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IoT Hacking And Remote Work: How Consumer Devices Increase Security Risks

Learn how IoT hacking and remote work increase security threats to businesses and your privacy.


Businesses Must Up Their Security Significantly as Criminal Minds Are Getting Smart Nowadays

IoT hacking and remote work are common things these days. Most businesses and individuals became a part of this digital revolution for hassle-free growth.

But some businesses and individuals decided to ride this wave of digitalization because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This pandemic left them no choice but to work from home leveraging the potential of smart connected devices.

These IoT devices have made life easy on many fronts. There is no doubt about it. But every coin has its flip side also.

More increase in remote work through smart devices has increased hacking attempts. Many companies and individuals are facing problems for this reason.

Problems Companies And Individuals Are Facing


Connected smart devices are easy to hack. All criminals’ minds target such devices these days. Businesses and individuals are facing problems for this reason. Given below is the list of their problems:

  • Breach of data has become a common thing. 
  • Loss of personal as well as financial information. 
  • Their loyal customers switch to their competitors. 
  • Digital financial thefts or robberies. 
  • Customer satisfaction and customer retention rate reduce.
  • Their ROI, Profit, and Revenue also reduce significantly.

What Is The Reason?

Some common IoT device vulnerabilities are the first reason for it. Pitfalls of the home office are the second reason for it. The impact on workplaces because of smart home vulnerabilities is another reason for it.

Frequent password reuse affects smart connected devices and workplace portals significantly. Many individuals do not even go through the most basic or new digital security training programs.

Even malware, escalated cyber attacks, information theft, unknown exposure, and mismanagement and misconfiguration of devices are also some key reasons for it.

They Do Not Know The Consequences of IoT Attacks

Many individuals and business owners lack knowledge about the consequences of it. They just buy and use it directly for this reason. 

We must tell you about it. Take a look below:

  • First, virtual and physical systems are affected uniquely. 
  • Secondly, more unpredictable effects of cyber attacks on IoT ecosystems. Cascading consequences because of past cyber attacks witnessed in the domain of the Industrial Internet of Things are an example of it. 
  • Cyber criminals nowadays target the healthcare industry. They target 
  • sensitive patient information or devices installed for the healthcare of patients. 
  • Third, criminal minds can easily gain access to your privacy inside your bedroom, household activity, and security devices.
  • Your smart devices can even turn against you.

In a word, lots of things can happen with your family and business. It is important for you to be careful about the security of your smart-connected devices for this reason. 

It is because your smart devices are not smart enough. Your smart devices are smart only to do certain tasks. 

Their level of smartness on the security front is unreliable. You will have to be careful about their security for this reason. 

Identification of some common IoT device vulnerabilities is suggested for this reason.

Which Are Common IoT Device Vulnerabilities?


Identify them through routine security checks first. If needed, opt for sudden security checks of advanced level. We have got the list for you. Get rid of these vulnerabilities at the earliest. 

  • Passwords that are weak, easy to guess, or hard-coded. 
  • Open or insecure network services. 
  • Inability to update devices securely.
  • Use deprecated components’ use.
  • Insecure default settings as well as the transfer of data or storage of data.
  • Botnet attacks unreliable location of deployment. 
  • Zero encryption to protect data is another vulnerability. 
  • Unnecessary use or deployment of IoT devices.
  • Frequent use, reuse, or sharing of passwords is another vulnerability.  

Protection Against IoT Hacking And Remote Work Hassles


You must be thinking about it. Protection is the only way of prevention. Let us tell you some security measures. Use these security measures to protect your smart connected devices. 

  • Regularly change default router settings. 
  • Disconnect your IoT devices immediately after use. 
  • Ensure a strong password. 
  • Do not overuse or share the password with anyone. 
  • Avoid the use of Universal Plug And Play devices. 
  • All software or firmware must be updated regularly. 
  • Creating a separate network for IoT devices is another security measure. 
  • Buy an Anti-malware program in order to protect your IoT devices. 
  • Learn about your devices before their deployment. 
  • Think twice before deploying your devices anywhere. 
  • Wi-Fi security must be your top priority. 
  • Assigning an administrator of things is another useful security measure.
  • Apply segmentation of network.
  • Safeguard network security, IoT devices, and heavy use of GPS
  • Consider security tools in addition to the different protocols IoT devices use.

Every home or business needs to think about these security measures. 

Some Emerging Issues Are Also A Reason for It

Complex environments, 5G connectivity, and more remote work arrangements are these emerging issues. 

How is that possible? Our reliance on devices as well as technology for everything has multiplied. 

Everything in your office, home, or car is connected to the web. All members in your office or house have access to multiple devices. 

People want access to 5G connectivity in order to deliver their tasks fast. They want it, especially while working from home. 

Misconfiguration or mismanagement of devices in such a situation could result in a disaster. 

The Bottom Line

This is the way consumer devices are constantly multiplying security risks to the next level these days. Consumer devices usually add value to our lives in many ways.

Their future is bright for this reason. But it could be possible only after knowing about the risks they can pose and effective ways to keep those problems away.

The prevention of IoT hacking and remote work without hassles with the security measures suggested is the only way to ensure it.


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