Mother’s Day- The Joy and Pain Behind Mother’s Day- The Joy and Pain Behind

Mother’s Day- The Joy and Pain Behind

Mother’s Day is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of May month every year. Enjoy this mother’s day with your mother by giving her a perfect gift.

If you are here just to know when Mother’s Day is celebrated, then it is celebrated every year on the 2nd Sunday of May. Which is on Sun, May 14, 2023.

If you are going to save this date for every year, then wait because its date keeps changing according to the 2nd Sunday of May.

We hope that now when someone asks about the date of the celebration, you will not give the wrong answer. Also don’t forget to honor your mom on this special day. 

Whether it’s by cooking them a meal or giving them a surprise visit. Even if you can’t do much about it, try to wish them once by calling them or by making a video call.

What is Mother’s Day? History & Importance

Mother’s Day is a holiday celebrated in honor of mothers and motherhood, as well as maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society. 

It is celebrated in many countries throughout the world, with its modern form originating in the United States. The holiday was originated by Anna Jarvis of Philadelphia, who held a memorial service for her late mother in 1907. 

Within five years, virtually every state in the US was observing the day, and it has since spread to other countries. The holiday celebrates the varied roles of mothers and maternal figures in society.

The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness.” —Honore de Balzac

The Painful Side of Mother’s Day

For some who have lost their mother, this day may be painful. Apart from this, there will be some mothers who have lost their children or have gone away from them. 

For some, the holiday can be a day of reconciliation, while for others, it can make a difficult situation worse. The holiday can be tough for those who have a “complicated” mother or a bad relationship with their mother.

However, Mother’s Day can also be a day for contemplating how we’re connected to our mothers and for reconnecting with them. The holiday celebrates the varied roles of mothers and maternal figures in society.

How To Reconnect With The Joy of Mother’s Day?

Tips to reconnect with the joy of Mother’s Day include :

Spending some time with mother

If you are too young to do anything for your mother or gift her, then wish her by making a handmade card. Apart from this, you can take them to their favorite place. 

Video calling or calling may also be a good idea. The point is that you should spend some time with them or for them.

Creating a photo calendar or gift

Nothing can be better than someone’s memories. And what can be a better option than to cherish someone’s memories and gift them in the form of photos? You don’t need to do this only if your mother is with you. 

Hosting a selfie or photo contest

If you are feeling lonely on this day, then be a part of the crowd. One of the other photo contests is going on continuously on social media. You also share your and your mother’s photos with people.


In conclusion, Mother’s Day is a special occasion to celebrate and honor the most important women in our lives. It is a day to express gratitude, love, and appreciation for all the sacrifices and hard work that mothers do every day. 

From heartfelt messages to thoughtful gifts, there are many ways to show our love and appreciation on this special day. As we have seen, businesses and marketers also take advantage of this occasion to promote their products and services. 

However, it is important to remember that the true essence of Mother’s Day lies in the love and connection between mothers and their children. So, let us take this opportunity to cherish and celebrate the amazing mothers in our lives, not just on Mother’s Day, but every day.


✅ Is there Mother’s Day in India? 

Yes, Mother’s Day is celebrated in India along with all over the world. With the increase in internet users, awareness about it has also spread in young kids over India. Although it is not a public holiday, most businesses follow the holiday schedule and give their employees the day off.

✅ Why is English Mother’s Day different?

In the UK, Mother’s Day is connected to Easter, so the date of Mother’s Day changes every year as Easter’s date changes. When it comes to celebrating Mother’s Day, it is different from the rest of the world.

✅ What is the best message for Mother’s Day?

  • You are my first love Mom ♥️. 
  • Words can’t explain my love for you mom.
  • You are the glue that holds our family together. Thank you for being an amazing mom. Happy Mother’s Day!

✅ Why are mothers special?

Is this what we have to tell, you ask from your heart. Mothers are the primary caregivers for their children, providing them with love, support, and guidance as they grow and develop. They are role models and teachers, passing on their values, beliefs, and traditions to their children.

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