Top 7 Learning Apps In India Top 7 Learning Apps In India

Top 7 Learning Apps In India

Top 7 learning apps in India for free and paid courses are UpGrad, DhanDanaDan, Simplilearn, Pearl Academy, WhitehatJr, and MAAC India.

Top 7 Learning Apps In India-Part 1

The search count for top 7 learning apps in India has multiplied these days. All credit goes to Indian Youngsters’ passion to learn on the go.

Smartphones have played the most important role in it. They want to learn instantly, on the go, and anywhere.

Millions of learning enthusiasts in India were already learning instantly and online. But they were not able to learn on the go.

Such a massive educational revolution in our country could be possible only with educational apps.

Read further if you want to learn something new in India to shape your life. We will also tell you about a different thing you can learn using these apps.

Top 7 Learning Apps In India

Learning is always insufficient! Therefore, keep learning something new every day. Every app listed below will help you a new skill:


UpGrad - Top 7 Learning Apps In India

UpGrad is one of the best educational apps in India. It connects you to world class institutes for admission. What is more important is the variety of courses you can pursue using this platform.

Do you want to use it for learning SEO? Download their app and explore their free as well as paid courses anytime.


dhandanadan-Top 7 Learning Apps In IndiaMost Indians still find it hard to do their financial tasks. Mr. Aryan Jain noticed this problem during the COVID-19 pandemic era.

He developed DhanDanaDan app to educate all Indians about financial management methods and its value.

Try it once in order to improve your financial management skills.


simplilearn-Top 7 Learning Apps In IndiaSimplilearn is also one of the top 7 learning apps in India for you. Tons of beneficial courses are available on it.

Professional Certificate In Blockchain Program available on it is also a course you must try once.

Not many educational platforms in india offer blockchain courses. But Simplilearn offers it.

This course will load you with skills you will need to succeed in the future.

Pearl Academy

pearl-academy-top-7-learning-app-in-indiaDo you want to learn graphic design? Try to learn this amazing skill using your smartphone at home.

Pearl Academy can help you achieve this incredible feat. The best thing is that bright students like you are offered scholarships.

Graphic design is not the only course available on it. Learning enthusiasts like you can use their app to enroll in many more courses.


whitehatjr-Top 7 Learning Apps In IndiaEveryone has the right to access education. Why should only elders learn everything new? Kids also have lives.

There may be a couple of such inquisitive minds in your family. Don’t you want to prepare them for a lucrative career in the future?

Millions of Indian parents enrol their kids in the WhitehatJr coding program for this reason.

We suggest you follow their footsteps.

MAAC India

MAAC India-Top 7 Learning Apps In IndiaMaya Academy of Advanced Cinematics India is one of the top 7 learning apps in India to pursue a variety of multimedia marketing courses.

Most youngsters nowadays prefer careers in the domain of multimedia marketing. It is because a professional in this domain easily earns a high salary.

Moreover, their demand has reached the next level in almost every industry. Thanks to the quality of technology innovations and advancements these days.

You can also join the evolution of marketing for a lucrative career. MAAC India can help you significantly in this direction.

Bhasha Sangam

Bhasha Sangam-Top 7 Learning Apps In IndiaBhasha Sangam is one of top 7 learning apps in India for a language enthusiast like you. The Ministry of And My GOVIndia developed it to help people learn all 22 scheduled Indian languages.

A single session attended through this app costs you 99 INR. This fee can go up to 15,999 INR for 90 classes. An enthusiastic language learner like you can easily learn up to 100 sentences everyday of any Indian language of his or her choosing.

Did you like this post? Have you ever tried one of these top 7 online learning apps in India to learn or upgrade your skills? How was your experience?

We would love to know your experience in detail. Tell us the story of your career after pursuing courses from one of these Indian educational apps.

The entire comment box is yours only.


✅ Does UpGrad Offer Free And Paid SEO Courses Also?

Yes! UpGrad offers free and Paid SEO Courses also. The platform offers several free and paid SEO courses. The prominent course is the MICA Certified Course.

✅ What Is DhanDanaDan?

DhanDanaDan is one of the top 7 Indian learning apps dedicated to increasing financial literacy among Indians of all ages. Mr. Aryan Jain developed this app.

✅ Is Simplilearn A Good App To Learn Blockchain?

Yes! Simplilearn is a good app to learn Blockchain because Simplilearn team offers you enrollment in Professional Certificate In Blockchain Program in partnership with IIT Kanpur. IIT Kanpur offers the highest placement stats among all Bootcamp courses.

✅ Is Pearl Academy Post Graduate Diploma Accredited By UGC/AICTE?

No! Pearl Academy Post-Graduate Diploma is not accredited by UGC/AICTE. However, all students that enrol and complete their Post-Graduate diploma from Pearl Academy are awarded a Post-Graduate diploma.

✅ Is WhitehatJr coding course for kids free of cost?

Yes! WhitehatJr coding course for kids is free of cost. Thousands of coding experts are on it to teach your kid the art of coding.

✅ Is MAAC India UGC Approved Academy?

Yes! MAAC India is a UGC approved academy. It is IGNOU recognised also. MAAC India certification is valid for this reason. Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics India offers a variety of animation and multimedia marketing courses.

✅ Who Developed Bhasha Sangam App?

Bhasha Sangam App has been developed by The Education Ministry in collaboration with MyGov India. You can learn up to 22 scheduled Indian languages using this app. It allows you to learn up to 100 sentences everyday of an Indian language you decide to learn. Demo classes are free. But full courses can cost you between 99 INR to 15,999 INR for 90 sessions.

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