “Kingdom 3”. This is the South Korean zombie thriller phenomenon returning for its third chapter. The new season promises to expand on the treachery and undead scourge threatening the kingdom of Joseon. With the zombie plague continuing to spread, Crown Prince Lee Chang races against time. His goal is to get to the bottom of the outbreak while fighting militant rulers and political opponents.

Rebel Wilson heads up the comedy “Fool Me Once” launching January 1st. Wilson plays a cunning con-artist who makes a business of swindling unsuspecting men. Wilson plays a crafty con artist in the film. She hatches an elaborate plan to marry a rich tech mogul and then steal his fortune. However, the man she targets is more cunning than she realized at first. Ultimately, she may have met her match in this tech giant’s mark.

And laugh-out-loud funny duo Ali Wong and Dave Attell are back. They are hosting a second season of the hit cooking competition “The Kitchen” on the 19th. Season 2 will deliver more wild antics in the kitchen. Gifted amateur cooks will compete by taking on bizarre and extreme cooking challenges. These contestants are vying for the ultimate prize at the end of this zany culinary competition.

Alongside its originals, Netflix will also release a host of licensed film titles perfect for binging. No matter what you’re looking for, Netflix has something to suit your tastes in January as well as February 2024. So brew up your favorite snack and curl up on the couch.

Get ready to spend the new year with Netflix’s January 2024 by your side!

January 2024 Movie Releases on Netflix: Your Guide to the New Shows, Films, and Originals

Are you ready for an awesome start to 2024 with Netflix? Netflix brings you the latest original movies, buzzworthy new shows, and old favorites. This January, Netflix offers fresh content for everyone – from dramas to comedies, romances to horrors.

Check out these handpicked highlights of Netflix 2024 releases and set your queues!

1. The Good Doctor Season 6 (Jan 1st)

Everyone’s favorite sensitive surgical savant, Dr. Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore), returns in the two-part season 6 premiere. After finding stability in his relationship with Lea (Paige Spara), Murphy returns to work refreshed.

Dr. Shaun Murphy returns to work alongside his trusted mentor, Dr. Glassman (Richard Schiff). He is joined by his colleagues Dr. Reznick (Fiona Gubelmann) and Dr. Allen (Hill Harper). Together, they take on puzzling new medical cases at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital. Shaun also prepares to advance his personal relationship with girlfriend Lea. Viewers can expect more heartwarming moments as Shaun balances his professional and romantic life in this Netflix film.

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2. Fool Me Once (Jan 1st)

Rebel Wilson continues her rom-com reign playing Maya. She is a wily con artist who makes big money seducing then swindling unsuspecting men. But tech giant Owen (Hugh Grant) proves more cunning than her usual targets. And this is when she sets out to pull an elaborate ruse on him. Maya might have finally found her match. Leslie Mann and Isla Fisher co-star for laughs.

3. The Brothers Sun (Jan 4th)

This gritty crime saga follows warring siblings Charles Sun (Justin Chien) and Elijah Sun (Jimmy O. Yang). They are battling for control of their late father’s illegal trafficking empire in 2005 Houston. Charles aims to modernize and legitimize the business. However, his ruthless brother Elijah hungers to rule with old-school brutality no matter the cost. Their escalating bloody conflict now threatens to destroy local neighborhoods. So it falls to undercover detective James Chang (Corey Hawkins) to infiltrate the feuding syndicate. Chang races to end the Sun brothers’ brutal feud before the city becomes their next victim. But is it already too late?

4. Society of the Snow (Jan 4th)

Vega (Brie Larson) infiltrates an elite secret society meeting in a secluded mountain mansion in this limited series. She aims to expose their unscrupulous profiteering from global suffering. But a sudden impenetrable blizzard confines all guests inside. There a stealth killer begins silently stalking the corridors, executing attendees one-by-one. As the body count rises, Alice races to uncover the mystery murderer’s identity. With Daniel Craig, Jodie Comer and Stephan James.

5. Kingdom Season 3 (Jan 10th)

The hit Korean zombie horror saga returns. This new series continues after the assassination attempt on Crown Prince Lee Chang (Ju Ji-hoon). He fights to protect his people against ever-growing legions of the infected undead. Chang also hunts down the parties behind this hellish epidemic and political rivals determined to destroy him.

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6. Killer Soup (Jan 11th)

Horror master John Carpenter executive produces this spine-tingling thriller series. This is centered on a special paranormal investigation team. Emotionally damaged criminal psychologist Joon-ho (Lee Byung-hun) and brilliant physicist Mira (Bae Doo-na) get dispatched to a bucolic countryside village after a spike in unexplained deaths. It includes spontaneous combustion cases where victims erupt into flames.

There is whisper that a shady businessman’s angry spirit has returned to take revenge. Can this unlikely duo solve the macabre mystery before more people die?

7. Lift (Jan 12th)

What’s coming to Netflix is a new comedy starring comedic superstar Kevin Hart. Hart plays a mild-mannered accountant working for a Boston crime family. He decides to pull off a bold robbery, stealing $5 million from his terrifying gangster boss. To enact this risky heist, Hart teams up with his eccentric apartment building security guard played by Jack Black.

They plan to transform their boring lives with the score of a lifetime. But can they evade both the mob and the FBI to actually enjoy these stolen riches? Director F. Gary Gray (Friday, The Italian Job) brings his deft experience directing hit comedies.

