List of state's tableau with images for Republic Day 2024 List of state's tableau with images for Republic Day 2024

List of state’s tableau with images for Republic Day 2024

Get ready for a vibrant parade of India’s diverse regional cultures! January 26th marks India’s 75th Republic Day.

Get ready for a vibrant parade of India’s diverse regional cultures! January 26th marks India’s 75th Republic Day. This is the perfect time to honor the adoption of its constitution in 1950. Festivities explode in patriotic splendor across the country. This is especially during the magnificent parade in New Delhi. This Republic Day parade boasts proud displays of India’s heritage along with its military feats. Yet, the star attractions are the creative tableaux conceived by each Indian state and territory.

In 2024, Republic Day will celebrate its 75th anniversary. 29 states and territories will have colorful tableaux. Their tableaux will roll along Rajpath during the parade. Only 2 tableaux per state were picked after competition. The Republic Day 2024 tableaux have different themes. There are some tableau themes for Republic Day that honor essential workers and government programs. Others showcase tribal folk dances or industries. It adds to the parade’s vibrancy by showcasing the variety of Indian regions.

This Republic Day blog will uncover the beauty behind the state tableau through dazzling photographs. Besides dignitaries and spectators, television viewers across India will see these moving exhibits. The tableau encapsulates India’s national motto – Unity in Diversity!

We all will see India’s unity in diversity on Republic Day!

As the tableaux move in the parade, they look lovely. The images are a visual treat for people at the parade or on TV. This blog will showcase photos of the 2024 state tableaux. Read on to preview the creative designs being paraded on January 26th!

Some unique tableau this year are:

Ladakh shows astronomy buildings and regional art. Jammu and Kashmir highlights crafts and royal history. Maharashtra displays the Ajanta and Ellora monuments. Tamil Nadu and Kerala have images of their famous temple festivals. Many tribal dances and arts will be featured too.

The parade tableaux give a glimpse of India’s federal diversity. As India marks its 75th Republic Day, check out the impressive state concepts that stand out to you!

Vibrant Vignettes: Exploring Regional Tableau Designs for India Republic Day Celebrations

India’s Republic Day on January 26 commemorates the adoption of its constitution in 1950. A grand parade is held in New Delhi featuring Republic Day cultural displays and achievements. Parade visuals for Republic Day highlight state representations that reflect regional diversity. These tableaux encapsulate the socio-cultural identity of the states through colorful designs, music, dance, and more.

As India celebrates the 75th Republic Day in 2024, states have innovative state representations on Republic Day planned centered on regional themes. Below we explore the key design concepts set to be unveiled at the 2024 Republic Day parade by various states and union territories:

The following lists the states’ and UTs’ proposed tableau designs:

1. Design by Andhra Pradesh

Tableau Design by Andhra PradeshAndhra Pradesh plans to spotlight its strides in education through the Republic Day tableau. The state aims to artistically depict the burgeoning landscape of new schools and institutes nurturing young minds. Alongside state-of-the-art education infrastructure, the skillful performers attired in vibrant costumes will also showcase Andhra’s pride. And that is the Kuchipudi classical dance form.

The fusion of education and cultural heritage in Andhra Pradesh’s parade exhibit truly symbolizes the state’s prosperous journey into the future while upholding its traditions.

2. Design by Arunachal Pradesh

Tableau Design by Arunachal PradeshArunachal Pradesh plans to bring alive the essence of everyday living through their Republic Day tableau. The exhibit will showcase the cultural mainstays behind the local lifestyle using vibrant imagery. The concept involves artistically framing signature homegrown garden fruits and vegetables that are a staple of meals. Alongside, indigenous handicrafts used to ornate traditional houses will take the spotlight.

The tableau will also highlight clothing tailoring by tribal communities practising their heirloom sewing skills handed down over generations. Through such aesthetics, the state wishes its rich living culture and traditions to gleam at the forefront. Their tableau truly encapsulates the integral spirit of community in Arunachal daily life.

3. Design by Assam

Tableau Design by AssamAssam’s tableau concept revolves around promoting the state’s agricultural prowess. It will show the cultivation and harvesting process. This will also showcase the trade of Assam’s prized special orthodox tea through colorful infographics and images. Moreover, they will highlight the dance of Assam in the proper dance costumes in their visuals.

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4. Design by Bihar

Tableau Design by BiharBihar’s tableau showcases the state’s agrarian essence through vibrant crop displays while highlighting rural electrification and road infrastructure growth. Elaborate rituals integral to Bihar’s identity will also be depicted in the exhibit, fusing culture with development.

5. Design by Chhattisgarh

Tableau Design by ChhattisgarhThe Chhattisgarh tableau will accentuate the tribal musical heritage of the state. They will show it with performances by Bastar folk artists and dancers decked out in vibrant attire. Images of traditional music instruments will also be an integral tableau element.

