Google Launches BARD AI In 180 Countries With Major Upgrades Google Launches BARD AI In 180 Countries With Major Upgrades

Google Launches BARD AI In 180 Countries With Major Upgrades

Google Launches BARD AI and it is available in 180 countries with upgrades like PaLM 2 compatibility, ability to tie into tools and services.

Google Launches BARD AI and it is finally available for public use. The chatbot is still under development. Lots of innovations will be incorporated into it over time. 

Its future development is subject to the quality and nature of feedback provided by users. World’s largest search engine and internet service provider has made it official during its Developers Conference today. 

The search giant had already joined the AI battle long ago. The company showcased the world its new Text-To-Video AI Model while Dan Deacon enthralled the gathering with trippy, chip tune-esque electronic vocals. 

This psychedelic slideshow specifically featured the following: 

  • People in an office environment.
  • A trip through space.
  • Mutating ducks surrounded by mumbling lips.

The team showcased a variety of public-facing as well as Internal AI deployments during the event. In a word, it proved to be a great medium company needed to launch its big AI guns. Let us now give you a glimpse of it and its potential. 

Google Bard AI Is Public Now

AI battle is going to be far more serious than you imagined. World’s largest search engine has finally introduced its latest large language model. The team’s purpose is to make sure that their AI chatbots and other text-based services climb the popularity ladder rapidly. 

Developers have been able to incorporate a couple of major innovations into it for this reason. Its compatibility with PaLM 2 is compelling evidence of it. More importantly, 

The team has been making rapid improvements to Bard’s capabilities, said Sissie Hsiao, Vice President of Google Assistant and Bard. It’s been trained on more than 20 languages. Therefore, it can code easily, she cited. 

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How To Access It?

That is a million-dollar question. Millions of people have been asking this question for a long time. Bard AI is now officially available in almost 180 countries. It will be available in more than 40 languages soon. 

Generative AI will also be used to supercharge the internet giant’s leading search engine, said executives during the annual Google developers conference in Silicon Valley. 

Google’s CEO has also expressed his own opinion about the value it can offer to users. 

“As models get better and more capable, one of the most exciting opportunities is making them available for people to engage with directly,” Google CEO Sundar Pichai said while giving the keynote speech. “That’s the opportunity we have with Bard – our experiment for conversational AI.

Do you want to try it? Visit its official website and login using your existing Gmail account. 

Waitlist Restrictions Removed

The company has removed most waitlist restrictions. It is now more widely available. As a result, it is now more widely public in US and UK English to most people in the world. 

PaLM 2-Google Launches BARD AI In 180 Countries With Major UpgradesCompatibility With PaLM 2

This is another major upgrade this AI chatbot has received. Experts have called it a move that will help Google tackle multiple tasks simultaneously and especially in the following domains:

  • Mathematics
  • Programming
  • Reasoning
  • Understanding of code generated. 

Debugging code in more than 20 programming languages will also be possible. It can also help understand why code has been generated and how it is being utilised. 

Ties Into Tools And Services

This is another specialty of Bard AI. This is another major grade this chatbot has received. It now has the capacity to tie into other tools and services from Google and third parties. You have the power in your hands. 

You will be in a position to ask it to create an email or document. Once the content is ready, you can ask it to export the content to Gmail or Docs. What is more important is it will also work with Google Lens.  

You will be able to upload an image to the artificial intelligence for analysis. Once the image is uploaded, you can ask it to provide you with its caption and other content. 

More Visual Style

Users will fall in love with it soon. All credit goes to the way it will offer you more visual style through the display of the following in its responses:

  • Images
  • Tables
  • Other types of formatting

It will allow you to ask it to bookmark a particular place cited in its responses. Users will then be able to see the actual location of those places on maps. 

What is more important is the creation of tables as a part of the response. Tables can be moved to Google Sheets. Provided, users create the table as a part of the response. You will not see any change in the formatting of tables. 

Furthermore, it will have the capability to communicate with third-party products or apps leveraging the potential of supported apps. 

Image generation with it using Adobe Firefly Image Generator will be a perfect example of it. Google has shaken hands with Adobe for it. 

Everything said in this post is merely the tip of the iceberg! In a word, Google Bard AI will be able to do a lot more than it does now. Just play the waiting game for some time. You will see lots of innovations in it over time to help you get more out of it. 


✅ What Tasks Google Bard AI Can Tackle?

It can tackle multiple tasks at the same time. The list of examples includes but is not limited to tasks related to Mathematics, Programming, Reasoning, and Understanding of code generated only. 

✅ Can Bard AI Tie Into Tools And Services?

Yes! Bard AI can tie into the tools and services of Google and third parties. Try to ask it to prepare an email or document. Once the content is ready in your service, ask it to export it to Gmail or Docs. everything will happen smoothly and within a few seconds. 

✅ Has Google Partnered With Adobe Firefly?

Yes! Google has partnered with Adobe Firefly. AI images generated using Adobe Firefly Image Generator will be of the next level on the quality front. 

✅ How Many Programming Languages Bard AI Has Been Trained On?

It is constantly improving, said Google CEO Sundar Pichai and Sissie Hsiao, Vice President of Google Assistant and Bard. It has been trained on at least 20 programming languages. 

✅ How Many Languages Google Bard Ai Is Available In?

It is currently available in 40 languages including Korean, Japanese, and UK & US English. It has been rolled out for 180 countries of the world. 

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