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The Batman 2022 Release Date Is Nearing: Why All The Hype?

Batman 2022 (Director – Matt Reeves), starring Robert Pattinson, Paul Dano, and Zoë Kravitz is the most anticipated movie of 2022. Let’s look around the news and hype about this movie. 

The batman 2022 release date is nearing and the exact release date is 4th March 2022. Its trailer has garnered over 41 million views on youtube as we speak. The professionals behind the promising movie have claimed that this is potentially the best batman ever. Is it true? What are the clues we have that show what they say might be true? Let me clear that this blog is not a spoiler. This blog serves as an observation about the clues that are present in the trailer, interviews of the stars involved, and news surrounding the movie. Take look at some of the observations:

1. Younger and Reckless Batman:

One of the reasons this movie is getting so much hype is the casting of Robert Pattinson. Most of the audience recognizes him as the handsome vampire from “ Twilight” series and a  boy who played Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. As per Matt Reeves (director), he wanted to portray Batman of a younger age than shown in the previous versions. He wanted to build a Batman character who is young, still not familiar with becoming Batman, his responsibilities, and is a little reckless and out of control. As per him, Robert Pattinson fitted in the role perfectly. Robert Pattinson himself has confirmed that he has been a lifelong Batman fan. It is one of the reasons, he jumped on to the role straight away. 

Must Watch:

It seems that Robert Pattinson has given his everything to this role. He is showing his acting masterclass. It is quite apparent if one observes the trailers of the movie. In one of the trailers, there is a scene of the church where Bruce Wayne’s character attends a funeral shows him saving the life of a child. The best thing about the trailer is the way Robert Pattinson has conveyed emotions by using eyes only. His portrayal of emotions that is a mix of anger, depression, and a sense of being vulnerable at the same time along with being aware of the fact that he is a capable superhero is just remarkable. If this trailer is anything to go by, seeing this new version of Batman could be spectacular in theatre.

2. A New Enthralling Villain- ‘Riddler’:

Paul Dano (In Riddler character)

Die-hard fans of Batman movies and comics need no introduction to “Riddler”, the new villain in Batman 2022. Paul Dano has got the opportunity to play the character of ‘Riddler. According to Batman comics, “Riddler” is someone who plays around, loves to be funny, and is witty. However, it seems that he has been presented as a serious, darker, and three-dimensional character in this movie. Comparison of ‘“Riddler” with “Dark Knight” Joker character (Played by Heath Ledger, Dark Knight) is bound to happen. However, several people believe Paul Dano’s character has the potential to match or even eclipse the performance of the late Heath Ledger.

3. Darkness Envelops The Whole Movie:

dark knight view

You ask anyone who has watched the previous Batman series directed by Christopher Nolan, one thing that came out was the dark theme of those 3 movies. Not only do characters have dark shades but Gotham City has been shown mostly at night in those unforgettable movies. I know you will say Batman comes out at night, so that is why those movies have a dark theme.  But the story of those movies felt wrapped around the dark theme as well. Cinematography supplemented it and the same cycle seems to be repeating itself after 10 years in Batman 2022. It has led to building excitement among fans.

4. Less Use Of CGI (Computer Generated Imagery):

People have noticed in trailers that the director has made considerable effort to minimize the use of CGI to give a more realistic look to the movie. People want to see intriguing stories, great characters, and thrill through the use of the situation and character building. However, focusing on CGI can sometimes work against you. Ben Affleck’s character got criticism due to this fact in the Batman Vs Superman movie. In the Superman Vs Batman fight, the director was too focused on using CGI, instead of focusing on the storyline and character. Here fans are optimistic that storyline, plot, and character building are the focal point in Batman 2022 instead of CGI and other special effects.

5. Catwoman Potrtyal By Zoë Kravitz:

Photo of Catwoman (Zoë Kravitz)

Zoe Kravitz has taken the onus to play the all-important role of Selina Kyle, AKA Catwoman movie. She revealed that the 2020 Batman movie would also serve as an origin story for her anti-hero character building, with audiences witnessing her transformation into a femme fatale. In the trailers, she and Batman seem to have formed some sort of alliance to address their adversary “Riddler”. The anticipated chemistry between Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz is one of the highlights of the movie

6. Plot Of The Movie:

‘Riddler’ character as a villain, a dark character who likes to go after the crime with lots of planning, constructing puzzles, and a young reckless Batman, what more could one ask for? To supplement it, there is a talented star cast. The movie is surely promising.


Quite a few people are unaware that Batman movie 2022 is the first solo Batman film in ten years. It is coming on the back of very successful Batman trilogy movies (Batman Begins, Dark Knight, Dark Knight Rises). Therefore expectations are touching the sky. It is true that in between there were Batman movies produced by DC. But those were the movies where batman was part of DC’s extended universe that had another superhero like Superman. However, in this movie, Batman is back to his roots in Gotham city, a caped savior. 

All the news, trailers, interviews, plot, and casting indicate that Batman movie 2022 is going to be a great movie and as The batman 2022 release date is nearing the excitement is building even more. If you’re a true Batman fan, you won’t forget the date – 4th March 2022. It could turn out to be the best Batman movie ever. Go into theatres to watch this anticipated masterpiece.

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