Weight Loss Diet Plans for Men Weight Loss Diet Plans for Men

Top 5 Healthy Weight Loss Diet Plans for Men

High protein diet plan, the Mediterranean diet, WFPB, balanced low carb foods, and high fibre diets are top 5 healthy weight loss diet plans for men.

A healthy weight loss diet plan for men is an important health concept worldwide these days. Mother nature has developed bodies for men and women differently. Fitness and dietary requirements for male and female human bodies are different for this reason.

An average female human body needs up to 2000 calories a day. But a male human body needs up to 2500 calories every day. An athletic female human body may need up to 6000 calories a day. But an athletic male human body may need up to 10000 calories per day.

How many calories do you need to consume every day? Do you know about it? It all depends on three things mentioned below:

  • Your lifestyle is the first on the list.
  • BMI (Body Mass Index) is another factor.
  • The exercise regime you follow every day is the third most important factor.

Therefore, all men like you should choose their dietary plan in line with these three factors. We have decided to help you on this front for this reason. Read further if you are bombarding search engines with queries about it.

Types of Healthy Weight Loss Diet Plan for Men

There are different types of meal plans for men to control their weight. Experienced dieticians and physical training specialists suggest you choose one of these meal plans after you know your body type, its dietary needs.

For this reason, our team suggests you try one of these meal plans to lose weight:

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1. High Protein Diet Plan

Regular intake of protein in appropriate quantities helps you lose weight significantly. Even research has also proven it. Think about adding protein to your meal for the following reasons:

  • Protein keeps you satisfied in addition to preserving your muscle mass during your weight loss program.
  • Balances your energy expenditure significantly.
  • High protein diets prove to be a better weight loss diet as compared to the standard protein diet.

High Protein Diet Plan-Top 5 Healthy Weight Loss Diet Plans for MenYou can customise a high-protein diet as per your body’s needs. Some help from your fitness trainer or an experienced dietician could be a virtue for your body. Some foods like chicken, fish, eggs, lentils, and tofu are good high-protein dietary options.

Such an easy-to-follow and implement is usually vegetarian-friendly. What is more important is that you do not need to count your calorie intake.

However, such a diet plan has to be according to the dietary needs of an individual. This is the only con of a high-protein diet plan for weight loss.

2. The Mediterranean Diet

Such a diet usually involves the consumption of vegetables, fruits, beans as well as fish. All these things offer a number of health benefits. For example:

  • Reduced risk of heart-related issues.
  • Weight maintenance.
  • Weight loss.
  • Protection against obesity.
  • Smaller waist circumference.
  • Lower belly fat.
  • Reduces the risk of diabetes.

Healthy Mediterranean Diet Plan for Men

Research of more than 12 years on 32,199 people has proven it. Almost 9,662 of them were men. Men following such a diet have to be careful about their eating habits. Make sure you do not develop eating habits that are unsuitable for your body.

3. WFPB (Whole Foods Plant-Based Diet)

WFPB stands for Whole Foods Plant-Based Diet. This type of diet is another healthy weight loss option for men these days. Remember, WFPB diets are not similar to vegan diets.

Whole Foods Plant-Based Diet Plan for Men

Most WFPB diets include the consumption of unprocessed and fully plant based natural diets like vegetables, fruits, and beans, chickpeas. All these foods are rich in fibre to help you lose excess weight the healthy way.

All WFPB diet followers may have to plan their diet carefully in order to find rich food sources of other nutrients required for better health.

4. Balanced Low Carb Foods

Balanced low carb foods are an essential part of a healthy weight loss diet for most men in the world these days. They prefer such foods for various reasons. For example:

Balanced Low Carb Foods and Diet Plan for Men

Men quickly experience healthy weight loss in addition to other health benefits.

Obesity level also reduces significantly.

Balanced quantity of carbs in diet benefits men’s health significantly. Research has also stamped it.

