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Who Is Winning The AI Battle? Google or Microsoft?

Who will get advantage with AI based search? Microsoft Google or OpenAI?


Microsoft And Google – AI Battle of Tech Heavyweights

Microsoft and Google have come face to face on the AI front. Microsoft has invested heavily in OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

The investment of $10 million from Microsoft is compelling evidence of it. What is more important is that the tech giant has integrated Bing and Edge Browser.

Everyone at Google is having sleepless nights because of this battle of tech rivalry. The search giant also decided to step ahead for this reason.

Google introduced Bard AI just a couple of weeks later.

But ChatGPT seems to be leading the battle at this point. Bard AI of Google is new compared to its rival. It has even resulted in a financial loss of more than $100 Billion for Google.

This battle of technology innovation between Google and Microsoft will only get fierce. We will try to figure out the direction of this battle between these two technology heavyweights.

Who Is Leading The AI Battle? Google Or Microsoft?

This can be determined only when we know the actual beneficiary in their battle. Take a look below at the list of beneficiaries in this battle:

  • Website Owners.
  • SEO Professionals.
  • Users.
  • Bloggers.
  • Advertisers.

Is it possible? Team Microsoft has tried to kill two birds with one stone. They have tried to prove their Edge Browser and Bing Search Engine better than Google Chrome and Google Search Engine.

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But How?

That is a million-dollar question. Have you heard about the following?

  • Investment of $10 billion in ChatGPT by Microsoft.
  • Integration of ChatGPT in Microsoft’s Bing Search Engine. 
  • Edge Browser of Microsoft will have a ChatGPT integrated with it. 

These are some announcements from the side of Microsoft.

Bing Will Do Almost Everything For You

The list includes but is not limited to the following only:

  • Better search results.
  • Answers to search queries like ChatGPT or OpenAI.
  • Creation of Linkedin posts and social media profiles.
  • Article writing as well as travel planning.
  • Cuisine menu plan for your dinner party.
  • Preparation of art ideas you can try with kids will be another thing AI-powered Bing will do for you.

Bing will also help you plan for your holidays, coding projects, studies, and writing a rhyme scheme in addition to doing everything mentioned above.

Users like you will not have to search for these things in the search results.

Have Googlers put their hand up? ChatGPT has given a significant lead to Microsoft Bing and Edge on the business front.

Things sometimes are not the way they look like. Users must look at the other side of the coin for this reason.

Even Edge Become Smarter

Use it once and you will realize some innovation in it. Edge will now offer you edge while preparing the following:

  • Preparing a Facebook post.
  • Binding a Linkedin Post.
  • Working on a document.

Where do you see this battle heading? Google is going to be far behind in this battle. Most credit for it goes to the AI technology Microsoft has been using for some time.

They have also put their step forward in this direction before Google could even think about it.

The Role of OpenAI

OpenAI is playing a key role in this battle. Prometheus Model of Open AI will power the AI avatar of the Bing Search Engine. OpenAI is at the cusp of launching ChatGPT version 4.0.

Several versions of it are already available in the market. But nobody knows about the presence of OpenAI’s Prometheus Model in even a single version of ChatGPT.

Things take a tricky turn here. Everyone will have to understand the changes OpenAI technology is introducing in Bing Search Engine.

Only then you will be able to get the direction of this AI battle between Microsoft and Google to some extent.

Increased core search engine index of Bing, better user experience on Bing Search Engine, and a chatbot with search on Bing are those three massive changes.

What Does It Mean?

Is Microsoft unable to compete directly with Google on the search front? Has Microsoft accepted it? Is the fight on the search front in the hands of OpenAI?

Many such questions must be arising in the mind of an SEO professional like you. It is because OpenAI’s model is doing everything.

Where is Microsoft in this battle? Let us tell you about it in clear words.

Team Microsoft did not say even a single word about themselves. They have kept their focus entirely on OpenAI and their technology throughout the promotional event.

All in all, Microsoft is simply using OpenAI as a shoulder to fire a bullet at Google on the search front. A recent investment of $10 billion in OpenAI’s ChatGPT says everything about it.

How Will Microsoft Offer Compensation To Websites?

ChatGPT shows links to content in the search. These links are sources of the platform that ChatGPT uses for generating content to answer users’ queries.

Bing chatbot will offer all the information to users, says Microsoft. Why will users visit the webpage? Will it not result in loss to website owners?

Bing Chatbot will also show ads. But it will generate revenue for Microsoft instead of the advertisers or website owners.

Microsoft has not said anything about sharing revenue with content creators or website owners. Why will website owners create content if they are not likely to get any share of the revenue?

Team Microsoft was working in collaboration with OpenAI for almost three years. Why didn’t Microsoft buy OpenAI three years back then?

Does Microsoft want users to get rid of searches based on 10 Blue Links? Is it happening or not?

Users need to pay $20 per month in order to use Pro Version ChatGPT. But Bing Chat is free? Does it reduce the quality of answers to queries in Bing Chat?

Search Engines do a lot more work than search only. Does Microsoft have any plan to deal with other tasks that OpenAI currently cannot do?

Microsoft needs to think about it from the business perspective for the following reasons:

  • AI is a language model instead of a magic wand capable of solving all problems. 
  • Open AI currently cannot solve crawling-related issues through OpenAI. 
  • Open AI can emerge as the next big thing on the search front during this battle of AI between Microsoft and Google.

Any Reason?

Google has backups in the form of various products like Maps, Forms, YouTube, Gmail, and Google Drive. OpenAI does not have an alternative to these products of Google at this crucial juncture.

Google’s market share of these products is constantly reaching the next level. On the other hand,

Microsoft’s market share on the desktop and windows front is reducing significantly. Moreover, the company’s market share on the search front is also experiencing a downfall.

Edge browser is also doing well on the market front. Even the mobile operating system of Microsoft closed years ago.

The Bottom Line

It is a catfight now. OpenAI has a full chance to play the monkey in this catfight. The chances of it are very high in the time to come. However, nothing can be said about the future.

It is because Microsoft has played a masterstroke at the right time. But Google also has several backups to deal with its impact and come back strong despite losing the $100 billion value of shares in the market because of Bard AI’s mistake.

All in all, this catfight between Microsoft and Google is getting interesting these days.


✅ Has Google Also Introduced Its AI Bot?

Yes! Bard AI is the name of it.

✅ Will Microsoft Win This Battle?

It is difficult to say anything about it currently. It is because Google has also jumped in with Bard AI. Moreover, OpenAI can also ditch Microsoft later on this front.

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