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Meet Ariana Jalia – World’s Youngest Entrepreneur And A Multitalented Celebrity

Meet Ariana Jalia, the world’s youngest entrepreneur, multi-time award-winning actor, director, producer, writer, songster, and game maker.

We usually love to know about celebrities and their life. This makes the life of these people differ in many ways.

Even their sneeze makes headlines. Celebrities usually inspire people to climb the growth ladder in their life.

Most people in the world get inspired by unusual celebrities. This post is for the purpose of throwing light on the life of one such famous girl.

Who Is The Celebrity?

She is only an 11-year-old schoolgoer. Millions of people follow her on Spotify and YouTube in addition to Instagram.

The United States of America is her homeland. Her name is Ariana Jalia. As has been noted, Ariana has appeared in various TV shows. 

Given below is the list of some popular shows she has appeared in:

  • Little Big Shots, Steve Harvey.
  • Varney & Company.
  • AOL Build.
  • Fox News.
  • New York Live

The list does not end here only. 

Ariana Jalia – The Actress

Furthermore, she has done amazing work in multiple movies as well as mini-series.  Her performance in movies such as A Mouthful of Air 2021 as well as Harlem (TV Series) in 2021.

How can we forget about the way she won millions of hearts worldwide with her acting prowess in  Manifest (TV-Series)? Prodigal Son (TV-Series) 2020 won her a couple of more acting deals.

Family and Me added another key milestone in her career in 2021. As a result, her directorial, production, and writing debut became a perfect example of success in Hollywood.

Director And Producer

It is important to realize the way her penchant for learning new things is growing rapidly. In the like manner, content direction and production are two more things she has mastered at such a tender age. Family and Me speaks volumes about it in the like manner.

A Writer

Do you know what is more important for you to know about her? Writing is another capability she has added to her skill set.

Again, the story of Family and ME proves the quality of her content writing skills. As a result, Ariana Jalia today is a celebrity everyone knows in the United States and worldwide. 

An Author

Only God knows about the heights of success this little big shot will achieve by the end of her life. Even Steve Harvey calls her a Little Big Shot for a reason.

A long list of books co-authoered by her proves it. Presented below is the list of books she and her mother has co-authoered:

  • Sold At Barned And Noble.
  • 7 Secrets to Raising Smart Kids.
  • Zen the Sh*t Out of Life: A Journal for Practicing the Art of Kicking Ass.
  • Dog Journal: Cute Dog Hello Journal.
  • AJ’s Birthday Surprise.
  • Mommy B and Me.
  • Cute Christmas Santa Cat Journal.
  • Dog Journal.
  • My Thoughts – The Pampered Cat: Your Secret Journal.

Dalli Simmons (her mother) and Ariana have written more than 120 books. These books are selling online like a hot cake.

Again, the list includes but is not limited to the following only:

  • GoodReads.
  • ThriftBooks.
  • Amazon.
  • eBay
  • Bklyner
  • AbeBooks

Ariana Jalia – The Singer And Song Writer

Are you her fan? Do you love to hear ethereal songs? Is listening to fresh voices your hobby also? What’s your answer to these questions?

You must listen to her songs available on YouTube. Every single song conveys deep meaning. Not many children are blessed with such wisdom at such a tender age. But she seems to be an exceptional case.

Given below is the list of her popular songs:

  • My Butterfly One Day You Will Fly.
  • Spying On You.
  • Holding On.
  • Strawberry Chocolate.
  • God Loves You.
  • Friendship Lost.

Once more, the list does not end here only.

Her Tally of Awards

Everything she is touching is becoming gold. Multiple Hollywood Gold Awards, New York Movie Awards, and Best Shot competition awards prove it. Ariana’s award tally includes but is not limited to the following only:

Best Shorts Competition

Award of Recognition Winners 2021 in the category of Young Film Maker – 17 And Younger (Leading Actress).

Hollywood Gold Awards

  • First Time Director Gold Award Winner 2021 for Family And ME.
  • Best First Time Director Gold Award Winner 2021 for Family And ME.
  • Indie Short Film Silver Award Winner 2021 for Family And ME. 
  • Short Film Silver Award Winner 2021 for Family And ME.

New York Movie Awards

Winner of June Award Honourable Mention First Time Director 2021 for Family And ME.

Similarly, she was declared the winner of Honourable Mention First Time Director 2021 for Family And ME.

World’s Youngest Entrepreneur:

It is amazing to see the way this Little Big Shot talks about business and relevant terms. Another key thing she impresses everyone with is the quality of growth My Sunshine Magic has achieved under her leadership. She became the world’s youngest entrepreneur only at the age of five.

Founded in 2015, My Sunshine Magic falls in the category of a diversified entertainment and media company growing rapidly in the following domains also:

  • Video productions.
  • Music production.
  • Book publishing.
  • Merchandise.

Ariana Jalia the founder of My Sunshine Magic has introduced many more things on her company’s website.

Social Media Following

Fast growing social media following of Ariana is another thing you will be surprised by. Millions of her fans in addition to celebrities love to watch her videos.

Every single fan eagerly waits for her videos. They love to know about the latest happenings in her life through her social media handles. Such as…

All things considered, this Little Big Shot is on her way to scripting history with her acting, direction, production, writing, and business prowess.
God knows where she will end. For this reason, Ariana Jalia today is drinking her illustrious career in all domains to the fullest. Hopefully, her quality of success encourages millions to improve their life.


✅ How much is Ariana Jalia’s Net worth?

Ariana Jalia planned to have at least $3 million in her account by the age of 9. Ariana Jalia’s actual net worth is still not known.

✅ Is anyone helping Ariana Jalia climb the success ladder?

Ariana Jalia gives entire credit to her mother for helping her balance her educational and professional life. All in all, her mother is acting as the guiding light she needs.

✅ How many copies of Ariana Jalia’s songs and books have been sold so far?

Ariana Jalia has successfully sold more than 80,000 copies of her songs/videos and 500,000 copies of her books.

✅ How to contact Ariana Jalia for business and general inquiries.

You can email Dalli Simmons any time at for general and business inquiries.

✅ What are Ariana Jalia’s future plans or life goals?

Ariana Jalia wants to be a scientist and create AI-based intelligent toys to help kids enjoy their childhood. She said it during her appearance on Steve Harvey’s Little Big Shots show.

✅ What is the name of Ariana Jalia’s parents?

Dalli Simmons is her mother whereas the name of her father is not known to anyone.

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