8. Merry Men 3: Nemesis (Jan 18th)

Nigeria’s comedic superhero thieves, The Merry Men, reunite for one last outrageous caper in this smash sequel. For years, the band used cunning tricks to take down corrupt Abuja fat cats. They then redistributed the stolen money to help struggling neighborhoods. Now ringleader Remi (Ramsey Nouah) and his merry men plan for retirement. But a menacing billionaire businessman (Jim Iyke) has other ideas. He surfaces with plans to destroy the impoverished communities they call home. So Remi and crew dust off their disguises for one final justice-driven heist. Can the hilarious heroes defeat this sinister tycoon threatening all they hold dear?

9. Kubra (Jan 18th)

This tense Turkish action thriller series sees retired special operative Kubra (legendary star Haluk Bilginer) abruptly forced back into service by the national intelligence agency. His urgent mission takes him deep undercover. He goes into an ISIS terror cell that is quickly gaining domestic strength. Kubra races to identify the attackers. He also races to dismantle their network before they unleash a series of deadly bombings. These bombings are meant to fracture the fragile country. But Kubra will need to keep tight control of his demons if he is to emerge again.

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10. 60 Minutes (Jan 19th)

After a bank robbery goes awry, four thieves (Eiza Gonzalez, John David Washington, Zendaya and Daniel Kaluuya) find themselves trapped. They are surrounded by police units waiting for them to surrender. The thieves were trapped after their bank robbery attempt went wrong. But distrust of the negotiators runs high, and conflicting self-interests pit them against each other. Enter esteemed crisis mediator Jack Taggert (Denzel Washington). With only one hour before the volatile situation combusts, he navigates mounting distrust and hysteria. He does this to gain their faith in the ticking clock. But this ingenious group has a few tricks of its own.

11. The Kitchen Season 2 (Jan 19th)

Break out the mixing bowls because everyone’s favorite cooking comedy chaos returns! Stand-up legends Ali Wong and Dave Attell are back. They are snarkier than ever to host another delicious season of madness. Passionate amateur cooks compete in completely ludicrous culinary challenges. The challenges range from bizarre secret ingredients to ridiculously complex recipes. Amateur cooks also face absurd time constraints. But the real fun remains in the hosts’ unfiltered comic rapport. The hosts needle participants through every ridiculous task. So prepare servings of laughter and no small measure of snacks to accompany the new bedlam!

12. Get on Your Knees (Jan 23rd)

It’s 1990s Madrid. A torrid romance blazes between two lovers. These are Diego Galan (Benicio Del Toro) and Gloria Duarte (Ana de Armas). Diego is the adored star football striker for the city’s beloved FC Madrid. Gloria is an aspiring sports photographer, ambitious to make a name for herself. Yet their fiery affair draws unwanted notoriety due to Diego’s fame in the public eye. The harsh spotlight now threatens to scorch them both. Acclaimed director Alfonso Cuarón helms this drama with his signature flair. He explores love’s ominous edges against backdrops of celebrity, insecurity and high-stakes sports ambitions.

13. Love Deadline (Jan 23rd)

Lucille Bernard’s (Marion Cotillard) busy executive life halts with a terminal diagnosis. Facing just nine months left, she pursues a dramatic new path. Lucille creates an ambitious European bucket list of experiences. She sets off solo on a whirlwind continent-spanning adventure determined to live out every item before her time expires.

An unexpected encounter introduces her to a stranger – handsome charmer Alexander (Can Yaman). He unexpectedly gives Lucille an uplifting new purpose when she needs it most. Their magical meeting leads her to rediscover what it means to be fully alive, even so near to death. Could their fateful union truly endure beyond her numbered days?

14. Six Nations – The Series (Jan 24th)

Rugby enthusiasts will rejoice at this new sports documentary. It chronicles the 2024 Men’s Six Nations Championship over two dramatic months. Cameras take fans behind the scenes with unprecedented locker room access throughout. Viewers embed with iconic players during practices, travel, and major tournament play.

Stars to follow include Jonathan Davies, Stuart Hogg and Antoine Dupont across fifteen epic matches. The series captures all the pivotal emotional highs and lows. From triumphant wins against old rivals to agonizing injuries and upsets. Brace for combat as we join these warriors striving for glory on Europe’s pitches!

Wrap Up 2024 with Upcoming Netflix Movies and Series

New year, new Netflix, new releases! Netflix stands ready to thrill subscribers with an electrifying January lineup.

Every genre is represented this month, from acclaimed originals to buzzworthy acquisitions. Through data analytics, the streaming pioneer continually reshapes viewing habits. This symbiosis retains millions glued to Netflix screens night after night.

So stay tuned each week as additional mouthwatering titles get served up fresh. And don’t blame us if your 2024 resolution to limit binge-watching falls apart faster than expected!

With Netflix, you can watch taste-making, appointment-viewing entertainment at your pace!

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✅ When does the new season of “The Good Doctor” release on Netflix?

Season 6 of “The Good Doctor” premieres on January 1st.

✅ What is the premise of the South Korean zombie thriller “Kingdom 3”?

“Kingdom 3” follows Crown Prince Lee Chang as he battles the undead scourge threatening the kingdom of Joseon. The new season explores treachery and political challenges amidst the zombie plague.

✅ Who stars in the comedy “Fool Me Once,” and what is the storyline?

Rebel Wilson stars in “Fool Me Once,” playing a con artist who plans to swindle a tech mogul. However, she discovers that her target, played by Hugh Grant, is more cunning than she expected.

✅ What can viewers expect from Season 2 of “The Kitchen” hosted by Ali Wong and Dave Attell?

Season 2 of “The Kitchen” features wild antics in a cooking competition where gifted amateur cooks take on bizarre and extreme culinary challenges.

✅ When does the hit Korean zombie horror series “Kingdom Season 3” release on Netflix?

“Kingdom Season 3” is set to be released on January 10th.

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