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PlayStation Plus Games Free Launched For February 2023

Sony Launches Four PS Plus February 2023 Games Instead of the three games only.


Sony Unveils PS Plus Games 2023 February Lineup For Gaming Freaks


Your wait is over! Sony has finally revealed the PS Plus Games February 2023 lineup. There seems to be good news for all gamers.

This month’s lineup includes four games instead of three games. The PlayStation has also stamped the news.

Which Games Are Part of The Launch?

Millions of PlayStation lovers will get their hands on four games this time. Listed below are the games all gamers like you can enjoy:

  • First, OlliOlli World:
  • Second, Evil Dead: The Game 
  • Third, Mafia: Definitive Edition
  • Destiny 2: Beyond Light

OlliOlli World


A wonderful sports/skating platformer for you. Try it once if you are a sports or skating lover.

What is more important is the count of amazing reviews this game has earned worldwide. All skating lovers like you will love it for many reasons. Try it once.

Evil Dead


It is your best chance to save the world like a superhero in sci-movies. Evil Dead takes the tradition of asymmetrical horror shooters to the next level.

Games like Dead By Daylight have popularised this trend. You can now step into the shoes of Ash Williams and friends retorting Kandarian Demon (A Demon).

Mafia: Definitive Edition


PS Games Plus 2023 has introduced another amazing game. Mafia: Definitive Edition will steal your heart with amazing quality graphics.

There are no side quests in it. More focus is on a linear story similar to GTA. its story is about the following points:

  • Old-school mafia families.
  • The dangerous life of organised crime.

All graphics have been updated in it.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light



Sony Launched Destiny 2 a couple of years ago. Most gamers did not get their hands on it for some reason unknown.

Therefore, you may call Beyond Light a big expansion of Destiny 2. Sony must be expecting it to satisfy the appetite of subscribers who want to play it desperately.

Any Tiers For Gamers?

Absolutely! There are a couple of tiers for gaming freaks. Following are the tiers for you:

  • Essential
  • Extra
  • Premium

Let us explain these tiers to you.

Just wait for the middle of the month for PS Plus Extra and Premium to come to service. You will get your hands on these then. Three games are always released with it.

These three games will hit the market on the first Tuesday of the month whereas PS Extra/Premium will likely release on the 21st of February 2023.

A couple of freebies and other things may be released as a part of the Playstation Plus Games February 2023 Essential Tier. These Freebies could be a couple of VR Titles as well as a PSVR2 headset.

Are You Waiting For Next Month’s Playstation Plus Games 2023 Release?

Experience the greatness of amazing gaming in February 2023 first. Your experience will connect you more with PS plus games scheduled to be launched in March.

Moreover, you can build your wish list and add a couple of games to it as per your choice.


✅ Which Games Could Be Released As A Part of PS Games Plus 2023 Next Month?

The Order 1886, Sackboy: A Big Adventure, Fenyx: Immortals Rising, Cult Of The Lamb, Sifu, Nier: Automata, and Insurgency Sandstorm could be released as a part of it.

✅ Is Mafia Definitive Edition The Copy of GTA?

It is like GTA. But it is not a copy of GTA. Play it once and you will realise it.

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