Top 4 Free E-learning Platforms By The Government Of India Top 4 Free E-learning Platforms By The Government Of India

Top 4 Free E-learning Platforms By The Government Of India

Top 4 Free e-learning platforms by the government of India, are Swayam, NPTEL, DIKSHA, and SAKSHAT for the underprivileged to enrol in many courses.

The Internet is an ocean. This ocean is nowadays home to multiple free e-learning platforms by the government of India.

Millions of students are leveraging the potential of these platforms. They find themselves in a position to upgrade their knowledge and skills for better career opportunities. 

The purpose of these platforms is to guarantee access to education for people of all classes. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic affected the education of everyone significantly. 

Millions of students throughout the nation had to sit idle at home. Their time also got wasted. The Education Ministry of India took notice of students’ problems. 

Officials have burnt midnight oil on introducing several platforms since then. Learners do not have to pay even a single penny. Anyone can register and pursue a course for free. Let us tell you about those platforms. 

Some Free e-learning Platforms By The Government of India:

Are you poverty-stricken? Do you have the fire to amount to something in life? 

You are then at the right door at the right time! 

But how? Don’t you get it? No problem! 

Just continue reading this post. 


Swayam-Top 4 Free E-learning Platforms By The Government Of IndiaKids from underprivileged families will bless the central government for it. Swayam is a medium for learners to access a variety of content that caters to their learning needs effectively. 

  • Audio Content 
  • Video Content
  • Downloadable Content
  • Digital discussion forums for doubt clearance. 
  • Access to self-assessment tools like MCQs.
  • Assignments
  • Quizzes

However, you will have to pay a nominal fee to get yourself evaluated and certified. In other words, evaluation and certificates are paid. 

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NPTEL-Top 4 Free E-learning Platforms By The Government Of India

National Program On Technology Enhanced Learning is also one of the best free e-learning platforms the government of India has started. 

The best IIT institutes in the country support this. The list of their names includes the following:

  • IIT Bombay
  • IIT Delhi
  • IIT Kanpur
  • IIT Kharagpur
  • IIT Madras
  • IIT Guwahati
  • IIT Roorkee 
  • Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

Thousands of underprivileged engineering enthusiasts enrol in their courses for free every year. 

What Makes It One of The Best?

Do you want to know? Take a good look below at the list of reasons:

  • It is the biggest digital repository for web and video courses dedicated to engineering. 
  • Basic sciences courses are another reason. 
  • Select humanities courses.
  • Access to social sciences subjects easily. 
  • No prerequisites.
  • Anyone can enrol in any course at any age. 
  • The enrolment procedure is carried out without any entrance criteria.
  • The Enrollment window for certification courses opens twice every year. Once from (Jan-Jun, Jul-Dec).  

Are you an engineering enthusiast with lots of dreams in heart? Enrol in NPTEL courses to chase your dream. 


DIKSHA-Top 4 Free E-learning Platforms By The Government Of IndiaDIKSHA is an abbreviation for Digital Infrastructure For Knowledge Sharing. The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), Ministry of Education, Government of India deserves credit for its launch. 

What puts it in the league of the best free e-learning platforms by the government of India

This platform currently offers various NCERT, CBSE, and SCERTs nationwide. 

It makes remote learning accessible and possible for learners of all ages with videos and practice tests. 

What is more important is any student or teacher from 1st to 12th grade can access those course materials.  

SAKSHAT: A One-Stop Education Portal 

SAKSHAT-Top 4 Free E-learning Platforms By The Government Of IndiaSAKSHAT is one of the most ambitious projects of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, the then-president of India. It is also one of the platforms for people to enrol in government-free online courses for a better future.  

Every course is available for everyone on this digital educational website. What is more important is all the content of courses available on this platform has been prepared by CAC (Content Advisory Committee) its following Subject Matter Experts:

  • IGNOU, Delhi University.
  • Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS).
  • Navodyaya Vidyalaya Sangthan (NVS).
  • National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS).
  • National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT).
  • Prominent Academicians in the field. 

Even a couple of NGOs have also prepared content for this platform for free. 

These are a couple of free remote learning platforms by the government of India for everyone. All these platforms are for making education accessible to people of all classes and statuses. 


✅ How Many Free Remote Learning Platforms By the Government of India Are There?

It is difficult to count their number at fingertips. However, some of the best possible options are Swayam, NPTEL, DIKSHA, SAKSHAT, e-ShodhSindhu, e-PG Pathshala, National Digital Library of India, and e-Skill India are some free remorse learning platforms by the government of India for everyone. 

✅ What Is The Full Form of SWAYAM?

SWAYAM is an abbreviation for Study Webs of Active–Learning for Young Aspiring Minds, a platform designed and developed to offer a variety of free e-learning courses by the government of India. 

✅ Are NPTEL Certificates Valid?

Yes! NPTEL certificates are valid in India to land a good job. It is the best online education platform by the government of India to earn an IIT certificate by enrolling in an NPTEL course. 

✅ What Is The Eligibility Criterion To Enrol In NPTEL Course?

Any learning enthusiast can enrol in NPTEL courses. It is one of the best platforms for engineering and science enthusiasts to pursue e-learning courses for free from the government of India. 

✅ Who Launched DIKSHA?

Diksha was launched on 5th September 2017 by the Vice President of India, Mr. Venkaih Naidu. It is one of the best platforms to enrol in government free online courses designed specifically by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). The courses have been designed under the rules of the Ministry of Education, The Central Government of India.

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