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Top 10 Best Paying Tech Jobs in 2022

Top 10 Best Paying Jobs in Technology in 2022 for those who want to relish lucrative careers in technology. You can even write for us to earn.

Technology is changing our lives. Many old careers are fading because of it. On the other hand, many new careers are also coming up with it. Millions of youngsters in this domain are opting for relevant careers. The credit goes to the following:

  • Many exciting career opportunities.
  • Lucrative salary.

The popularity of this innovation is reaching the next level. The acceptance of careers by youngsters in this domain proves it. You can access many exciting career opportunities as well as lucrative salaries for a better quality of life.

For this reason, we suggest you go through this post. You will learn about many jobs you can embrace for a better future. 

Top 10 Jobs in technology in 2022

Are a tech-savvy? Do you get excited just at the thought of a career in it? We have prepared a list of careers available in it for you. For instance:

Blockchain Engineer

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Blockchain is one of the biggest technology trends in the world today. It is important to realize the way it is affecting life.

More importantly, the role of blockchain in the success of cryptocurrencies like Ripple, R3, Ethereum, and Bitcoin is compelling evidence of it.

Many governments, agencies as well as companies are incorporating it into their business roots. The annual expenditure on blockchain arrangements will reach $15.9 billion in 2023.

You must possess strong programming skills in addition to in-depth knowledge of it for a career in it. Moreover, a capable Blockchain Engineer usually earns more than $150,000 per year.

Cryptocurrency Developer

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Cryptocurrency along with Blockchain is proving to be the hottest tech trend of this century. This unique combination of innovation is changing the way people transact these days. The domain of cryptocurrency offers jobs in the following domains:

  • Product management
  • Product development 
  • Design
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Project management
  • Social media management
  • Sales management
  • Legal management

The salary of professionals in these domains of cryptocurrency is another important point to consider. The minimum amount of salary is $24000 whereas the maximum amount can go up to $250,000 per year.

In other words, your salary in the domain of cryptocurrency purely depends on the quality of your work and capability.

AR/VR Developer

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What do you think about jobs in the domain of AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality)? AR/VR is popping up as one of the most lucrative careers for modern youngsters. AR/VR developers specialize in the following.

  • Designing AR/VR software and applications.
  • Development of AR/VR software as well as applications. 
  • Testing of software and applications built using AR/VR.

More than 11 million AR/VR-based headsets have been sold by 2021. By all means, if a Statista report is to be believed, at least 43.5 million headsets leveraging the potential of AR/VR will be sold by 2025.

You can easily earn $75,000 per year to $116,000 per year as an AR/VR development specialist.

Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Architect

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This is also one of the lucrative jobs in technology in 2022 for millions of youngsters in the world. It is another popular and highly paid tech job. An IoT Solutions Architect is expected to fulfill the following roles:

  • Determining the development and utility of IoT solutions. 
  • Getting the hang of IoT Solutions. 
  • Designing and building hardware. 
  • Understanding and incorporating ML (Machine Learning) in IoT solutions.

Furthermore, turning corporate requirements into requirements related to solution architecture is also one of the responsibilities of a capable Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Architect. You too will be able to earn between $16309 to $38893 Per Year.

Machine Learning Engineer

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Modern businesses face many challenges. Solving those issues is an even bigger challenge for modern businesses. Automation of predictive models is also one such issue for businesses. Designing and building artificially intelligent systems capable of running on their own is the first and foremost responsibility of an ML Engineer. The salary of an ML Engineer is another important point of discussion. Therefore, an ML Engineer easily earns between 5018.41 to the salary of salary According to $5018.41 to  $27601.24 Per year. You must think about building a career in this domain of technology.

Cloud Architect

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This option will certainly make you happy. Are you a Linux specialist? Do you have experience with scripting languages too? A cloud architect fulfills the following set of responsibilities in order to earn between $7527.61 to $46420.27 per year: 

  • Reevaluation of cloud strategies. 
  • Integrating data as well as networks.
  • Working along with IT security. 
  • Working on Linux in addition to the scripting languages.

This is merely the tip of the entire iceberg!

Full-Stack Developer

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This is another lucrative career option for you in the domain of technology. Full-Stack Development professionals lend their skills to web development companies. Nowadays, companies search for full-stack developers familiar with some key cloud platform vendors. Such as:

  • Google
  • Kubernetes
  • AI-based innovations.

You must be thinking about the salary of a full-stack developer. Do you have the capability? Then you can also $31365.05 to $23837.44 per year as a full stack developer. All in all, your salary as a full-stack development expert depends on your capability.

Mobile Applications Developer

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Are you still searching for lucrative jobs in the domain of technology? Your quest for the best may end with a mobile application developer.  These gadgets and advanced apps are changing the way do many things. For instance:

  • Our experience of communication.
  • Real-time communication. 
  • Shopping as well as entertainment. 
  • Tracking of things and activities in addition to business.

The list above is merely a cherry on the cake. The credit goes to silent heroes. These silent heroes are mobile app developers who continuously dedicate their time as well as skills to making things easier for us.

Companies offer numerous benefits in addition to lucrative salaries to professionals lending their skills. To put it in other words, the salary of a capable mobile app developer is usually between $2258.28 to $16309.83 per month. 

Big Data Engineer

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The demand for artificially intelligent business solutions is multiplying like never before. Thereupon, companies are looking for capable Big Data Engineers on a large scale. Can you fulfill the following roles? For instance:

  • First, accurate prediction of unexplored market trends.
  • Second, designing the architecture of big data platforms.
  • The third is data pipeline maintenance.
  • Customization of Integration tools, databases, warehouses as well as analytical systems.
  • Management and structure preparation of data.
  • Preparing data access tools for data scientists is another responsibility.

Salary beyond expectations is an additional benefit for a capable Big Data Engineer. You may earn more than $125460.20 per year. It all depends on the level and quality of your experience.

Software Engineering Manager

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The value of a capable Software Engineering Manager is constantly increasing with reliance on technology. You will have to fulfill several roles. For instance:

  • Supervision of other software engineers’ work. 
  • Guiding other software engineers on projects. 
  • Managing, supporting, as well as evaluating all engineers’ performance.
  • Hiring new talent to grow the team. 
  • Offering coaching as well as development opportunities. 
  • Suggesting solutions. 
  • Making strategic technical decisions.

You are on your way to earning $16311.48 to $117944.53  every year if can fulfill this challenging role.

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✅ How much money can I earn in these domains of technology?

It purely depends on the quality of your skills and experience.

✅ Is there any more option available for me?

Data scientist, Data security analyst, Data security manager, Content writer, SEO, and information systems security manager are some more lucrative career options.

✅ How can I make a career as a content writer in technology?

You can start writing for brands and their services. You can work for brands as a copywriter, technical writer or even as a creative writer. The options are endless.

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