6. Design by Dadar & Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu

Tableau Design by Dadar & Nagar Haveli and Daman & DiuThe Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu tableau highlight twin state identity by framing the imposing Daman Fort alongside vibrant cultural and cuisine depictions. The core focus is on showcasing the states’ education infrastructure and empowering future citizens.

7. Design by Delhi

Tableau Design by DelhiDelhi’s tableau profiles the preserved North and South block buildings amidst Central Vista’s redevelopment displaying the blend of heritage and progress. The exhibit then spotlights Delhi’s healthcare and education infrastructure empowering citizens with accessibility and growth opportunities.

8. Design by Goa

Tableau Design by GoaGoa focuses on environmental awareness by displaying visuals of protected wildlife sanctuaries and species. This will include flora and fauna native to the Western Ghats region within its territory.

9. Design by Gujarat

Tableau Design by GujaratGujarat plans to highlight regional transport glory by profiling the historic shipbuilding industry of Mandvi. This is due to intricate tableaux designs complemented by folk performances. Gujrat will also be part of India’s diverse cultures in parade.

10. Design by Haryana

Tableau Design by HaryanaHaryana’s tableau honors farmers by framing the agricultural cycle while depicting the state’s boosting of literacy, healthcare access and pensions – thus celebrating both the agrarian spirit and welfare initiatives for citizens.

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11. Design by Jammu & Kashmir

Tableau Design by Jammu & KashmirJammu and Kashmir’s tableau depicts popular winter sports and traditions from the Kashmir valley. This includes skiing, sledding, and more. They wanted to bring alive the winter allure in this Republic Day parade.

12. Design by Jharkhand

Tableau Design by JharkhandJharkhand shines a light on its tribal art legacy through Sohrai Khovar murals – intricately painted heirlooms conserved by communities upholding ancient heritage. Visuals also capture the state’s wildlife sanctuaries, educational infrastructure, and the vibrant, athletic Chhau tribal dance. This showcase honors Jharkhand’s indigenous roots and powers its future.

13. Design by Karnataka

Tableau Design by KarnatakaKarnataka’s tableau celebrates the state’s rich culture – ancient wedding rituals, a progressive education system, diverse nature-cure destinations, iconic landmarks, renowned dance forms and scientific prowess. This carefully curated exhibit encapsulates Karnataka’s cultural kaleidoscope for the national stage.

14. Design by Kerala

Tableau Design by KeralaGod’s Own Country scripts an eco-success through its tableau. Spotlighting backwater tourism and flourishing rural economies via houseboat cruises and resorts boost conservation. Alongside, Kerala puts forth the pillars of its quality of life – progressive education, accessible healthcare, efficient infrastructure and abiding spiritual traditions. This canvas celebrates Kerala’s sustainable model empowering communities as guardians of their green abode.

15. Design by Ladakh

Tableau Design by LadakhThe Ladakh design aims to raise ecological awareness through creative imagery of melting glaciers and landscapes scarred by the climate crisis along with future solutions. Moreover, you will see their winter attire and famous dance forms in this design.

16. Design by Lakshadweep

Tableau Design by LakshadweepPromoting eco-adventure and sports fishing, the Lakshadweep tableau will aesthetically feature pristine lagoons, marine life conservation, sailing, deep sea fishing, and more.

17. Design by Madhya Pradesh

Tableau Design by Madhya PradeshMadhya Pradesh selected a spiritual design theme portraying Ujjain’s iconic Mahakaleshwar Temple coupled with visuals of popular religious destinations across the state. You will see famous attire and dancing ladies in the design as well.

18. Design by Maharashtra

Tableau Design by MaharashtraMaharashtra’s tableau blends past and future – Portraying the Maratha empire’s rich history, valorous martyrs and Lavani’s rhythmic allure while envisioning an eco-conscious future where renewable energy propels farms, ecology nourishes industry and innovation drives growth. This unified canvas odes to Maharashtra’s glorious heritage and sustainability blueprint balancing development with ecological responsibility.

19. Design by Manipur

Tableau Design by ManipurManipur’s tableau celebrates enduring indigenous artistry – portraying pottery, handloom weaving and silver jewelry craftsmanship thriving for centuries. It also commemorates the 1944 women’s agitation, a historic movement for democracy that marked a revolutionary stride towards India’s hard-won freedom.

20. Design by Meghalaya

Tableau Design by MeghalayaMeghalaya’s tableau is an ode to its living heritage – portraying indigenous attire, bountiful orchards, and captivating dances that encapsulate the culture of the Khasi-Garo Hills. Vignettes of locals sporting vibrant handwoven dresses, performing lyrical dances with the verdant hills abounding in fruit trees provide an authentic glimpse into the soul of the state. This unified exhibit spotlights Meghalaya’s enduring artistry and traditions.

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21. Design by Odisha

Tableau Design by OdishaOdisha shines the spotlight on intrinsic tribal jewelry styles passed down through generations, beloved classical dance forms and enterprising women spreading entrepreneurial wings. The tableau also depicts rapid, yet rooted development with elderly ladies and educated new-age women – symbolic of tradition and technology thriving in unison.

