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Electronic Devices Can Be Charged Using Wi-Fi By 2025

Electronic Devices Can Be Charged Using Wi-Fi By 2025 with these wire-free charging solutions.


Wi-Fi Charging Will Add A Value To Electronic Devices By 2025

Wi-fi charging is another form of wireless charging. Wireless charging technology has almost innovated the way we charge our electronic devices these days.

Most people prefer to charge their electronic devices without using traditional chargers. An entirely new form of it will be available for most of the public by 2025.

Most people will charge their electronics using Wireless Fidelity technology by 2025.

But how is this going to be possible?

This Is The Million Dollar Question

An Israeli company has already put its foot forward in this direction. This company is the first in the world to do so. 

Wi-Charge has introduced an Over-The-Air Wireless Charging System based on Infrared Technology.


Their product is a transmitter mounted on the ceiling of your house or office. It then converts electromagnetic radiation that beams the charge to your electronics up to 30 meters away.

What does it mean? It just means that you need not worry while using your gadgets for something important. Your laptop, electric vehicles, smartphones, trimmers, smartwatches, and game controllers will remain charged all the time.

Their device converts electricity into infrared radiation invisible to human eyes. What is more important is that this infrared radiation is safe for exposure.

A couple of chip-sized receivers embedded in devices first absorb the radiation. Those chip-sized receivers turn the same radiation back to electricity.

In a word, we are on our way to charging our electronics wirelessly.

Even scientists have also published their work online about it.

You may call Wi-Fi charging the next version of wireless charging. Such an innovation could take things a step further beyond your imagination.

World Wireless Charging Patent Landscape Report 2017-2025 – Research and Markets has also confirmed the utility of such a charging technology in the future. 

Some More Companies Are Working On Wi-Fi Charging Technology?


Your vehicles are also about to fall into the category of electronics. Such a thing is happening these days. But some companies have decided to work on wireless charging of your electronic gadgets.

We have decided to list their names in separate categories for this reason. 

Companies Working on Building Wi-Fi Charging Stations For Your Electric Vehicles

Go through their list below:

  • WiTricity Corporation 
  • Wave Inc.
  • Momentum Wireless Power
  • Mojo Mobility Inc.
  • Hevo Inc. 
  • Continental AG
  • Daihen Corporation
  • Electreon Inc. 
  • Elix
  • Groupe Delachaux 
  • Siemens

The strategic investment of Siemens in WiTricity to advance the wireless charging of EVs is compelling evidence of it.


Siemens and WiTricity will work on driving the adoption of the following standards:

  • Open standards in the domain of Wireless charging.
  • Interoperable standards in the domain of Wi-Fi charging.

They will do so for the purpose of developing electric vehicle infrastructure worldwide. Moreover, Siemens has already licensed their technology for wireless EV Charging Gadgets of the future.

List of Companies Developing Wi-Fi-Based Charging Solutions For Other Electronic Devices:

Many more companies are working on this unique concept. Almost all of them are working on the development of unique wireless charging systems for different needs.

We suggest you read below for this reason. You will know four things as a result.

  • First, their names.
  • Second, their solutions.
  • Third, the types of charging solutions they are building.
  • A list of protocols being used is another thing you will know.

Names Of Companies

Wireless Power (WiPo)

Human mobility will improve significantly with wireless charging technology. Power cord’s length and the availability of the power source will not be a problem anymore. It is possible with the transfer of wireless power that includes the following 

  • Magnetic induction.
  • Conductive power.
  • Far-field electric transmission.

WiPO is working on one such project. WIPO is a South African startup dedicated to the development of wireless charging drones. All developers at WiPO want to make wireless charging for drones.


Electrical wires in some domains prove to be costly as well as life-threatening. Many businesses lose billions of dollars just because of damage to electric wires installed. Even millions of workers die because of electrical shocks or short circuits that happen because of damage to wires.

In2Power wants to reduce or eliminate such a big issue. In2Power has decided to develop a system that charges electronic devices wirelessly. This product is dedicated to electronic devices used and installed in a warehouse.


Every industry needs different electrical infrastructure. All this infrastructure is based on a different technology. These electrical gadgets are charged using a different type of charging technology.

Qi is the most common among such charging technologies. QI is an open interface standard dedicated to the wireless transfer of power with inductive charging. Your devices can be charged with it over a distance of up to 4 meters.

NeahtId is a Chilean startup. NeahtID has dedicated its resources as well as infrastructure to the development of an electromagnetic induction technology. They want to create unique wi-fi-based charging solutions for various industries.

Aladyn System

Magnetic resonance technology is also gaining popularity these days. Wire-free charging of electronic gadgets is at greater distances with it. Magnetic fields are usually used for this purpose.

Aladyn System, based out of Spain, is also working on one such charging solution. Aladyn System’s wire-free charging solution usually extends the charging range up to 30 metres.

Types of Wire-Free Charging

Many of these companies develop charging solutions that use one of the following types of wire-free charging:

  • Radio Charging.
  • Inductive Charging or Near Field Charging.
  • Resonance Charging.

You must do some thinking before or while making your choice. In other words, think about it as people and modern businesses nowadays want to charge their electronic devices wire-free. Do not mind seeking valuable advice from an expert, if needed.


✅ Is FLI Charge Working On Developing A Wire-Free Charging Solution For Electric Gadgets?

Yes! FLI Charge is working on developing a wire-free charging solution based on Conductive Wireless Charging technology.

✅ Is There Any Company Building Wi-Fi-Based Charging Station For EVs?

Several companies are building Wi-Fi-based charging technology these days. In a word, their charging solution will help electric vehicle owners charge their EVs with the help of wi-fi technology.

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