Consumers like you can easily modify the quantity of carbs in your diet. (From low to high or from high to low).

Men like you should go for this diet plan in order to experience the following health benefits:

  • Significantly Improved blood fat levels.
  • Decreased sugar level in blood is another benefit for men.

Balanced carb diet can help you shed those extra pounds the healthy way.

5. High Fibre Diets

High-fibre diets are also among weight loss diet plans for men for several reasons. For example:

Various studies associate such a diet with a healthy body weight. Experts conducted research on 345 people for at least 6 months. At least 46% of them were men.

Those who followed this diet plan were expected to get rid of those extra pounds. Every 10 grams of fibre added to their daily fibre consumption count was directly linked to a healthy decrease in their body weight up to 5 pounds 92.2 kilograms).

High Fiber Diet Plan for Men

Consider this dietary option for the following reasons:

  • Significantly reduces visceral fat.
  • Offers solid protection against several chronic diseases in men.
  • Protects men against heart diseases.
  • Male consumers do not have to restrict their food consumption choices or preferences.
  • Includes consumption of super healthy and fibre-rich natural foods like fruits, beans, and vegetables.

However, certain people may face gastrointestinal problems because of it. This is the only problem associated with such a diet.

The Bottom Line

These are a couple of healthy weight-loss diet plans for men. Most men in the world can easily follow these diet plans with the help of their experienced dieticians.

We suggest you value their advice in order to get the maximum benefit from these diet plans.

Are you also thinking about shedding those extra pounds? That’s a great idea! Millions of men in the world are already doing so using these diet charts.

Join their league and revolutionise your body, life, and lifestyle.


✅ Can men lose their weight only by eating a high-protein diet?

Yes! Men can lose their weight only by eating a high-protein diet. Some foods like chicken, fish, eggs, lentils, and tofu are good high-protein dietary options. Eat these things as a part of your diet and according to the invaluable advice of your experienced dietician and fitness trainer. Such a diet keeps your belly filled, and satisfied to balance your energy expenditure significantly.

✅ What Is a Whole Foods Plant-Based Diet?

A Whole Foods Plant Based (WFPB) diet is a diet purely based on vegetables, fruits, beans, chickpeas, etc. Such a diet does not include unprocessed or animal foods like chicken, milk, cheese, etc. Such a diet can also help men lose unnecessary extra weight.

✅ What Are The Benefits of a Mediterranean Diet?

Benefits of a Mediterranean diet include but are not limited to reduced risk of heart-related issues, easy weight maintenance, healthy weight loss, protection against obesity, smaller waist circumference, lower belly fat, and reduced risk of diabetes only.

✅ What Men Should Eat In Mediterranean Diet For Healthy Weight Loss?

Men should eat vegetables, fruits, beans as well as fish in the Mediterranean diet for healthy weight loss. Such a diet reduces the risk of heart problems, diabetes, and obesity through healthy weight loss, weight maintenance, lower belly fat, and smaller waist circumference. You can opt for it as per the valuable advice of your experienced dietician and fitness trainer.

✅ Which Balanced Low-Carb Foods Should Men Eat For Healthy Weight loss?

Balanced low-carb foods like meat, fish, poultry, non-starchy vegetables, nuts, seeds, and dairy products are foods that men should eat for healthy weight loss.

✅ What Are The Health Benefits of Balanced Low-Carb Foods For Men?

The list of benefits of balanced low-carb foods for men includes but is not limited to healthy weight loss, significantly Improved blood fat levels, and decreased sugar levels in the blood only.

✅ Why Should Men Eat High-Fiber Foods For Healthy Weight Loss?

Men should eat high-fiber foods for healthy weight loss for a significant reduction in the level of visceral fat in their body, solid protection against several chronic diseases, protection from heart problems, and no need to restrict dietary food consumption preferences & choices. What is more important is that a high-fiber diet includes super healthy and fiber-rich natural foods like fruits, beans, and vegetables.

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