7 Movies For Kids This Christmas 2023 [Must Watch] 7 Movies For Kids This Christmas 2023 [Must Watch]

7 Movies For Kids This Christmas 2023 [Must Watch]

A ten-night Christmas is always approaching, and throughout the house, music echoes. Every creature was bored, even the family mouse! The holiday hustle has left us all frazzled. There are many movies for kids this Christmas that they can watch during their holidays. Now the kids wander aimlessly, their energies fizzle. But have no fear, their boredom has met its match, with a foolproof activity set to hatch!

This season, bring some cheer and an eerie good fright, with a festival of films to delight! Gather the family ‘round, it’s time for good measure nostalgic movies brimming with Yuletide treasure. Let visions of sugar plums dance in their heads, with twists and turns as stories unfold thread by thread. From new icy adventures to stop-motion classics, we’ve plucked our top picks from the cinematic mix.

Who needs to wish upon a star up above, when you can get lost in stories of friendship and love? Watch imaginative heroes overcome spellbinding foes, always returning home as the credits close. Experience dreams come true and find out what’s in store when you open your heart and pass through a magical door!

With hilarious hijinks and lessons learned along the way, these films are sure to turn boredom away! Your family won’t forget this special gesture. So grab some cocoa and get ready to dive into our cinematic Yuletide treasure! As you gather together on long winter nights, see dreams light up bright in their eyes. Laugh, cry, and sing carols out loud, making memories together to be proud of.

The years ahead will surely zoom out of sight. Kids will grow up so quickly—enjoy them while you can! Though stories come to an end, don’t fret, little doves. These classic tales will follow you for years…and years…and years full of love! So let this be the season joy comes home to roost, tucked in tight, enjoying a family movie ‘til you turn into ghosts!

As Jack Frost nips at your nose on cold winter days, warm up with mugs full of hot cocoa and cookies ablaze. These classics are like your gaudiest holiday sweater, entering a Christmas world full of laughter together. Cuddle up close as the movie begins, then watch as their faces light up time and again! This year, start a new ritual that’s sure to delight. Make these fantasy-filled movies your new Yuletide night!

Let’s know about some funny, lovely Christmas movies suitable for kids that they can watch during the X-mas holidays 2023!

A Holly Jolly Festival: Top Kids’ Movies for Christmas 2023

Christmas is just around the corner! As you deck your halls and trim your tree this season, be sure to also curl up with your little ones. Dive into fantastical new worlds with our kid-friendly Christmas movie list. From silly sagas of singing sensations to mystical folklore come to life, these top picks offer wholesome entertainment the whole family will treasure.

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Enchanted Animated Escapes

1. Rise of the Guardians (2012)

This visually dazzling film follows Jack Frost’s induction into the legendary Guardians group. The group includes Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and the Sandman. Epic adventures unfold as evil Pitch threatens Earth by haunting children’s dreams. It is his goal to destroy all hope, wonder, dreams, and sweet childhood memories for kids all over the world.

The united Guardians band together against Pitch to save the joy of childhood. Visually mesmerizing CGI animation brings the story to life. Kids will adore watching Jack Frost discover his talents to create ice, snow and winter fun. As Jack harnesses his powers, he joins the Guardians’ ultimate battle of light against dark. This thrill-riding action adventure entertains while imparting deeper lessons of courage and camaraderie in the face of darkness.

This film is one of the must-watch children’s films for the holidays.

2. Frozen ( I – 2013 & II – 2019)

By now your kids can likely recite every lyric to the soundtrack’s smash hits. But Frozen never ceases to emotionally enthrall young viewers. Princess Elsa’s uncontrollable icy magic thrusts her kingdom into perpetual winter. Elsa’s journey of self-acceptance parallels Anna’s quest to bring her home. It’s up to Anna to restore summer’s warmth to the kingdom and return Elsa to it.

Along the way, talking snowman Olaf steals laughs while reindeer Sven adds extra “awww’s”. Kids will delight in Elsa’s ice castle construction scene in “Let It Go.” Younger sister Anna shows admirable determination in facing the frosty unknown to bring Elsa home. The sisterly bond triumphs over all and delivers an uplifting message kids will carry for life.

3. Happy Feet ( I – 2006 & II – 2011)

Saddle up for a toe-tapping spectacular with a singing, dancing penguin. Mumble tries to win the heart of his true love in this vibrant computer-animated musical. Unlike his vocally gifted colony, Mumble cannot sing a note. Instead, he has fancy feet made for fabulous dance moves like popping and locking!

Follow Mumble’s struggle for belonging while also saving his colony’s food supply from a mysterious threat. Kids will delight in the show-stopping song mashups and stellar animations. Packed with lots of laughs and heartfelt moments, kids will dance and smile with these chirpy Antarctic hero penguins. Children will enjoy following Mumble the penguin’s adventures to belong and protect his colony.

