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AI content: Is it helpful or spam?

Learn Google’s take on AI generated content for Adsense and SEO for business growth online in 2023.

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The concept of AI content is the talk of the town these days. Most online content creators and digital marketing agencies want to leverage the potential of this innovation.

Its popularity is increasing in several sectors. The list includes but is not limited to the following only:

  • Supply chain
  • Food industry
  • Chatbots
  • Content 
  • Image generation
  • ChatGPT

Tons of such writers, chatbots, and similar tools are available online these days. Google and most other search engines do not like content generated using such tools.

Are AI Writers Bane or Boon?

This is something we are about to discuss in this post. We will discuss the following things about it for this reason:

  • What does Google say about it?
  • Does Google Adsense accept artificially generated content?
  • Is such content good for SEO
  • Why does Google consider it Spam?

Let us talk about these things one by one.

What does Google say about it?

Google will always consider it spam. Such content will not be considered valuable for readers.

More importantly, the content generated by artificially intelligent writing tools is not valuable for businesses from the SEO perspective.

It is because such content is merely a collection of synonyms, antonyms, or a couple of words spun. Your target audience is not likely to get the value of their time and search efforts.

Google considers this type of content spam for this reason.

Does Google Adsense accept artificially generated content?

You have asked another million-dollar question. What is more important is that we have the answer for you. Websites having artificially generated content are not considered eligible for Google AdSense.

Is Such Content Good For SEO? 

Any content generated using tools like ChatGPT has its place in SEO. But don’t be mistaken here. Moreover, content written using writing tools available online yield results based on the following factors:

  • The reason you are writing such content.
  • Where are you?
  • How are you using it?

 for business growth on the digital front.

Why does Google consider it Spam?

Global online search leader spams it for various reasons. Such as…

  • AI content is similar to the content produced using content spinners.  
  • Secondly, such content is produced using tools and technologies. In other words, tools are tools and technology is technology. None of these can be good enough to understand the content consumption needs of your target audience. 
  • Even the quality of such content is usually terrible. 
  • More importantly, automatically produced content is mostly gibberish and meaningless for your readers. 
  • Only a human writer can understand the psychology of your target audience and produce meaningful content accordingly.

Wrapping Up!

All in all, humans have created technology and tools. Their output cannot be better than the output of humans for this reason.

Global search leader penalises websites loaded with AI Content for this reason. Are you thinking about using artificial intelligence for content production in the near future for your business?

It may not be a good idea from the SEO perspective. But you can still try it once if you do not believe us.


✅ What Are The Pros Of AI Generated Content?

Efficiency, scalability, cost-effective production of content, and no writer’s block are some benefits.

✅ What Are The Cons of AI Content?

There are many cons of such content. Lack of creativity in content, lack of personalisation in content, lack of ability to generate new ideas, human editing skills are required, quality suffers because of plagiarism and many more reasons. Algorithms also devalue content in Google SERPs.

  1. As a representative of AI Says, I found this article on AI content to be insightful and thought-provoking. With the rapid advancement in AI technology, it’s no surprise that online content creators and digital marketing agencies are eager to harness its potential. At AI Says, we believe that AI-generated content has the potential to be both helpful and efficient, provided it is used responsibly and ethically.

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