how-to-talk-to-kids-about-school-safety-a-complete-guide-for-all-parents how-to-talk-to-kids-about-school-safety-a-complete-guide-for-all-parents

Tips For All Parents To Talk Safety At School With Kids in 2023

How To Talk To Kids About School Safety is an art all parents and school authorities. Ensure the safety of children during school time.

The value of personal safety for school students of all ages is increasing these days. 

Rapidly increasing cases of crimes against school students testify to it. 

These crimes are happening in broad daylight. Many types of crimes against kids in school are coming to light these days. For example: 

  • Hooliganism
  • Physical Beating
  • Mental Torture
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Bullying
  • Assault 
  • Abduction 
  • Gun Violence 

School students in all parts of the world are physically, mentally, and sexually tortured, abducted, bullied, and murdered. 

The murder of Praduman Thakur, a 7-year-old student of Ryan International School, in Gurugram, Haryana, India, in 2017 testifies to it. 

The rape of a 15 old female student by a skirt-wearing student in a school bathroom in Loudoun County, Virginia, in 2021 is another example of juvenile crimes involving school students. 

The death of more than 19 students in the Texas school shooting incident is another example of it. 

These crimes have increased the value of personal safety in 2023 for students. School authorities and parents now must talk about the safety measures children can take on their level. 

Tips For All Parents To Talk About Safety At School With Kids in 2023:

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Effective communication about it with kids is an art for all parents in the world to master. 

It is also the responsibility of school authorities at all levels (from a gatekeeper to the principal).

Politeness Works Perfectly:

Politeness is the best language for kids to understand easily. Talk to kids about problems you faced during your school days. 

Tell them the best possible thing they did to deal with the school violence you faced. 

Talk about it to encourage kids to safeguard themselves as confidently as possible. 

Engage your kids in a loving conversation about their day at school. A friendly conversation can encourage kids to share their bitter-sweet experiences during school time. 

You will know about the horrible situations your children are facing at school. Your kid will consider you a trustworthy friend. 

This is why your kids will share their everyday school violence-related experiences with you. 

Tell Them About Safety Practices:

Parents leave their kids at school thinking that they are safe at school. This feeling helps them work worry-free at their workplace and fulfill their other responsibilities to the family. 

The school always has multiple safety precautions that your kids can use to safeguard themselves from a problem. For example: 

Their Teacher:

Encourage kids to talk to their teachers about their fears. Teachers are professionals trained to safeguard kids in dangerous situations. 

They are much more than a human being ready to feed kids’ minds with information about various subjects. 

They are child psychology experts who can understand your kids’ problems. If needed, a teacher can safeguard your kids in the best possible way. 

A Telephone Call To Cops:

Teach your kids to use a telephone line to call the cops for safety. 

Recent crimes against children at school emphasize the value of teaching kids to use the telephone connection available at school.

One timely call to the cops can save your kids at school from a horrible problem. Teach your kids the art of using the telephone connection available at school to call the cops.  

A timely phone call to the fire brigade or ambulance service can save your child’s life. 

This is another thing you should teach while talking to kids about school safety in 2023. 

Communicate Regularly:

Most parents in the world simply reply to their kids and end the conversation fast. This is not the best thing to do. You are not doing any favor to your kid.

Instead, you should actively get involved in a friendly conversation with your kid and suggest the best possible thing to do in risky and life-threatening situations. For example:

  • Reporting issues at the principal office. 
  • Reporting the issue to any available teacher. 
  • Seeking help from any available school authority. 
  • The number to dial to call the ambulance, cops, or the fire brigade. 
  • Shouting or screaming with full might to gain attention for safety from school violence of any type. 
  • Calling home for help from parents. 

This could be one of the best ways of talking to kids about school safety in 2023. Perfecting this art can help you win your kids’ trust. More importantly, your kid will always be in a position to take the right decision to be safe from the problem. 

Is your kid facing any issues at school? Do you want to know about the best possible solution to help your kid deal with the problem? Keep coming back here. We will post useful tips about it regularly.


✅ Should You Discuss Horrible Experiences From Your School Days With Your Kids?

You should talk about it openly. Focus on increasing the confidence of your child through it. Telling them the solution is the best possible way to do so. This means you should focus more on telling your kid about the solution you used.

✅ Who Should School Kids Reach For Immediate Help?

From a gatekeeper to the school principal, all are trained professionals to help your kids stay safe. Your kids can reach the gatekeeper, teachers, principal, vice-principal, and even some senior students for immediate help in difficult situations.

✅ Should Kids Know Important Numbers For Help?

Absolutely! Your kids must know the number of beatboxes (Police), ambulances, fire brigade, and their teacher. Your number should also be in their notebooks for seeking immediate help.

✅ Should Kids Accept Help From Anyone?

Definitely not! You must train your kids about it. Ask your kids not to trust any strangers. Ask your kids not to accept any drinks or eatables from strangers.

Always fill your kids’ bags with enough food, fruits, or their favorite candies to avoid such a situation. Your kids will then not accept anything from strangers because of their full belly.

✅ How Should Parents Talk About Safety At School With Kids?

Parents must talk about safety at school with kids by telling them safety tips. Listening to their problem is also important. Be polite and have some patience in this process.

✅ What Safety At School Practices Parents Must Tell Kids?

Parents can tell their kids multiple safety practices they use at school. Encourage them to talk to the nearest teacher available. Teach them to call the principal. You should also teach them the art of dialing the telephone number of the nearest police station. You should also encourage your kids to dial your number in case of trouble at school.

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