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Mythical Legends and Lore

4. Smallfoot (2018)

Turn the Bigfoot fable delightfully upside-down in this colorful animated musical caper. A community of Yetis in the Himalayas lives by ancient laws, like the myth of the “smallfoot” human. Bold Yeti Migo swears he spots the mythical smallfoot and tries to convince his tribe. His hilarious effort unveils a shocking truth – Yetis are also myths to the humans below.

This is one of the best children’s holiday films. It has film stars with vocal talents. They are Channing Tatum, Zendaya, Common and James Corden. Kids will giggle at the topsy-turvy tale as Yetis and humans discover their intertwined myths. With vibrant animation and toe-tapping musical numbers, Smallfoot is perfect for the entire family. Bursting with color, humor, and catchy songs, Smallfoot is a magical children’s movie the whole family will delight in.

5. The Ice Age Adventures (2022)

What beats following a trio of silly prehistoric pals on amusing frozen escapades? This franchise began in 2002, spanning different eras of time. The latest part of this series was released in 2022 named “The Ice Age Adventures”. Kids cherish the lovable misfit gang’s accidentally courageous antics. Led by Manny the caring mammoth, lazy but loyal Sid the sloth, and Diego the watchful saber. They face epic challenges. This entails volcanic eruptions, wacky acorn obsessions, blazing meteor showers and darling dinosaurs.

Though often disastrous, their journeys emphasize loyalty in unlikely friendships. With touching moments and plenty of holiday hijinks, it makes a delightful children’s movie series. Kids of all ages will grin through the Ice Age gang’s cool historical adventures.

In addition, Skrat, the acorn-addicted saber squirrel, offers endless giggles throughout each film. Your kids already love them, so dive back into an Ice Age marathon!

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Live-Action Holiday Hullabaloos

6. The Christmas Chronicles 1 & 2 (2018, 2020)

Meet the hippest Santa ever in these X-mas capers starring Kurt Russell. He plays a modern-day Saint Nick with a high-tech sleigh and a love of cookies and milk. When two kids sneak aboard on Christmas Eve, festive magic ignites. Their globe-trotting adventures overflow with nostalgic holiday charm and North Pole wonders. Parents will adore Russell’s humorous, big-hearted Santa Claus performance.

These joyful children’s holiday films burst with spirit and impossibly optimistic endings. Their uplifting messages prove kindness and belief always win. Watch holiday magic thrive through the power of family, the wonders of the season, and warmth in our hearts. These merry Christmas tales become instant classics for parents and children alike. Not to mention the lively soundtrack, funny Elves, and Mrs. Santa wrapping up the merriment.

7. Elf (2003)

We couldn’t make a nice list without the iconic modern classic Elf! Buddy’s adventure begins innocently enough – crawling into Santa’s toy bag as a baby then being raised as an elf at the North Pole. But everything changes when he learns the shocking truth – he’s human! So Buddy sets off on a quest to find his real father in New York City.

Cue the hilarious fish-out-of-water moments as guileless Buddy tastes freedom for the first time! From chugging syrup to bombing at social skills, his childlike cheer clashes with scowling New Yorkers. Yet his innocence and joy start melting even the iciest hearts. Could Buddy bring the Christmas spirit to the Big Apple?

With Santa, Buddy’s adoptive elf dad Papa Elf, a budding romance with Jovie and a motley crew of North Pole pals, this bundle sparkles with feel-good fun. Belly laughs and warmth overflow as we root for Buddy to reunite with his Scrooge-like father. Because the best way to spread Christmas cheer is simply by believing…like an elf!

Let’s Wrap Up

The clock is ticking my little helpers – grab some cookies, candy canes and cocoa to fuel your festive film binge! From legendary lore to new animated wonders, our top kids picks offer wholesome entertainment. That is wrapped in ribbon-adorned lessons about friendship, bravery, and boundless belief.

Let the viewing party commence with these family-friendly Christmas movies!

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✅ Are these Christmas movies suitable for all age groups?

Yes, the selected Christmas movies cater to a wide range of age groups, making them suitable for both young and older children. Parents can enjoy these films with their kids as a family-friendly activity.

✅ Can I find these movies on popular streaming platforms?

Most of these movies are available on popular streaming platforms. However, availability may vary by region and over time. Check your preferred streaming service for the most up-to-date options.

✅ Are there any educational or moral lessons in these Christmas movies?

Absolutely! Many of these Christmas movies incorporate valuable lessons such as friendship, bravery, and the power of belief. The films aim to entertain while imparting positive messages that resonate with children and families.

✅ Are these movies suitable for watching throughout the holiday season or just on Christmas Day?

These movies are perfect for watching throughout the entire holiday season. Whether it’s a cozy winter night, a family movie marathon, or a festive gathering, these films can add joy and entertainment to various occasions during the holiday season.

✅ Can I introduce these movies to children who are not familiar with Christmas traditions?

Absolutely! While some movies have Christmas-specific themes, the underlying messages of friendship, kindness, and courage are universal. These films can be enjoyed by children of different cultural backgrounds, providing wholesome entertainment with positive values.

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