22. Design by Punjab

Tableau Design by PunjabPunjab submitted 7 tableau designs where you can see the whole culture of Punjab. Punjab’s tableau showcases the iconic Langar-Sewa tradition of selfless service and community sharing integral to Sikh temples. The exhibit also vibrantly captures Punjab’s cultural glory beyond religion through aesthetics and symbolism. Viewers take a journey through the state’s rich history – from Sikh gurus’ valor to Bhangra harvest dances to embroidery arts depicting rural heritage.

Moreover, scenes of freedom fighters and army bravery represent Punjab’s sacrificial spirit. This diverse vignette conveys the langar ethos binding together Punjab’s rituals, music, skill and honor – portraying an empowering tapestry of oneness.

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23. Design by Rajasthan

Tableau Design by RajasthanRajasthan’s Republic Day tableau is an exotic invitation to experience the state’s rich regal heritage and vibrant culture. Rajasthan submitted 6 Republic Day tableau designs. The exhibit reflects the royal grandeur of ornate palaces. And also imposing forts dotting the desert state through intricate miniature models.

Alongside stand vibrant depictions of performing folk artists and dancers. They are decked in swirling Ghaghara dresses showcasing lavish crafts and traditions passed down through centuries. From majestic camel processions and bustling bazaar scenes portraying a lively ecosystem. This will aesthetically frame views of the pink city, amber forts and hill forts. The tableau design perfectly encapsulates the flavors of Rajasthan’s history, architecture, attire, art and music into one exotic visual feast for the eyes.

24. Design by Tamil Nadu

Tableau Design by Tamil NaduTamil Nadu’s tableau creatively fuses ancient architecture and modern governance. Prominent UNESCO temples aesthetically frame the backdrop, while symbolic visuals of inclusive welfare schemes reflect progressive development. The juxtaposition conveys meaning – ancient monuments represent a civilizational foundation while schemes signify compassionate governance building the future upon that legacy. Overall the tableau binds antiquity and modernity through aesthetics rather than literal depiction.

25. Design by Tripura

Tableau Design by TripuraTripura’s tableau uniquely fuses ethno-medical heritage and development. Indigenous healing practices are juxtaposed with images of modern infrastructure expansion. The contrast depicts an empowering fusion – while Tripura rapidly progresses aided by a transport overhaul. It also conserves its roots by upholding ancient therapeutic wisdom. Overall, the composite portrayal conveys balanced advancement.

26. Design by Uttar Pradesh

Tableau Design by Uttar PradeshThe proposed Uttar Pradesh tableau aims to pay tribute to the iconic river Ganga through a spiritual design showcasing the ancient city of Kashi nestled along the banks of the holy river. They are trying to showcase the culture of Uttar Pradesh.

27. Design by Uttarakhand

Tableau Design by UttarakhandUttarakhand’s Republic Day tableau is a vivid invitation to the state’s scenic natural beauty and cultural vibrancy. Uttarakhand’s tableau frames the state’s picturesque natural beauty – from Himalayan falls to wildlife parks – juxtaposed with cultural symbols like heritage temples and Garhwali folk dances. Adventure activities depict the eco-tourism push while conservation efforts convey sustainable development. The core message is boosting spiritual and eco-travel aligned with sustainability.

28. Design by West Bengal

Tableau Design by West BengalWest Bengal’s tableau depicts tribal artists showcasing folk music symbolic of the rural essence. This frames the state’s inclusive human development efforts – boosting education, healthcare and sustainable livelihoods for marginalized communities. The imagery binds artistic heritage with welfare progress – conveying cultural protection and social advancement in tandem.

Grand Conclusion of Republic Day State Entries

As India turns 75 years as a Republic, the parade will feature tableaus from diverse Indian states. Republic Day state entries provide creative snapshots. The tableaus reflect regional culture, heritage, and achievements. The artistic designs highlight the Indian states in parade in commemoration.

Note: The final tableau designs are currently under review. It will be decided by the Government of India how India’s rich cultural heritage will be displayed. The Government is “Inviting Opinions/ Ideas on Tableau Designs for States/UTs & Ministries for the Republic Day Celebration 2024“.

All the above information and images is taken from the

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✅ Who will grace the 2024 Republic Day celebrations in India as Chief Guest?

The Chief Guest invited to the 75th Republic Day is Emmanuel Macron, President of France, attending at the invitation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

✅ What are the official themes for India’s 2024 Republic Day marking 75 years of the Constitution?

The twin themes for the 75th Republic Day are “India – Mother of Democracy” underscoring India’s democratic ethos and “Viksit Bharat” envisioning a Developed India, to be portrayed at the celebrations on Kartavya Path, New Delhi.

✅ Which state won on Republic Day 2024?

The Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA) jubilantly declared the victory of its Ministry of Culture tableau, claiming the coveted first place award at the 2024 Republic Day Celebration Parade. (Source)

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